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He’s got a bridge to sell us

Reports suggest Ottawa wanted to buy the Ambassador Bridge


Ottawa insists it never happened, but a Michigan businessman says the federal government looked into taking the Ambassador Bridge off his hands last year. The bridge, which stretches from Windsor to Detroit, is the busiest crossing in North America and generates some $60 million a year in revenue from tolls. According to James Blanchard, a former U.S. ambassador to Canada and Michigan governor, the Conservatives approached transportation magnate Manuel (Matty) Moroun to express interest in buying it. However, the Conservatives backed off when Moroun suggested they’d have to pony up $3 billion for the privilege. Moroun has owned the Ambassador since 1979, when he bought it for $30 million.

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He’s got a bridge to sell us

  1. Hopefully some one will slap some sense into the Feds over this idiotcy. This bridge is eighty years old and disintegrating- and theres already a committment along with hundreds of millions if not a billion in tax payers money already spent and planned for another bridge and highways just downstream. If we , the taxpayers, buy this old dinosaur, we'll be on the hook for dismantling it, and the 60 million a year in revenues won't even pay the entertainment bills for the politicians responsible.

    Besides, if the U.S. economy, and Canadian manufacturing keeps going the way it is, there'll be nothing to ship across it either way. And if you've been to Detroit lately, a failed city by any definition, we just might want to build a wall instead of a bridge.