Here for a good time, not a long time -

Here for a good time, not a long time

Harper tells municipalities not to expect stimulus funding to be extended


In a speech to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities on Friday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned city officials they’ll soon have to learn to live without federal stimulus dollars. “At the G20 meeting here in Toronto next month, major economies will be looking at exit strategies from their stimulus measures,” Harper said. “Canada, as has been the case throughout this crisis, will lead the way.” Earlier this week, the mayors of Canada’s biggest cities urged Ottawa to extend temporary stimulus measures enacted during the recession and to keep pumping cash into their beleaguered infrastructure budgets. But Harper’s response leaves little doubt the Conservatives have their eyes set on reining in government spending. “People can’t live on adrenaline and economies can’t live on stimulus,” he said. “We must return to the black, not drown in the red.”


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Here for a good time, not a long time

  1. Bad news for fiscal dorks, such as David Miller.

  2. The urban infrastructure in Canada's municipalities still needs to be upgraded, after 50 years of neglect and miserly repair and replacement. Whether people call the crucial, urgent work stimulus or direct investment in fixed assets, the money does need to be spent. Using yet another excuse to put the investment off, after 50 years of excuses, is not a productive solution to the fundamental situation.

  3. Everybody with brain knows, you can't live on stimulus. Tax payers are overburdened. It is time for them to practice fiscal prudence and manage them extremely wisely.

  4. Of course municipalities want more taxpayer money. They just don't want to go to THEIR taxpayers to get it to waste on make work projects and dumb ideas. The majority of municipalities could cut the bureaucracy and have plenty of money to spend on infrastructure.