Hockey in Barrie with Conservatives and animal print protective cups! -

Hockey in Barrie with Conservatives and animal print protective cups!


Ontario Tory MP Patrick Brown hosted and played in his second Hockey Night in Barrie charity game at the Barrie Molson Centre. The teams were a mix of Conservative MPs, past and present NHLers and some celebrities. The event raised $121, 000 for Barrie’s Royal Victoria Hospital. Team Blue won 15 to 13. Below, Labour Minister Rona Ambrose and Defense Minister Peter MacKay.



Hockey Night in Canada’s Ron MacLean.



Marc Hickox from the TV show Rent-A-Goalie.



Patrick Brown.



Ambrose and former NHLer Eddie Shack.



MacKay and Shack.



Ambrose and MacLean.



MacKay and Olympic medalist goalie Sami Jo Small.



Bryan Little of the Atlanta Thrashers.



Pre-game MacKay.



Helena Guergis, minister of state for status of women, and her cousin Tony Guergis, mayor of Springwater and Simcoe County Warden.



Guergis and her sister Christine Brayford, a city councillor for New Tecumseth.



Guergis and her husband Rahim Jaffer.



Ontario Conservative MP Dean DelMastro.



Alberta Conservative MP Blake Richards.



NHLer Darcy Tucker of the Colorado Avalanche.



The pucks.



Hockey in Barrie with Conservatives and animal print protective cups!

  1. You sure that isn't the Sham-wow guy modelling the animal print protective cup?

    • no – he's from the Slap Chop!

      • Same guy for both products ;)

  2. Yawn – yup, that'll fix everything up.

  3. ummm, where was Rona going after the game?

    • From the looks of the photo, it would seem she's going home with Eddy Shack — seriously, why IS his hand squeezing her thigh/knee?

      • Seriously. I was wondering if McKay was hitting on her now because Eddie "Clear the Track, here comes" Shack sure looks like he is … and he's got a nose for value.

        • He was just celebrating the fact that he finally punched his way out of a Glad garbage bag.

    • Well, that was fun — thanks for the link. Help me out, CAPS — was it Shack who was in the commercial for patterned sheets like about a million years ago — say really late Sixties or very early Seventies — where he's lying in bed on daisy pattern sheets saying "when I wake up on white sheets, I think I'm in the hospital" — or maybe it was John Ferguson or another bruiser from that era?

  4. This series of photos are far more wholesome looking than some of the events you cover.

    • Yeah, you can't get any more wholesome than a skinny guy wearing a fake leopard-skin jockstrap and pretending to pray.