High-Vis Chicken Jacket: The latest fashion for urban poultry


Why did the chicken cross the road? Because she looks so sporty doing so in her cute, $18 fluorescent bib.

The “High Vis Chicken Jacket” is the latest creation of Omlet, the British company that builds fancy chicken coops for domestic chicken lovers.

Company director Johannes Paul said the product was developed as a result of consumer demand. “Most people who have chickens as pets will have them out and about, and we do hear about chickens who do cross the road,” he told the Telegraph. “If you imagine you are in a built-up area and your chickens gets under the fence, they don’t care if there is a road there. They just go straight across it.”

Jane Howorth, founder of the British Hen Welfare Trust, called the product “one of the more sensible things to make it on the market.” She hopes it stops owners dressing their birds in knitted sweaters, which can become entangled.

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High-Vis Chicken Jacket: The latest fashion for urban poultry

  1. “Urban poultry”?

    They’re filthy vermin-ridden disgusting beasties, vicious enough to peck each others feet off.

    They do not belong in urban environments.

  2. You couldn’t be more wrong GlynnMhor. My Urban hens are nothing like what you describe. When properly provided for they are as clean, enjoyable and easy to care for as any other pet. Chickens have been part of the urban landscape far longer than not and make excellent pets with the bonus of the freshest, best tasting eggs imaginable.

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