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Higher threat of terrorism from Canada than Mexico: U.S. official

U.S. border chief testifies that more potential terrorists exploit Canadian system


A U.S. security official says there is a greater threat of terrorism coming from across the Canadian border than from Mexico. During his testimony to the U.S. Senate this week, Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Alan Bersin expressed concern potential terrorists are exploiting Canadian immigration loopholes in order to gain entry into the U.S., saying “we have more cases where people who are suspected of alliances with terrorist organizations, or have had a terrorist suspicion in their background—we see more people crossing over from Canada than we have from Mexico.” In 2010, U.S. border officials arrested 450,000 migrants who crossed the Mexican border, and 7,500 people crossing from Canada. But Bersin said that despite the numbers, the more significant threat comes from Canada, where there are more people who are flagged as terrorist threats. But memos from the State Department released by Wikileaks on Wednesday show that some of the practices being used to flag terrorist threats are being called into question, such as the criteria used to place people on U.S. blacklists or the lack of cooperation between the two countries on “No Fly” lists.

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Higher threat of terrorism from Canada than Mexico: U.S. official

  1. Yes, let’s remember Cat Stevens was on the “no fly” list.  So while it may be technically true that there is a higher risk of terrorism from Canada than Mexico, exactly how high is the risk?  While I think they are right that Mexico probably poses close to no risk; they are still judging Canada on the basis of one guy who tried to smuggle explosives through the border and blow up LA during millenium celebrations (and he was caught at the border).  It doesn’t help that the US head of homeland security continues to believe the myth that the 9/11 terrorists came to the US through Canada.     

  2. So I take it this so called “Official” has his/her head in the sand?
    Has anyone looked at what is going on in Mexico right now? and Canada is the problem? Give me a break! What is happening in Mexico IS TERRORISM and it is spilling into the USA!

    Who is this so called US “Official”? Why is there no name attached to this ridiculous claim? 

    This sounds to me like classic yellow journalism and propaganda to  justify draconian laws that will effect Canadians and not foreign nationals. The terrorism laws are for us not the terrorists.

    Once again Rogers sows the seeds of fear and doesn’t offer up any evidence.
    This is no surprise to me judging by the way Rogers which owns Macleans, runs it’s cell phone business that we don’t get the real story or a REAL STORY at all.

    I’m surprised that I don’t have to listen to Melanie and repeat my request 10,000 times and still not get it right.

    This is why I don’t use Rogers ANYTHING nor would I EVER buy this useless rag off the shelf. This article has just reassured me that this “News” organisation is full of it.

    I realise that the source is from the “Globe and Mail” which just adds strength to my argument.

    Macleans can’t even write it’s own fear monger articles. I wonder how much the Dept of Fascistland Security paid to have this article published in Canadian Media?

  3. The problem is in Canadian uncontrolled immigration system that allows third world slum to settle here.

  4. In other words, Canada has muslims, Mexico doesn’t.
    Thats all this border stuff comes down to , a prejudice.

  5. Well that is “news” indeed!  And here I thought all the incursions by armed drug dealers who killed people in border towns on the US side from Mexico, shot and killed police, Border Agents and kidnapped citizens mostly in Arizona were a real threat! This “government official” must be someone who puts in at least 3-4 hours a month in between coffe breaks, restroom breaks, lunch and internet surfing, because for the past three years the US Border Patrol has been under seige from Mexican drug cartels and illegal alien smugglers and citizens along the border have lived in fear, and our own DOJ turns blind eyes to the matter.  Obama said we were safer now than ever!  LOL, who voted for him?  Please a show of hands?