Here comes Hurricane Danny

Newfoundland Liberals are in the Premier’s direct path


After two days of fielding calls from angry locals, and under not-so-veiled threat of future electoral retribution from premier Danny Williams, House rookie Judy Foote became the first of Newfoundland and Labrador’s six Liberal MPs to voice her intention to vote against both the budget and her leader. If Williams has his way, she won’t be the last. He wants to see the budget amended to remove a controversial proposal to tweak the equalization formula that, he says, would cost his province over a billion dollars. In a direct appeal to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff earlier this week, Williams called on the opposition to support a one year moratorium on changes to equalization, and mindful of the political weight that Williams hefts in his home province, the Liberals are being downright conciliatory in response, assuring the premier that his frustration is entirely understandable. But will that be enough to keep Foote in caucus should she vote nay next week?

UPDATE: And then there were two. According to Canadian Press, St. John’s MP Scott Andrews is also ready to vote against the budget.

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Here comes Hurricane Danny

  1. Danny boy Danny boy … what can you say before you know it there will be ABHarper movement and soon coming to to a theatre near you a ABIggy movement – and last but certainly not least he will give up shoot everyone and let god sort it out. I almost feel sorry for Iggy on this issue as there is no win win here and that’s for sure.

  2. You express indignation at the fact that “in order to win power you need to be on the good side of the majority” — and your alternative to democracy is what, exactly? Please do tell.

    • “Equality for all of the members of the federation”

      Typed with a straight face, no doubt, in a thread in which he’s arguing that NL get far more than its share of equalisation payments.

  3. NL-expat,

    You make it seem that the “little guy” is right and this is just a another bout of David vs. Goliath. I think you have the wrong morality tale as your flag.

    This appears to be more like:

    1. the bully getting a little back. Danny has been bullying Ottawa since he got elected. If he can’t take the retribution, he shouldn’t be taking the first swing. He has done this to Martin and now Harper (3 times).

    2. Our country being in a real, legitiimate crisis and the kid with extra marbles screaming of his need to hoard what he already has. Nobody would accept this from BC, Alberta, or Ontario, why should they accept it from NL?

    3. The bratty kid willing to stand up and make an ass out of himself and expecting no one will challenge him. It appears that as long as Harper is PM, he will.

    • Tomm me bye could it be that Steve lied not once but twice big time to Danny Williams let alone his words of defeatist people ….. it is and remains a fact that Newfoundlanders are some or the hardest working people Alberta has even seen. When any person decides to take the reins of power they do so knowing they must be the leader of all and are responsible for the pre election words. ….. Danny Williams puts Newfoundland first and has never done or said anything that does not stand up to the facts via truthful statements wrt to his dealings with Ottawa. Captain Canada (Brian Tobin) voted several times against his leader stating he is and always will be a good Liberal but a Newfoundlander first.

      • David,

        I can’t know if what you are saying is true or not, and quite frankly neither can you. You seem to have put your trust in Danny. I also know that Newfoundlanders are hard working honest people who have made a huge positive difference in all of Canada and not just Alberta’s boom.

        But it doesn’t make any difference. Danny wants 1.6 Billion all to himself even though he has more money than Bill Gates. If Alberta did this, would you be singing the same tune? Honestly, would you?

        I don’t deny that folks from the Rock see Danny as a leader, someone they can trust. But without that connection, the rest of us see him as a) a bully, b) a blowhard, or c) a selfish leader who doesn’t really see himself or his province as Canadian’s.

        The only allies he has are those that hate Harper and support Danny as “the enemy of our enemy is our friend”. Those kind of allies are a fickle bunch.

    • Um, help me out here. If the purpose of the Accord is to see to it that NL benefits from the resources (as it should, of course), and then NL becomes prosperous as a result, doesn’t it follow that NL’s equalization payments *should* go way down? Yet you close your post with a complaint that this is what happened. I can’t follow the reasoning here.

  4. Look, I love Newfoundland – I have been there many times and have family there, but this “damn those main-landers” act is really tired, particularly when it comes from Joey Smallwood part II. Newfoundland is losing equalization money in part because it is a rich province. The notion that its oil revenues “shouldn’t count” in that are simply ridiculous. What if we said tax revenues from Ontario’s auto industry shouldn’t count when we calculate equalization payments? Quebec’s aerospace industry? The point of equalization is to ensure that Canadians from coast to coast have access to similar quality public services. Newfoundlands new found oilsands mean that it does not need handouts from the federal government any more.

    I recall reading stories of Spanish nobles in the 19th century, whose families had become poor, yet still acted as if they were wealthy. They refused, for instance, to serve themselves supper, and yet no longer had servants. Newfoundland today is a bizarro version of that – the ex-beggar for whom poverty is a matter of identity, who continues to reach out with a tin cup, despite winning the lottery. Newfoundland is not poor – why should they get equalization payments?

    • I’m certainly no fan of Danny Williams style of diplomacy. However, I can’t blame him for being hot under the collar on this one. Alot of people seem to think that NL is rolling in oil money these days and this issue is a matter of simple greed. Let me remind you that NL has the highest debt per capita in the country as well as the highest unemployment rate in the country (approx. double the national average). NL still has a very long way to go to catch up with the rest of the country.

      This budget was supposed to be a stimulous budget for our country. How can anyone justify a reduction of 1.5-1.6 billion dollars to a province of approx. 500K people as stimulous? This defies logic and I can’t see how this can be defended by anyone in our country.

  5. This hurricane act from blowhard williams is getting old, really old.

  6. Danny Williams and Jean Charest are both finding out the hard way that there are consequences when you bite the hand that feeds you. The difference is, of course, that Charest will eventually be placated somehow. Danny? Probably not.

  7. Oh, if only, if only the wrongs of yesteryear were righted! If only God were kind! If only Newfie tears were gold!

  8. NL Expat,

    The Supreme kangaroo court of Canuckistan has been doing the bidding of Ontario and Quebec and “enjoying” the west for 70 years. Glad NL is now joining the party. Google “The Crow Rate”, “Bill Aberhart”, and the “NEP”, for a start.

    Glad to have you over. The beers are in the cooler.

    • Lessee, to recap: NL is getting screwed by Quebec. Quebec is getting screwed by Alberta. Alberta is getting screwed by Ontario. Ontario is getting screwed by NL.

      Welcome to Canadian patriotism.

      • Disparaging yr fellow Canadians. A proud Canadian tradition for over…

  9. You can’t go! If you do i’m coming with you. Where’re we going? Somewhere nice and warm i hope!