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Homeopathic remedies are just “sugar pills containing no active ingredients”

British Parliamentary Committee urges government to stop funding alternative medicine


Britain’s House of Commons Science and Technology Committee is urging the government to quit funding homeopathic research. The committee made the
recommendation in a report released Monday that looked into the scientific value of homeopathic remedies. It found the non-traditional cures to be no more effective than placebos and dismissed claims an “important homeopathic tradition” deserves to be upheld. “Witchcraft is traditional,” said committee chairman Phil Willis, “so does that mean the [Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency] should endorse that too?” It’s not clear how much London spends on homeopathic medicine, with estimates ranging from less than $250,000 to more than $6 million a year.

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Homeopathic remedies are just “sugar pills containing no active ingredients”

  1. Uh.. guys.. there's a reason we have the phrase "placebo effect"

    Bottom line for me: Did it make you feel better? Yes? Then it worked. I don't care if it was frog eye soup or dextromethorphan.

    Endorse what works.

    • How about cocaine and vodka? They make me feel better also.

  2. Keep the government out of health care, period.

  3. It is just that the big Drug Companies dont want anybody taking a piece of there pie..havent the chinese been using herbs, roots, cobra juice and other interesting things for centuries ??

    • yes, and tribes have also been using witchdoctors for centuries too. primitive ideas of medicine do not deserve to receive funding. if these groups wish to receive money, then they will have to earn it themselves. that's what capitalism is all about.

      • modern medicine seems pretty primiitive ..when you watch a drug commercial the last half of it is all the bad stuff that can happen to you if you take it ..up to and including death some times

        • That's because drugs have effects and therefore side-effects. Homeopathy has no side-effects because it has no effects. But don't trust me, ask a homeopath why the 'active" ingredients perform the function and if they start to talk about "balance", "energy", "quantum" or "the law of infinitesimals" BZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!! big miss. Ask them also about the common names of some of their ingredients. Vox Nomica is strychnine. Natrum Muriaticum is common TABLE SALT. There's plenty more. Inquire. Learn. They are selling you magic water or magic sugar pills.

      • Ground up bark and leaves from the willow…. the powder was used as a non narcotic pain reliever a.k.a. Asprin! silly primitive ideas…..

    • They also kill deer for their penis and bears for their paws and gall and then leave them both to die. Should we be funding that also? Chinese also get an IV drip every time their nose starts to run.

      • Like anything, there are limits, but talk about primitive,, I thought the Cocaine and Vodka fad died out along with guys in skin tight white pants and disco balls ,last century … a.r.o nineteen hundred and eighty four (1984 )

    • And many (not all) Chinese traditional medicines show absolutely no efficacy. But that has NOTHING to do with homeopathy.
      Homeopathy is NOT Chinese medicine, not even close. Homeopathy follows entirely different principals and involves the dilution of the supposed remedies to infinitly small quantities (if they even remain present in the end product) via succussion, which is alleged to create a sort of memory of the substance in the dilution. Homeopathy sort of follows a "hair of the dog" philosophy, so for example you would treat an inflammation with something that would promote inflammation (example: using an Arnica ointment to treat muscle injury). Homeopathic cures show NO ability to treat the symptoms or underlying conditions they are prescribed for.
      You seem to be confusing natural cures with homeopathic cures. They are not the same. Some "natural" cures work, and work well, and most importantly can be demonstrated to have an effect. Look at Aloe for burns, or gargling salt water for sore throat. This is not true with homeopathic preparations.

  4. Many drugs and treatments are obtained directly from natural sources or derived from them, the issue is not WHERE it comes from, it is whether the treatment has any demonstrable effect on the illness. Homeopathic cures do not, there is nothing to suggest they do, and therefore our taxes should not be paying for them. If you want to go spend your own money on them, go right ahead. But you aren't spending my money without showing that the supposed cures actually accomplish anything.

    • Thankyou for for the input, my mistake, i didnt know that two were not linked.. it just sort of made sense that the two would go hand in hand.. an associate of my wifes is really into the Natural cure way of life and is very adamant about the difference between the two…Guess i`ll go find a willow tree to suck on and talk to you in the morning !!!

  5. I don't know why people get so polarized about this. Not all pharmaceuticals are created equally, just as not all natural remedies are created equally. I don't know much about homeopathy, but even if it doesn't work, it isn't harmful. Same with almost every other natural remedy (I'm not talking about the wacko Chinese stuff like tiger wine and bear gall bladder). The same cannot be said about many, if not most, pharmaceuticals, yet government goes to great lengths to protect Big Pharma while actively pursuing a seek and destroy game plan against natural remedies. If you can't see that the motive here is centred around protecting profits, and not health, you're blind.

    • How true, Its all about the Almighty dollar….

    • If you can't see that the motive here is about the wasting of taxpayer money on treatments with no efficacy, you are blinder than blind. You seem to be another person who doesn't understand the difference between natural and homeopathic methods. Look it up, they are NOT the same thing, they are not even close. And do you really think that the homeopathic industry is not enormous and concerned about THEIR profits? Give me a break. And LOTS of natural remedies can be harmful too, seriously harmful, read up on it.

      There are lots of effective Natural remedies
      There are lots of effective Pharmaceuticals
      There are NO effective homeopathic preparations

  6. Have any of you actually ever tried homeopathic treatment from a registered homeopath (not a naturopath), who practices classical homeopathy? If you had, I am sure you couldn't possibly be so ignorant to the unbelievable results that are attainable through homeopathy when it is practiced correctly! You should feel truly lucky to live in a country where natural medicine is actually funded by your government! Take a look around people, the ill effects of drugs are all around us and it is our responsibility to push for alternatives to poisonous pharmaceutical drugs!!!