House set to resume with Layton tributes

Late NDP leader’s chair to remain empty as session begins


A series of tributes to the late NDP leader Jack Layton will kick off a new session of Parliament Monday. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, interim NDP Leader Nicole Turmell and interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae will all speak about Layton before his widow, the MP Olivia Chow delivers a speech. Layton’s seat, across the aisle from the Prime Minister, will remain empty.

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House set to resume with Layton tributes

  1. As opposed to the large number of seats that have been habitually empty for the Libs & Cons in recent sessions, I suppose.  I have a suspicion that if parties have the same attendance rates as they did in the recent minority governments, the NDP may actually be the functional majority in Parliament & committees.

    I suspect Mr. Layton would have preferred the intruction of debate over issues that were important to him over speeches and platitudes, but that would involve a Harper-led government actually being productive. 

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