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Hoax emails detail Canada’s “new” climate policy

PMO calls fake releases ‘childish pranks’


Apparently, pretending that Canada is committing to drastic greenhouse gas emissions cuts is not the way to strong-arm the Harper government into doing so. The Prime Minister’s Office is furious over several fake press releases announcing Canada has promised emissions cuts that are significantly lower than what the country has agreed to. The first of three hoax emails, claiming to have been sent from Environment Canada, announced that Canada had committed to lower emissions by 40 per cent below 1990 levels. (In truth, Canada has pledged to cut emissions by 20 per cent below 2006 levels.) A spokesman for the PMO decried the emails as “childish pranks.”


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Hoax emails detail Canada’s “new” climate policy

  1. Gotta say – this is a rather crafty and creative way to voice opinion.

  2. Monday mornings are getting as interesting as Friday 4:59 p.m. news releases.

  3. Live by the childish prank, die by the childish prank.

  4. Just another sign of desperation by the eco-terrorists who simply are not getting their way and now throw temper tantrums in the mall. Same with all the nitwits making an ass of themselves in the steets of Copenfraud. Nice to see that city having to spend extra money on security as they cash in on this fiasco. I hear hotel room rates doubled for this love in and one jouralist made mention today of spending seven bucks for a coffee. An apt symbol of what this is all about: greed and crazy cap and trade scams dreams up by chief huckster Al Gore. Nice to see the whole thing blowing up in their faces.

    • Thank you for helping to ensure the word terrorist is diluted into an empty word.

      Are these eco-terrorists attempting a fascist-holocaust on democracy or some other meaningless hyperbole?

      • Um… yep

  5. Why does the CBC separate out this episode as a hoax but has been running with the overall hoax of global warming … errr I mean … climate change for years? Why does it keep running repeats of Al Gore's Convenient Lies movie?

    The elites that run CBC consider themselves far more sophisticated tha average Canadians. I suppose they have been by fooling so many of the people for so much of the time.

  6. They were awfully quick reporting this hoax , other climate related news , not so much .

  7. Copenhagen has taken on a measure of desperation with protestors of environmental groups becoming increasingly belligerant eco terrorists. End of Times warnings are more dire. Sign or else.? …..Why the desperation? could it be that there is more to the 'leaked' e mails that has put a big chill on this party? Kind of hard for Canada to give away the piggy bank when the current cold wave across the nations is breaking 100 year old records….I can attest to that having lived over 70 of them. Don't think the really rich are scared of oceans rising when they spent billions on Dubai..

  8. Terrorist – a person who employs terror or terrorism, esp as a political weapon
    Terror – Intense, overpowering fear. One that instills intense fear

    I know many of you above probably scare of your shadow easily, but seriously… get a backbone, learn what words mean and if you want to act as a critic against something, avoid empty allegations/langauge and try offering a counter-point or two.

    Logic terrorists.

    • They have terrorized people. I know of people who are scared to turn up the heat on -45 days because they have been led to believe that their grandchildren will suffer the consequences… or worse yet, that the earth will not be around for their grandchildren. People who are terrified and run out and purchase a pricey "eco-friendly" vehicle when their are children starving elsewhere in the world. If they distract people with thinking that they are doomed they easily forget about all the injustices that are happening around the world and more children continue to die from starvation and easily preventable diseases. Holocaust… maybe not by definition, but it will certainly help in accomplishing a diminished population (ICCP's goal) and prepare for the elite to enjoy the new, changed climate.

      • You are going from point A – climate change believers, to point Z – culling the worlds population without filling in any points in between.

        Logic terrorist.

  9. and not just democracy… have you not heard of the plan to "reduce" the world's population?

    • No, oddly enough I haven't heard that plan. I would love a link though… I know it will be most entertaining in a woefully painful way.