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Heroin clinics help addicts stay off street drugs: study

Could help those who don’t respond to methadone


So-called “heroin clinics,” where the drug is prescribed to addicts who can’t wean themselves from the drug, can actually help them stay off street drugs, according to British researchers. As of now, doctors have had little success treating the 10 per cent of heroin users who don’t respond to methadone, which is an anti-addiction medication. Heroin addiction can then drive them to crime and disease, affecting society as a whole. “They are like oil tankers heading for disaster,” said study author Dr. John Strang of King’s College London. “The question we were asking was, ‘Can we change the trajectory of these tankers?’ And the answer was, ‘Yes we can.'” The team invited 127 addicts into supervised injecting clinics, randomly choosing who would get heroin, injected methadone or swallowed methadone. After six months, 101 addicts stuck with the treatment; more than two-thirds of those on heroin had no street heroin in their urine at least half the time they were tested. Before the study, they’d been using street drugs almost every day. These people physically improved and were able to slowly reintegrate into society, they said.


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Heroin clinics help addicts stay off street drugs: study

  1. Who cares about keeping them off the streets when we can put them in JAIL!

    • It's getting harder to discern the parody from genuine zealotry around here.

      • Agree… Sean, having been in a intense debate with Oliver before, it is usually sixty, fourty split…and the end results are not pretty.

    • jail is the worst place for an addict. believe me because i am one, when you go to a place like that and have to detox on your own, the first thing your doing when you get out is getting anything you can to get your fix, thinking that locking up addicts will take care of the problem is a nieve and stupid thought

    • anyone of us can and could become an addict….nobody as they grow up wake up and say " geez, I think I'll become an addict…"….Addiction is a symptom of something deeper….it also does not discriminate, even rich people become addicts…imagine that!!! it kills me as a Social worker, to see that so many ignorant comments can be made by someone about something that is unknown to them… Most of the addicts on the streets, have lived through severe abuse at all levels or they were struck down by severe mental illness….
      So instead of feeling superior to tghe street warriors, or anyone liveing with an addiction…school yourself on the reasons why they became addicts….. I am so intolerant to people who live in their middle class bubbles thinking they are untouchable and above the rest of society….Guess wha?t we all die and go to the same place…. an addict is someone's child, parent, family member and friend….
      so get off your high horse before you spew your ignorance….