Hockey Night with Don Cherry and Stephen Harper -

Hockey Night with Don Cherry and Stephen Harper


Ontario Conservative MP Patrick Brown’s third annual Hockey Night in Barrie charity game was packed with fans and celebrities. For the first time Stephen Harper (below) attended the event. He coached the blue team with Hockey Night in Canada‘s Don Cherry.


Patrick Brown and Don Cherry.


Between periods the PM met with fans.


The puck drop.


Comedian/actor Marc Hickox.


Kurt Browning.


On hand was the Kempenfelt Rotary Club who were selling tickets for the first annual Great Canadian Beaver Race & Festival. They plan to dump 10,000 plastic beavers in a river for the race. Each ticket has a corresponding number on a beaver. To promote the event, the city of Barrie has 50 giant-sized beavers painted by a variety of artists. Several of the beavers were on display at the game.


Patrick Brown signs his beaver.


Defense Minister Peter MacKay.


Brown with MacKay (right).


MPs, the PM and visiting troops from the local base.


Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro.


Conservative MP Gord Brown.


Conservative MP Rick Dykstra.


Players and swag.


Hockey Night with Don Cherry and Stephen Harper

  1. Paging Scott Feschuk. Scott Feschuk to rink side please …

  2. Funny caption for picture one: Aaron, plant your lips here!

  3. Did Peter MacKay sign his beaver?

    • He did sign the beaver that Patrick Brown owns. There is no Peter Mackay beaver. We have The Great One, Don Cherry, 2 Team Canada Beavers. Those are the only hockeysport beavers we have. There are also Gene Simmons beaver, Lady Gaga. they are really cool. Created by mark Selkirk, who made the moose that were in Toronto years ago, painted by local artists in Barrie.

      • Good effort at deflecting CAPS' shot…

      • Yes, yes, I certainly applaud the Kempenfelt Rotary Club for their efforts to raise funds and do something fun for the good people of Barrie. I even applaud Patrick Bronw, M.P. for holding this event to raise funds for the the Royal Victoria Hospital's cancer care centre.

        But c'mon, when you have Peter MacKay and beavers in close proximity the jokes practically write themselves?

      • I am one of the Artists who painted three of the Beavers Lady Gaga one with Team Canada and a hockey stick and then I just finished Nape for Napoleon, they are very cool!

  4. I gotta say that picture 6 should be used as the definition for sh*t-eating grin.

  5. the PM looks like he has shed a few pounds… sweater vest season must be coming soon…

    • you are meowing again.

      • no meowing intended. he genuinely looks like he has shed some weight and looks healthy. and if you look at older picjs he has tended to lose a few pounds prior to campaigning seasons in the past. perhaps the (not really) obscure sweater vest comment obscured my meaning.

        • Actually I am a little surprised he didn't lace them up. It would have made a great photo-op to go next to the piano playing on the Conservative site.

          • yeah stewart, i have always noted his reluctance to lace them up. i take it he can;t actually skate. which makes his being able to play the 'i love hockey/i am writing a book about hockey' card to perfection even more impressive.

          • There is a photo of him skating (playing hockey) with son Ben at Harrington Lake.

          • i stand corrected! and now that you say it i think i may recall it. now i am shocked we haven't seen it more!

  6. Just when I think Cherry's shown us his most ridiculous jacket…

  7. Hmm…….these pictures no doubt tick off the Liberals on this site.
    I mean, just look at the people who seem to enjoy the fact that Canada's Prime Minister is in attendance.

    Mom's with their kids….
    Dad's with their kids…..
    Canadian Forces Members in uniform….

    No doubt, these are the "knuckle draggers" he prefers to spend his time with.

    • LOL perhaps you should have read the comments above first… I quite enjoy seeing Harper interact with real people, I like seeing Harper dance & play the piano. It reminds me that although I disagree with a great deal of what he does, he is probably a good sort overall and believes in what he is doing. I also fully recognize that the vast majority of conservative supporters are decent good people.

      Now looking up at the comments & setting the failed joke aside, you might want to contrast the comments with the whiny stuff you & yours put up the last time Raphael did a Liberal photoshoot.'s…..

      Maybe, just maybe, but probably not, you might just see the inspiration for some to use
      the unfortunate "knuckle dragger" label.

  8. Stewart, whining or complaining about Liberals is my schtick….it's what I do. Most of the time it is a legitimate beef, because the folks who make up today's Liberal party are for the most part self-absorbed phonies.
    When I was a card-carrying Liberal member the MP's actually had original ideas. The phoney outrage was not their sole speaking voice….which, unfortunately it has now become.

    I have no grudge against MaCLeans for having the Iggy photo-0p. I'ts news…..I would expect nothing less.

    As for Harper dancing…umm……..I could do without that. I can see Layton doing it, because for him it seems natural. He's a showman first, and a politician last.

    Harper's a serious politician, and Iggy is an egg-head. Dancing doesn't really come natural to either of them. (Though I'm sure Iggy has been to more ballet productions than Harper)

    though…I must admit, I was quite happily surprised to see Harper play the piano and sing. At least he has talent there…

    but dancing?

    Can't see it.

  9. where are the Con bitchers like BC Blue now? They bitch about Liberal and NDP photos from events held by… Liberals and NDP but strangely silent now.

  10. i m agreed with it…………………………….