Honouring the Canadian Armed Forces with Don Cherry and Laureen Harper


The Canadian Club of Toronto honoured the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces at a special Toronto luncheon. Below, Laureen Harper and Don Cherry.



Retired general Rick Hillier (left).



Laureen Harper, Peter MacKay and Cherry.



MacKay and Cherry.



Laureen Harper and Maclean’s editor-in-chief/publisher Ken Whyte.



Defence Minister Peter MacKay and Maclean’s associate publisher Julie Osborne.



Former Ontario Premier Mike Harris.



Jaime Watt of Navigator Limited.



Laureen Harper.












Honouring the Canadian Armed Forces with Don Cherry and Laureen Harper

  1. did anyone there request to be saluted, to, you know, honour the troops?

    also a whole pile of rightward folk (Cherry, Ms PMSH, Hillier, McKay) and… Macleans?

    • And Mike Harris isn't exactly a lefty either.

      • crap….good eye catherine… how did i forgot him…. maybe i am trying to repress memories of Harris-era-Ontario- destruction?

        i also like the subtly

        • and we all know just how great Ontario is doing now under McGuinty.

          • McGuinty caused the global recession Neil?

          • McGuinty caused the global recession Neil? Well I am gonna have to cross Dlaton off my Christmas card list this year than.

          • You're from Calgary, what the hell do you know about it.

          • Actually he’s in a basement in Ottawa pretending to be from Calgary $$$$$

  2. Where's the food?

  3. Can't have brain-damaged amputees fumbling with the cutlery. Kids are cuter.

  4. Who is this Dave Cherry guy? Some kind of weatherman?

    • Somebody invited Bill Ayers but they wouldn't let him in.

      • I guess you don't have to be a weatherman to rock 'em and/or sock 'em.

  5. A Conservative "improve my image" event. Sigh….what the hell – only Macleans hang around these Cons?

  6. Was this a partisan event?

  7. An event to honour the Canadian Forces, and exactly one picture of a serving CF member. Good stuff.

  8. I'm a pretty heterosexual guy but Peter Mackay's hot rugby injuries make me swoon.
    Mike Harris seems to be aging well. I guess 7-year sinecures are good for the looks.

  9. Cold-FX Co. + Don Cherry + Stephen Harper = $$$


    The Backroom Deal of the Century


    snip snip:  Dr.
    Jacqueline Shan, president of CV Technologies, Inc. of Edmonton, accompanied by
    hockey commentator Don Cherry, a paid company spokesman, met with about 20 Tory
    MPs, including several cabinet ministers, in the exclusive Parliamentary Dining
    Room in the Centre Block on Parliament Hill. Shan and Cherry later met directly
    with Harper in his Parliament Hill office. The company hired Cherry in 2004,
    specifically to promote sales of the product. They were invited to the capital
    by James Rajotte, chairman of the Commons industry committee and Tory MP for
    the corporate president’s Edmonton-Leduc riding.


    Last week, the company received a critical regulatory ruling
    – worth untold millions – from Health Canada, allowing it to claim in
    advertising that COLD-fx reduces “the frequency, severity and duration of
    cold and flu symptoms by boosting the immune system.”


    This resulted in a one-day increase in total market value of
    $155,288,259. One hundred and fifty five million dollars in one day. That’s
    nothing to sneeze at, pardon the pun. And all it cost them was a hockey jersey
    and a box of the stuff. I wonder how much of that Cherry walked away with.