Holiday in the House -

Holiday in the House

Tories want to cancel Parliamentarians’ spring break


The Conservative government wants MPs to forego the week-long breaks they usually take in March and April in order to make up for the time lost to prorogation. The decision would need the approval of all the parties in the House, but Conservative officials believe the Opposition would have a hard time turning down the request given their howls of protest over prorogation. “Quite frankly,” Conservative whip Gordon O’Connor wrote in a memo to the Tory caucus, “we would be surprised if the Opposition disagreed.” Should MPs stick to their regular schedule, they’ll be off for a week after March 15, just 12 days after Parliament is set to return.

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Holiday in the House

  1. Barn door, horse already gone etc etc etc…

  2. Alright things are getting interesting .. first the oppostion parties have to vote confidence in the Throne Speech .. then .. The Budget a confidence motion .. then the first opposition day opportunity for another confidence motion and now no spring breaks to shmooze their constituents in case there is an election … this will separate the grown ups from the kids because at each stage each party will have to go on record as to wheter they have confidence in the gov't and everything else is just political white noise from the web forum ranters and chattering classes – whats it going to be boys and girls are you serious about your choice of poltical party or just a malcontent who probably won't vote anyways = ROFL!

  3. That's okay, psiclone, I trust you'll help us out with the ABC movement again.

    • u betcha – I got the web sites bookmarked ….. should check them to see if the links are still acctive though – Thanks T. otherwise I might have forgot – keep up the good work

  4. Good idea. They don't need that much time off.

  5. Can't understand why this is even an issue. The opposition parties have been fuming because they're not being allowed to work…now go try and do something constructive, instead of blatantly vying for time in front of the camera!