How did Mona Lisa get her smile? -

How did Mona Lisa get her smile?

500-year old model may have had ‘very high cholesterol’


It’s not only the rich and the famous in the 21st century who are judged on their appearance—16th century models face the same scrutiny. Vito Franco from the University of Palmero is a medical expert who has studied famous figures in Renaissance art; he says that Mona Lisa and her world famous smile show signs of xanthelasma—a build-up of fatty acid around the eyes—and a fatty tissue tumour, which he suggests could mean very high levels of cholesterol in the model, believed to be Lisa del Giocondo. Franco has also studied other pieces of Renaissance art such as the subject for Botticelli’s Portrait of a Youth, which he says shows evidence of Marfan syndrome, a genetic bone disorder.

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How did Mona Lisa get her smile?

  1. more like mona lisa had an uncontrollable sequence of flatulence while posing for the portrait and the artist said, 'yes yes we have the needed expression'!

  2. This is the kind of thing that makes one think science is 98% BS.

  3. Actually, the BS percentage dropped over the years to 74.7%, but East Anglia managed to hide the decline.

  4. Botticelli rendered the hand symbolically to express truth. Faced with a theme that is rather like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, he rendered age into the hand to show time moving in the only figure of the portrait that suggests movement. I have no use for medicalized reductionist art criticism.

  5. LOL, that's the funniest thing I've read for a while.

    • Thanks, Jack, but I think a fair assessment of all this would support the conclusion that you may wish to read more…

    • Truth is … A hand in motion. A still hand rules imagination.

  6. I see someone with a vivid imagination

  7. i think these people are dating the palm sisters

  8. Et pourtant elle est en tournée mondiale..!
    J'espère que sa santé sera bonne..!
    And yet it is on a world tour ..!
    I hope his health will be good ..!