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Hey Liberals, want to Impress Jason Kenney?


Guess how many questions the Opposition asked during QP today about the Galloway affair?

Hint: It rhymes with “none”.

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Hey Liberals, want to Impress Jason Kenney?

  1. “A ton” of questions? To what effect?

  2. They really asked a hundred and one questions?

  3. Technically, I suppose “none” rhymes with itself, but it seems like a clumsy way to get a point across.

    • ORANGE… no wait…

  4. one?

  5. Dude, you’re too shrill. My ears are ringing.

    • Frogs have ears?

      • Sure they do. That’s why they “ribbit”. Wouldn’t be much point if they didn’t have ears to hear the sounds made by other frogs.

  6. bun… no wait that doesn’t fit….

  7. Well that’s just great. The pitcher lobbed one slow, steady and right across the plate.

    The opposition didn’t like the look of the ball and breezily declined to take a swing.

    *slow, sarcastic clap*

  8. *sigh*
    And it’s on days like today I am glad I cannot vote.

  9. I suppose Iggy feels he can’t be caught on the anti-semitic side of the fence – so he’s gonna sit on it. I was afraid this might turn out to be one of his problems – not wanting to risk being wrong. And we thought the, yr either with us, or against us, bs days were gone with W!

  10. Wait a second – are there not two other parties in the house?

    • Good point. Am I to take it the NDP weren’t exactly bursting with questions on the issue either? I would have thought they’d be more likely to be all over it than the Liberals.

      Also, could the relative silence in the House be an example of “if your opponent is shooting himself in the foot, put down your gun”?

      To my mind, the Tories really kinda messed this up. Perhaps the opposition just feel that the safest thing politically is to just stay relatively quiet, and sit back and watch the circus. That doesn’t seem like a bad plan to me.

  11. much ado about not much

    the Opposition should just discuss things amongst themselves; the current conserv minority govt has nothing to offer.

    • Since the current government has nothing to offer perhaps the three opposition parties should come together and provide and alternative programme on what should be doen in these difficult economic times.

      Oh, wait …

  12. Why give Galloway more publicity – the Tories are doing it for us.

  13. So Kenney is clearly preparing a leadership bid.

    Does this mean that Harper plans to stand down before the next election?