How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Rent it!

B.C. singer raises $200,000 for one night in the famous New York venue


Ken Lavigne, a singer from Victoria, British Columbia, rented New York’s Carnegie Hall last week so he could give a concert at the world’s most famous recital venue. To get the money for the hall and a 50-piece orchestra, he raised $200,000 from friends, fans and well-wishers in Canada. Which just goes to prove that you don’t need to go on a reality show to get your tenor voice heard; you just need to be willing to spend your life’s savings for one night in New York.

CBC News

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How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Rent it!

  1. Isn’t he Avril’s brother? I seem to recall something about this quite some time back, if he is I wonder how much she chipped in? Prurient interest only.

  2. He did not know how well he sang, it just made him whole.

  3. Wayne – he’s not Avril’s brother. No relation. As the article states, he raised the money with help from his family, friends – and his fans. Because despite the glib inference, he is a actually professional tenor. And yes, professional musicians often spend their life’s savings to promote their art. God knows the Canadian government isn’t giving them any help these days…

    Brad – love the Harry Chapin reference. But here’s hoping Ken’s story is nothing like Mr. Tanner’s :o)

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