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Hells Angels unhappy with prison life

Cramped cells, limited family visits have bikers complaining in court


The Hells Angels aren’t happy with their new prison digs. A number of the bikers rounded up en masse during Operation SharQc last spring say they have had it with the cramped quarters and lack of visitation hours provided to them. According to a motion filed in Superior Court by lawyer Sylvie Bordelais–she represented Karla Homolka upon her release in 2005–many of the bikers, holed up in Montreal’s Bordeau Jail awaiting trial on a plethora of gang-related and murder charges, are suffering health-related problems, and they must remain behind glass during family visits, save for twice a year. “How can you justify this rupture with a family?” Bordelais asked. “How do you explain that their children are restricted from contact with their fathers?”

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Hells Angels unhappy with prison life

  1. Hey I thought these guys were tough mean bastards! If you are going to live a life of crime…well, suck it up and do the time!

  2. A loose nutted justice system let them take over the country and we are suppose to treat them like saints?
    Selling drugs to school children did not bother them, there lucky their not just getting bread and water.

  3. We can explain it in that it is the consequences for violating the laws of this society, and that those consequences can also have effects on family members and other people around the lawbreaker. Hopefully in future, if the family wishes to retain access, they'll work to ensure that the person doesn't violate the law.

    • Allow me to pull a Wherry and toss out another recent line of yours….

      "I do hope you one day get treated as if you're guilty without trial. Just for karmic balance."

      • Well crap. I read the story too fast and missed that they hadn't been tried. After reading about "their new prison digs" I'd assumed that they were in old prison digs previously. My bad entirely.

        If they haven't been tried yet, then yes, they absolutely should be granted the ability to see their families. That's an entirely different ball of wax.

        And we need to get their trials expedited to boot.

        • Don't feel too bad about it. If you dress and act like a gangster, even in Canada, occassionally you get treated like one. And don't forget every day served under these conditions will count as two, if not three against whatever laughable sentence they recieve in the coming trial. Then consider they will serve as little as 1/3 of there sentence and 2/3's at the max and they must be paroled under Canadian law. If I were to of a mind to take up a life of crime there is not another country on the planet I would choose to do it. By the time the dust settles these guys real time sentences will likely be counted in months, not years. Cheers.

        • We really do need more resources put into the court system.

        • You bet, they have a right to a speedy trial, wouldnt want to have there ''rights'' violated ,that could result in a possible mis-trial couldnt it???

          • Maybe we should just skip the trials and get straight to the hanging. It's not like we ever make mistakes or anything.

            Other than that, your "insight" is great.

          • Thankyou!! I`m as sharp as a tack today !!

          • They belong to an organized crime network which has killed prison guards, police, and witnesses which include fellow bikers. (See the Bandidos in Ontario: "Love you bro!") Hence the precautions, which under the circumstances seem unnecessarily cavalier.

          • Agreed, but you have to remember thier lawyers are going to play the ""My clients Rights" card ,,and they are going to play it to the hilt..thats usually the way when you know that your client is Screwed..!!!

    • Thwim, your computer has been compromised – i'd stop surfing that nasty porn if I was you, you also *deserve* life in prison.

  4. They should have thought of that before they commited the crimes.

    • They haven't been convicted of anything yet.

      • Keep sluggin' there, Don Quixote.

        • I know, I know.

  5. Everyone in this country should be allowed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty,just the fact that these men have not been given bail on the testimony of a person who was paid 3 million dollars to say these 100 +men committed crimes.I find it impossible that one man could have witnessed all these alleged crimes.I still cant figure out why the general public still thinks that because the cops say a stop sign is blue enough times the general public starts to think its blue even when its red.

  6. The prison officials are probably a bit paranoid given that this is the organisation that murdered two of them for no other reason than to send a message. They deserve a faster trial, but I can see why physical isolation from visitors is a defensible policy while they're in custody.

  7. They were arrested last spring and they're still awaiting trial? Something is definitely wrong with the system.

    • What the public probably does not hear of is how many times the Angels lawyers have had thier clients pre-trial hearings or trial ''put over'' to a later date… this is a common tactic used by defense for a variety of reasons Ie; wait for a soft Judge,, witness or witnessess Die, the Right to a speedy Trial etc, etc, etc,,

    • yes, they should have alrady been drawn, quartered and hung…why wait

  8. As a Canadian, I'm so ashamed that murderers, drug dealers and rapists have not been treated like pre-revolutionary French aristocrats. Please forgive us. I'm going to start a Facebook support group for them right now. This injustice must cease! Call in the UN immediately!

    • Do things like "due process" and "innocent until proven guilty" mean nothing to you?

  9. They are Hell's Angels = CRIMINALS = bread and water should be Sunday Supper. To all bleeding heart liberals, in the southern US they have tent city jails. Inmates all wear pink clothes, sleep in military surplus bunk beds and get bologna sandwiches. Nobody cares they are CRIMINALS. Suck it up they sell ILLEGAL drugs not to mention murder and intimidation. Ship them all to Hudson's bay to dig drainage ditches for five years. You Canadians are too soft on CRIMINALS.

    • We could hope to acheive the kind of security and safety the Americans enjoy.

    • The Hells Angels are not a Criminal Organization… they are Just a bunch of mis-understood individuals that belong to a ''Gentelmans '' Club.. honest !!

  10. Are the Hells Angels being treated any differently than other Canadian criminals? If not, I wouldn't get my silk panties in a twist.

  11. If these guys were granted bail you would see more blood shed in a week than the Red Cross draws in a year! a lot of civillians would probably get caught in the crossfire also…. why take a chance Keep them locked up till trial time…….

    • The police do seem to have a weak case. Holding 100+ men on the say-so of 1 informant who was paid? I don't think it will hold. Does Quebec have a RICO-type law which would make it easier to prove that they belong to a criminal organization? The police should charge them or let them go on bail if they can't.

  12. I fell real sorry for them. Where was their pity when they blew up the young boy. And countless murders.

  13. If your gonna do the crime…you are going to do the time.

  14. I guess they should get off. Everyone has the right to a speedy trial and this is not the case. A year in prison waiting for a trial. What a Joke!