Hideki Matsui to sign one-day contact with Yankees before retiring


Hideki Matsui is retiring from baseball, but first he’ll sign a one-day contract with the New York Yankees so he can be celebrated before retiring with the franchise he represented for seven seasons.

A report from ESPN says Marsui will play one game with the Yankees on July 28, where he will be honoured in a ceremony at Yankee Stadium and fans will receive a Matsui bobble-head toy. The date of July 28 was chosen because it will be the Yankees’ 55th game and Marsui wore the number 55 on his jersey.

Matsui, 38, played seven seasons with Yankees, ending his career with the team after it won the 2009 World Series against the Phillies. He was named the World Series MVP in 2009. After than, he played one season with each of the Los Angeles Angels, Oakland A’s and the Rays, before being released Tampa Bay last August.



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