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Hollywood sign covered in protest

Conservation group fundraising to prevent construction of luxury homes


The iconic white letters that sit atop Los Angeles’s Hollywood Hills have been covered up by protesters. The Hollywood sign, which is made up of nine 15-metre high letters, has been eclipsed by panels that read “Save the Peak” in a conservation group’s bid to stop a housing development. The San Francisco-based Trust for Public Land is trying to raise $12.5 million by April 14 the Cahuenga Peak property, which is home to expansive hiking trails. Otherwise, the Chicago-based owners plan to turn to the property into luxury homes. The protest, however, is legal: the group was given permission to cover the letters until next Tuesday for fundraising purposes.

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Hollywood sign covered in protest

  1. WOW a legal protest! That will actually get protesters respect and credibility. What a concept. Send your leaders to Canada because protesters have no respect or credibility to speak of here!

  2. I have been there in the hill . I think the Hollywood sign is not just important symbo of Los Angels, or California, or United State.,but It's important reference heritage symbol to all World. Everybody has unite in this case. Lets go ahead! Fabio Ferrer from Brasilia – Brazil