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I’ve been using Chrome as my default browser since it came out. I like the tabbing system and find it nice and lean compared to Firefox. But a few weeks ago it suddenly got really slow, and started crashing with only a few open tabs. Weirder, when I launch the program to the google home page, the Google app tabs across the top left — the ones for searching Web Books Maps News GMail More… take three or four seconds to appear, and then they fade in like the opening credits on an art film.

Is this some new Google feature? It’s not my computer — Firefox and every other program is working fine. Anyone else having this problem?

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Hey techies

    • Jesus, I can't believe this is supposed to be a feature. So Annoying.

  1. It does that with me too. I'm using Opera. So I guess it's a new gimmick by Google.

  2. Let me rephrase that. The fading in of the options on the top left of the Google home page, yes, it does that. As for the crashing and getting slower, no, it doesn't do that. Like I said, I'm using Opera, the fastest, the leanest, the safest, the sexiest browser.

    • I'm using Opera, the fastest, the leanest, the safest, the sexiest browser.

      I love how attached people get to their browsers.

  3. Strange…I'm having problems with Firefox recently. It normally works just fine with most website, but crashes regularly when I go to these posts on the Maclean's blog. Since I don't post regularly elsewhere, I'm not sure whether Firefox has some incompatibility with blogging software.

    • I use Firefox and never had a problem here at Macleans.

      • same here… firefox on my mac

  4. I have no end of problems with Internet Explorer and the Maclean's blog site, now that AT1 mentions it. Lots of system lock-ups, pages that won't properly refresh, and that sort of thing.

    I had assumed it had a lot to do with Vista, but this site is certainly where most of my problems occur.

    Sorry to hijack the thread, AP.

    • No this is helpful. I know the web editors here have had some problems with various forms of browser compatibility since the switchover to Intensedebate. When I use Firefox on a Mac, I can't get the comments to load. It's a pain.

    • Sean, I stopped using Explorer for that reason several months ago when it seemed to inexplicably slow and freeze regularly. Firefox took care of that initially, but now seems to be developing some lock-up issues too. Mind you, I switched to Windows 7 recently, so it's possible that the OS may be partly responsible.

      • When are you people gonna learn? IE is no good, period. As for FF, it was an excellent browser until it became bloated and unreliable. From what I've read Chrome seems to be a good alternative, although I haven't used it. I say: Opera, the best browser. Nothing to beat it. It works on ALL the pages and sites no problem, and it does it fast. For your information, all those options on browsers (tab, speed dial, block content, panels, customization, integrated mail, rss and search engines, etc., etc.) have been developed by the Opera team, then borrowed by everybody else.
        As for Windows 7, not for me. Ubuntu Linux all the way.

        • I guess I should consider switching. I'm fairly timid about most things technological, so I've just stuck with what come loaded on the computer to date.

          • "I've just stuck with what come loaded on the computer to"

            I know exactly what you are talking about but I have read lots that says you should at least change browser to something other than IE. I don't know if it's true or not but I switched browsers when I read something about how most viruses and other bad things are written specifically for IE and Firefox, Opera, Chrome … etc are not nearly as affected.

          • I am not technologically savvy either and to be honest, it took me almost a year before migrating from Windows to Ubuntu. It looked too much of a challenge. But man, was I delightfully surprised when I finally installed Ubuntu on my machine. Now I have an OS that I can customize to my heart's content. It was a bit of a learning curve, that's true. Linux is not Windows, but man, the freedom you experience on a Linux system compared to Windows, it's pure joy.
            As for the browser: IE is the less secure of all browsers. Ditch it and try another browser, FF, Chrome or Opera (I'm a die-harf Opera fan!), the safest and the most innovative browser there is.

  5. I have no problems viewing comments with Firefox 3.5.6 on my iBook G4 running 10.5.8.
    During the summer, I was excited to check out Chrome on my desktop running XP.
    I keep a ton of tabs open, so I was excited about Chrome's tab functionality.
    Things were good for a day, and then it hit a glitch where it would crash during the launch process while loading the tabs.
    The only way to stop this was to delete all the tabs, which was seriously annoying.
    Went back to firefox, and haven't looked back….

  6. I've been using Chrome since it came out, and have experienced no performance issues. Maclean's works just fine.

  7. While we're talking about compooters — has anyone done the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7? I got stuck with a Vista machine; is it worth the hassle of upgrading?

    • Unless you have specific gripes about Vista, I'd suggest waiting another 6 months at least, it usually takes them about that long to find the big kinks and put out patches for them. Despite an excellent advertising campaign from Apple, Vista's pretty good if you have the memory and the processing speed for it (aka a computer not purchased more than 7 years ago.. 3 years ago if you tend to buy cheap)

      I haven't played with 7 much yet myself, but it seems to have a lot more of the things where the computer is trying to do things for you. Personally I hate that, because what it thinks I want to do and what I actually want to do rarely coincide. YMMV

    • I'm holding off on upgrading until Vista actually causes me problems, which for me, it hasn't. I have no doubt from reports that 7 is superior, but I've never really had any problems with Vista personally, so as long as it ain't broke (from my own user experience perspective) I see no need to pay to fix it.

    • I bought a new laptop a few months ago, so I qualified for the free W7 upgrade, and installed it as soon as it became available. I'm really liking it so far. Lots of cool new features, and no major problems.

      Well, one odd problem. I started off using Internet Explorer 8, but quickly started having problems with Adobe Flash Player. IE8 would keep crashing because of it. I'm running the 64-bit version of W7, and as it turns out, Adobe doesn't make a version of Flash Player yet that's compatible with the 64-bit version of IE8. The easy solution was to switch to Chrome, and I haven't had any other problems since.

      Overall, I'm definitely happy with W7. Took a little while to actually go through the upgrade, install all the updates, etc, but I think it's worth it. Don't believe the Mac commercials. :-)

      • Take the time to read this page:
        it will give you a good idea where Microsoft is heading with Windows 7. Basically, Microsoft is telling you in their EULA (End User License Agreement) that even if you've bought the OS, you don't own it, Microsoft does and it can do whatever it sees fit with your machine, without your consent.

  8. First time I've seen that fade in thing on the Google homepage (I always use the Google search from my toolbar in FF). It is kinda weird, eh? I guess I can see how it presents a totally "clean" page to those who are only going to be there for a sec, while typing their search, but still. Was "That page is so complicated… there's just to much going on, it's way to busy" really ever a concern anyone, ANYWHERE ever raised about the freakin' Google homepage!?!?!

    • Actually…..I would really like an iGoogle page that does that.

  9. IE is a pain with this website and pretty much everything else.

    Chrome works nicely, but for some reason I tend to use it mostly for web-based emails.

    Firefox works fine for this website, for me anyways.

    The Google webpage has that silly little delayed fade-in even on my Firefox.

  10. Have you tried turning off and on again.