House Speaker rejects privilege claim

Scheer: calls to Cotler’s riding ‘reprehensible,’ but did not impede his work


House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer called out his own party on Tuesday for sowing confusion among voters in an opposition-held riding. Scheer, elected as a Conservative,  said calls placed to Liberal Irwin Cotler’s constituents that falsely claimed he was stepping down from his post were “reprehensible.” Scheer, however, ruled the calls did not violate Cotler’s parliamentary privilege.

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House Speaker rejects privilege claim

  1. The career of Scheer is clear,one does not criticize the Harper small g overnment. There will be a campaign to discredit him, he,s done!

  2. The Cons will declare this a vindication and an exoneration, or simply ignore it, as they always do when another body, such as the courts or the Speaker of the House or the Commissioner of Elections, makes a finding against them.

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