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Ho hum Hummer


There’s never been a worse time to try to sell a used Hummer. On Wednesday the New York Times Wheels blog looked at the deluge of Hummers available on Craigslist, and the steep price cuts sellers are having to swallow in order to unload their 3-ton, gas-guzzling beasts. Now the B.C. government is trying to sell a tripped out Hummer that police seized from a Vancouver Island drug dealer. And judging from the auction so far, it’s not going well either.

As the picture shows, this ain’t no typical Hummer. According to a press release, the 2003 H2 has “Lamborghini-style hydraulic doors, a $16,000 custom audio system with four huge rear-facing speakers, a navigation system, and TV screens mounted in the front headrests of its beige leather seats.” Perfect for those long stretches between drug deals in Comox and Duncan. Along with a second SUV, a relatively plain 2002 GMC Denali, the government pegs the combined value at $60,000 and says the money will go to support community projects.

Good luck getting that kind of dough. So far the auction (you need to register to see it) has garnered a top bid of just $20,600, yet according to a pricing calculator at VMR Canada an H2 with similar specs (not including the TVs, custom stereo and wigged out doors) is worth $29,375. There’s still 11 days left in the auction, mind you, so maybe there’s someone out there who doesn’t care that it’ll cost $140 to fill up the tank. Besides, when all those Prius drivers flip you the bird, you can be assured your money went to a good cause.

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Ho hum Hummer

  1. If I were driving a Hummer and someone flipped the bird at me from a Prius : well let’s just say that it would be the last bird that Prius ever flipped. (image of Hummer driving OVER a Prius)

  2. Umm….sure thing Wayne. I don’t usually flip Hummers the bird, but I do intentionally drive slow in front of them. If they want to run me over at least I have plenty of time to copy down the licence plate number on my notepad. Running people over is a slightly greater crime than flipping the bird or driving slow, plus its bound to direct more vigilante justice to the anti-Hummer cause.

  3. Not a fan of Hummer H2/H3’s either, I don’t drive a Prius but those stupid trucks are worthless POS’s that should NEVER have been produced. SHAME on GM for this nasty thing. I can’t help it laugh when I see an H2 “off-road vehicle” with 24″ wheels hahaha! what a joke. and this one with lambo doors? I think this wasn’t only a drug dealer, he must have been a pretty good user and clearly his stuff wasn’t that great! Must have been some glass in his cocaine that caused some serious bleeding to the brain haha!

  4. Dave : I think Hummers are useless unless you wan to go off road persoanlly (who in their right mind would but you never know)I just finished rebuilding an 1976 Ford F250 Camper Special 3/4 ton – 390 and I have a huge rod iron cow catcher on the front with a winch and if anyone ever decides to play some games by slowing down under the speed limit and not letting me pass or flipping a bird at me I have a little surprise (I had some AAAAOOOOGGGAA ! (ever see the movie Mask with J. Carey)horns installed awhile back and by jumping jeesus you do not want me to lay on the horns right behind you!

  5. Jeez Wayne you attitude is only becoming of a pre-80s Ford owner.

  6. Why you gotta be so hard on Duncan? It’s a nice little town.

  7. Hummer,Great if you live in the mountains,and like to ski.Its not all about 4×4

  8. My next door neighbour has two… TWO Hummers in his driveway. An H2 and an H3. Shouldn’t this be illegal?