House of Cardinals: 'Welcome to conclave' -

House of Cardinals: ‘Welcome to conclave’


Just noted on YouTube: House of Cardinals, a send up of the Netflix series starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. A duo named Jon Deutsch and Ross Cohen take credit for the work:

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House of Cardinals: ‘Welcome to conclave’

  1. I find all this just amazing….and wonderful!

    When I was in elementary school the power of the RC church was absolute. Overwhelming.

    People actually stepped off the sidewalk into the gutter so two priests could walk together.

    I thought we’d never get rid of them. It just didn’t seem possible.

    Tonight I found out the ‘ex-pope’ smokes, and spent the evening on the couch watching TV with the one they call ‘Gorgeous George’

    The end of a brutal era in human history.

    Columnists should start thinking about what the world will look like after the church is gone.

  2. Pope Benedict is a humble man.

  3. Pope Benedict is a humble and brave man.

  4. Pope Benedict is a man. A man who held a very powerful and influential position. How many men have the guts to do what he did? None in 600 years.