Holy condom!

Dutch sex shop creates a papal brand


A pope-inspired condom has emerged in the Netherlands. The condom wrapper carries the image of a papal figure with an unmistakable general likeness to Pope Benedict, though the figure’s face is removed. It bears the words “I SAID NO! We say YES!” framing the papal depiction. The suggestion of a “pope condom” caused a diplomatic row last month when Britain’s Foreign Office was forced to apologize for a memorandum by a civil servant that suggested Benedict launch a papal-brand condom. Makers of the condom, De Condoomfabriek (The Condom Factory), said they want to make a point about sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and the Vatican’s opposition to contraceptives.


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Holy condom!

  1. How to win friends and influence people, Condom Factory style.

  2. Papal Condoms…an ad man's dream come true!

    "Infallibility…now with increased sensitivity."

    "Every sperm is sacred! Envelop yours with Papal Condoms."

    "Papal Condoms. When only the blessed will do."

    "Lubricated Papal Condoms, endorsed by 7 out of 10 altar boys."

    "Make her scream "OH GOD!" with Papal Condoms."

    "I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff with thine Papal Condom."

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