History in the making


Yesterday it was Barack Obama making history. Today it is Alaska Governor Sara Palin’s turn to make history. She is the first female candidate to be on the Republican ticket and should the McCain – Palin ticket win, she will become the first female Vice-President in U.S. history. So, whoever wins in November, the face of the American government will have changed. Eighty eight years ago women in America got the right to vote, and forty five years ago Martin Luther King delivered his landmark speech that resulted in Civil Rights legislation. And now in 2008, we will finally break barriers.

It should be noted that the last two states to join the United States of America were Alaska and Hawaii in 1959. It is quite significant that both theses states will be sending a representative at the highest level of the American government and neither of these state carries the political clout to make a difference in the Electoral College. Both Barack Obama and Sarah Palin were chosen because of their respective qualities and ultimately the American voter will decide which one will make history on November 4.
The choice of Ms. Palin will be analyzed and scrutinized in the days ahead. With John McCain turning 72 today and being a cancer survivor, the choice of Palin will be evaluated by her ability to become President should tragedy strike. Her inexperience, however, removes a powerful argument from the McCain camp about Obama. The idea that Obama is at the top of the ticket and therefore his inexperience is seen as a more serious liability will not wash with the American electorate.

On a more positive note, the candidacy of Hillary Clinton has achieved an important milestone. It is now becoming normal that women be considered for the highest offices of the American government. And that in itself makes her campaign all the more significant.


History in the making

  1. Sarah Palin comes from a state the carries very little political clout. However, she will carry a lot of geo-political clout in that Alaska symbolizes the rugged John Wayne America outside the cosmopolitan urban centres. If I were a voter in Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, or Texas, I would be able to identify with the VP candidate from Alaska. Palin also has a good religious background which is very important in the US. She can help McCain pick up strongly religious voters in urban and rural America. McCain’s choice for VP is not meant to grab Hilary supporters, but to improve the geo-political regional vote.

  2. This is very immature, I know, but when I read the intro I was sure it was going somewhere else:

    Eighty eight years ago women in America got the right to vote, and forty five years ago Martin Luther King delivered his landmark speech that resulted in Civil Rights legislation. And now in 2008, we will finally see who wins!

    Like the intro to a WWE cage match or something.

    So, sorry, silly I know, but it made me smile.

  3. I have to ask, what was McCain thinking? Aside from complete lack of any real experience, her political views are the polar opposite of Hillary’s. And now the pregnant daughter & the corruption investigation? Sure she brings in the evangelicals and the NRA- but weren’t they going to vote for McCain anyway? Do the Republicans really think its as simple as :”She’s a woman. I am a woman. Therefore I’ll vote for a woman.” Well, it’s great news for Obama.

  4. There is only one question in my mind right now… Why did John McCain choose Sarah Palin? Some analysts say he made a great decision. They say Mrs. Palin would bring the votes of women and of middle class people with her. I actually think it’s not a good choice.
    The McCain team has tried to depict Mr. Obama as someone with a lack of experience, someone who couldn’t be a Commander in Chief. Now that Mrs. Palin is in the picture, I bet this argument doesn’t weight that much in the balance…
    Plus, if McCain were to die, Palin would become President. The question is simple. Two weeks ago, a very short amount of people knew who Sarah Palin was. Today, everyone tries to get as much information as possible about her. We all know she’s been govener of Alaska since 2006 and that she is a strong conservative. The thing is, we also know she has a HUGE lack of experience in foreign affairs policy.
    How could the voters not notice that?
    Mrs. Palin is supposed to give a speech tomorrow. We’ll see if John McCain really made a good decision or if he only took her ”for the picture”.

  5. ”How could the voters not notice that?”

    Aren’t these voters the same one who voted for George W. Bush?Twice…

  6. The Republican convention played down to the basest, most ignorant elements in the country. It reminded us why and how much Americans are despised around the world

  7. All vitriolic jabs aside would anyone be really interested in the truth about Sara Palin.. no the JUNK that is being peddled by both sides of the aisle; not the absolute swill the McCain camp is handling out like spiked Cool Aid, but how about something real. Something from a person who actually has been around Sara Palin since 1992??? Someone with NOTHING to gain by coming forward, but in fact more than likely has something to lose. If you want the truth, read this, it’s straight from a resident of Wasilla, AK:


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