House Speaker finds Conservatives in breach of Parliamentary rules

Matter goes to Commons committee for review


House of Commons Speaker Peter Miliken found the Conservatives in breach of Parliamentary privilege when they refused to hand over cost estimates for anti-crime measures and when International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda told MPs she didn’t know who altered a ministerial document. The two rulings mean the complaints against the government will now be referred to a committee, which will recommend a course of action. MPs will have to decide whether to compel the government to issue all related documents and whether Oda lied to Parliament.

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House Speaker finds Conservatives in breach of Parliamentary rules

  1. Pretty much a "no-brainer" ruling here I think.

    Harper's secretive, uber-partisan behavior will eventually be his undoing.

    But I suspect not here…I don't think the Tim Horton's crowd is really tuned into the "In's and Out's" of all these "scandals."

    • The Conservatives are self-destructing before our eyes. It won't be long before a Con MP finally grows a conscience and quits.

  2. The Speaker did not find them 'in contempt'… he found them in breach of Parliamentary privilege as stated in the article.

    • Oh, bettie, what's the use, eh! :)

    • Opening a ruling for contempt, which will be decided by a vote of the HoC, very likely along party lines.

      Essentially you're arguing that though he pulled the trigger, he didn't put the bullet into the guy.

  3. The Speaker's corrupt Liberal roots are showing. Crooked Liberals have been utterly desperate to fabricate a real government scandal in order to attack Conservatives, but it just makes the corrupt Liberals look desperate.

    • really?
      Bev's obvious lies to parliament aren't obvious enough for you?
      It's not a ball game, where you support your side no matter how wrong they are. This is a bunch of folk who claim the moral high ground and lie and cheat at every turn. If winning is so important to you that honesty isn't, how do you even look at your kids in the morning?

    • The speaker who has stated ahead of time he will rule any motion of non-confidence out of order? Those liberal roots?

    • Take your head out of the sand. The Speaker was elected by all MP's in a non partisan way. It's people like you that make this Govt. think they can break the rules, disobey our laws and get away with doing so. I know you are blinded by Idealogy but I would caution that, you may not like what is going to happen when this Govt. is no longer in office because, you will not have the right to criticise them when they do the same thing even when it is wrong.

  4. I think the speaker's ruling has been very fair. The Tories have some explaining to do in regard to the finance committee. And in the Bev Oda case, the opposition must be willing to at least listen. Let's find out what they are made of.

  5. CTV News: "The Liberals have reportedly been looking for an excuse to call a no-confidence vote ahead of the March 22 budget.

    Milliken warned Liberal MPs that if they attempted to use his rulings as the basis for a confidence motion on Wednesday, he would rule them out of order."

    Milliken said this. Not me.

    • How gracious of you, according the Speaker the right to perform his duties. But what's your point?

  6. There are no words for this government's onslaught against decency. It is unnerving and frustrating to have to bear witness to this crap over and over again. Stephen Harper has to go. He is a disgraceful embarrassment to all things civil.

  7. Mar.10/11
    Alright everyone – let's place nice. Every government has its foibles. No need to point fingers on procedure because most things have been done before that's why all the parliamentary procedures are in place. We need to remember that as Canadians we seem to really like Minority governments because they work. And, they work because of mutual need and respect. Let's encourage all our MP's to be committed to us, show us compassion, exhibit self-control for our greater good and, communicate with us without any 'buzz' words such as 'transparency', 'full disclosure' and the like. We only shoot ourselves in the foot if we don't ask our federal, provincial, regional and, municipal representatives to just be honest, steadfast and, forthright.

    • And given that basically every MP up there has shown themselves to either not be that or to be complicit with those who are not, I say again…

      …no incumbents.

  8. What is $40M compered to G20-$1b, F35-$30B, Action plan ads.-$20m, etc. Your thieving Govt. is the worst in the history of this country and if I were you, I won't bring up other parties spending our money because the Cons. have outclassed every Govt in the history of the nation.

  9. Lets see, OH, there it is! The NEW poll. lol

    AngusReid: Con 39% Lib 23% Ndp 17%

    • I guess for voters who saw the cretin in action, nothing could beat that for corruption. Harper is here for as long as we can keep him.

  10. Not knowing theletterM at all, and going strictly from facts and history, I'd say his answer was yes. I say this on account of the fact that the corrupt Liberals were made to go after they stole $40 million dollars from us.

    Including by me. Because, you know, some of us–even partisan Liberals like me–have enough, I don't know, common sense? Decency? Ethics? to say that even though it is our team, they didn't deserve our vote.

    You used to be, I surmise, all about a transparent and accountable government. At least that's what was given the minority mandate to govern. When did that change for you?

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