Hells Angels busted by RCMP in B.C.

Mounties seize $4 million in drug money in multiple raids


RCMP in British Columbia say they have confiscated $4 million in alleged drug money after a weekend bust of the Hells Angels, Sun News reports.

Several Hells Angels were were charged with drug trafficking after raids in Kelowna, Osoyoos and Coquitlam, including David Giles, the vice-president of the Hells Angeles’ Kelowna operations.

The investigation lasted almost two years and involved officers going into the infamous biker gang undercover. The officers found that the Hells Angels were using profits from marijuana production in southeastern B.C to import cocaine.

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Hells Angels busted by RCMP in B.C.

  1. Good to hear something good about the RCMP again.

  2. hrmph. don’t agree with the cocaine bit . but i guess they couldn’t resist knocking down a few of the boys who were just trying to make ends meet. ( tho they could have done it differently) those guys at HA have at least a good sense of protocol and an honor system that puts rcmp to shame. will never trust the cops again after having been a victim that those damn cops had never helped. well its too late now and the cops are on my shitlist because of the way they treated me as a victim.( they don’t treat rape victims very well at all i SHOULD know i was one) . so what if i was not to their criteria for people to help. ive never had to depend on the rcmp and never will because in my opinion its a waste of taxpayers money for all the alleged bullshit they pull ” in the name of the law” . i’ve good enough reasons to not want anything to do with the rc’s and preferr my own methods of handling situations effectively and NON violently. usually exercising common sense ( NOTE THE WORDS HERE- COMMON SENSE!!) comes in very very handy in heated sitchs . i will never call on them for help because what could they do that i can’t ? ( besides mess things up seriously which i don’t care for at all as ive watched it happen too many times and have had to deal with the results afterwards of situations blown way out of control because of their bullshit) at leatst with the H. A members if a rape happens the guys dealt with accordingly and never wants to commit to it again for fear of their life ( rightly and as it should be. ive no mercy for rapists or child molesters and think they deserve to have their lives threatened ) if cops can’t see the problems they can cause with insensitivity then they shouldn’t be allowed on the force . there are enough bullies thank you very fucking much and give or take a few roughly half the pricks ARE ON THE RCMP ROSTER AS WORKING PEOPLE! how did they get away with letting insensitive uncaring bullies into the force ? ive met far too many of them to ever be comfortable with their presence again. in fact i advise any cop i happen to be talking to that even though there ARE some good people on the force. regrettably the bullies and ignorant dumb fucks who work with these poor people who try to do their job make things 100X harder for them to do their jobs because of the masses of distrust that those bullies cause . remember. NOVODY likes a bully .. and i have good reason to distrust cops. theyve never given me a good reason to trust them
    Enough said

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