Hockey players praise new skate-sharpening technique -

Hockey players praise new skate-sharpening technique

Flat-bottom V said to improve speed, stability


Hockey players are abandoning a decades-old skate-sharpening method for a new technique: the flat-bottom V. Developed last November by Ontario’s BlackStone Sports, the flat-bottom V has already become the method of choice for two-thirds of NHL teams. According to the New York Times, unlike traditional skate-sharpening, which uses a grinding stone to create a concave arc in the bottom of the blade, the flat-bottom V uses “specially made spinners to carve out tiny fangs along the skate blade’s ridges that bite into the ice for turns.” By putting more of the blade’s surface on the ice, the technique is said to increase speed and stability. The best part: the flat-bottom V costs only a few dollars more, making it attainable for recreational players, too.

New York Times

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Hockey players praise new skate-sharpening technique

  1. Show me one, proven study that this is actually better and I might agree. As for pro's flocking ot use this? yea ok who of any sustance is giving their thumbs up…..

    • a recent blurb on TSN showed players endorsing it. The NHL players say it does what it claims to do.
      That is good enough for me!

  2. my AAA orgnization just purchased one, it is AMAZING
    all the nhlers are in fact using it look it up