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Hey, law students


Things are quiet around these parts blogwise, but shouldn’t all you incoming law students be spending your time prepping for classes anyway? Maybe not, argues Laura Drake in her inaugural blog post for Maclean’s OnCampus.

I worked with Laura at the Ottawa Citizen, where she did the heavy-lifting on our web coverage of the Khawaja terrorism trial. She also contributed what was consistently some of the sharpest and funniest blogging in the country on the 2008 federal election. Anyway, she’s just left the Edmonton Journal for law school, and our loss is a huge gain for the legal profession. Not a complete loss it seems though, since she’ll be contributing a regular law school blog to the fun show Carson’s running over there.

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Hey, law students

  1. Heh…good thing she's not a med student.

  2. What I would find interesting is a blog from a student outside political/philosophy/law circles. Engineering or hard science, for example. It would represent a perspective hard to find in most magazines and blogs.

  3. Over at On Campus, one of our bloggers, Scott Dobson-Mitchell is a science student

    • True enough. I guess I meant grad students, to be on the same academic level as a law student.

      • An LLB is not a graduate degree.

        • It is, however, a step above an undergraduate degree. The perspective of an undergrad part way through his degree is good, but it's not at all equivalent to that of an expert in his chosen field. There seem to be a lot of the latter for fields like law, poli/sci, etc. who blog, but very few in hard sciences or engineering.

          • Have you ever read "Nerd Girl" on the GlobeCampus website? I think you probably would find it interesting.

          • For blogging purposes, though, a law blogger would be a lot more like an undergrad degree than a masters. Since a law degree isn't connected to any undergraduate study, it's not like they're taking people with a strong background in a field they're going to be building on. they're learning stuff from the ground up, the same as you would in undergrad. And often graduate students are devoted to studying a very small, groundbreaking area in minute detail, which is not like studying law degrees.

            Although I doubt graduate students want to blog about their master's thesis', for several reasons.

            (I guess I should be replying to Andrew P. with this]

        • Nor is an M. D. pot head. How's that poli sci degree progressing? collecting your unemployment insurance yet?

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