Hey Campbell, give this man a raise

Holding a boa, B.C. enviroment minister takes one for the team


Sure to go down in the annals of wacky photo ops, B.C. environment minister Barry Penner, who suffers from ophidiophobia—a fear of snakes—announces B.C.’s ban on exotic pets, while holding a boa. Penner, looking deeply uncomfortable, recalled the tragic death of 32-year-old Tanya Dumstrey-Soos—clawed by a Siberian tiger two years ago—when announcing B.C.’s Controlled Alien Species Regulation; it bans 1,256 animals that pose a serious threat to public safety.

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Hey Campbell, give this man a raise

  1. I think he should wrestle with a rattle snake, I was raised in Northern California and am scared to death of them. I was going to retire in Lethbridge until I learned city council in all their wisdom made them a protected species. So I moved to the desert area of B.C. only to learn that the provincial government in all their wisdom made it a crime to harm them. A customer was bitten coming out of a grocery store. Nice to know we have educated politicians to look after our well being.

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