Hostage rescued. Three captors shot dead.

Fearful the captain’s life was in danger, U.S. Navy snipers shoot captors in the head


Afraid that a group of pirates were about to kill Capt. Richard Phillips—who had been held captive aboard a lifeboat on the Indian Ocean since Wednesday after his cargo ship was taken over off the coast of Somalia by pirates—U.S. Navy snipers fatally shot three of his captors in the head and secured his rescue on Sunday. A fourth pirate, aboard the USS Bainbridge negotiating the captain’s release at the time, is in custody. Capt. Phillips, who was said to have an AK-47 aimed at his back when the snipers took action, was not injured in the rescue.

L.A. Times

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Hostage rescued. Three captors shot dead.

  1. Now we wait for the other shoe to drop. Somali pirates will exact revenge against the U.S. and/or France sooner or later unless the navies patrolling the Somali coast stop swatting at wasps and go after the nest. Wait long enough and some Spanish judge will issue arrest warrants for murder against these Navy Seal shooters and maybe even President Obama.

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