Hot, sexy péquiste poll* -

Hot, sexy péquiste poll*


*Results may vary.

For the first time in two years, the PQ is ahead in the polls.

It might not have any immediate effect at all–their ain’t no election in the near or even middle future–but the péquiste’s leap is telling nonetheless. First off, it means Marois’ tactic of making as much noise as possible in and out of the National Assembly has brought a corresponding bump in the number of column inches devoted to the party as of late. Her performance in question period–an admittedly iffy marker, given that there are about as many people who follow question period as there are who find poll numbers hot and sexy–has been excellent. Marois feigns outrage even better than Jean Charest. I didn’t think it was possible, but there you go.

I’m less inclined to believe that the reason behind the bump has to do with Charest’s unwillingness to call a public inquiry into the construction mess swirling around the province. After all, as Le Devoir notes today, the Liberals have been polling soft since June. Rather, I think we’re witnessing a resettling of the traditional seppy/feddy vote following the spectacular implosion of the ADQ, proving yet again that there is only room for two children in the great, silly sandbox of Quebec.

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Hot, sexy péquiste poll*

  1. THEIR ain't no election?

  2. It is too bad because I sense that Quebecers would like there to be a third option. The proviso being the third option is at least able to organize a two car funeral, so far that hasnt happened

  3. Strongly agree with Martin that this is in due in large part to the implosion of the ADQ. That opposition vote can now only go to one party. This does not bode well for the Liberals longterm, I believe. Charest should pray that some manner of ADQ can rise out of the ashes…