Hockey Night in Barrie: NHL meets MPs -

Hockey Night in Barrie: NHL meets MPs


Ontario Conservative MP Patrick Brown’s annual Hockey Night in Barrie continues to grow. Each year the charity fundraiser for the Royal Victoria Hospital has MPs and NHL players sharing the ice for a game.




















Hockey Night in Barrie: NHL meets MPs

  1. The first ‘Hockey Night in Barrie’ fundraiser actually took place on November 19, 2004:

    In 2008, Barrie MP Patrick Brown attached his name to this event and sent out flyers ( ) claiming that he had come with the idea for the event, even though
    Brown himself had participated in a 2006 event that was virtually
    identical to Hockey Night in Barrie, but was dubbed ‘Go for the Goal’.

    2008, Patrick Brown has shamelessly been using these events to
    associate himself with a hospital expansion and cancer care centre that
    his government has not contributed a penny to.

  2. I see MP Kelly Leitch there.  Anybody know if she responded to her colleagues re her stand on supporting asbestos exports?