How do you say 'conspiracy' in French? -

How do you say ‘conspiracy’ in French?

Statistics Canada blames Francophone conspiracy for Census anomaly


Consider it the great Francophone conspiracy. According to Statistics Canada, thousands of Francophones lied about their English skills on the 2006 Census in an effort to secure more federal dollars for government programs. The coordinated falsehood is believed to have originated in an anonymous French-language email urging people to hide their English-speaking abilities. The result: an inexplicable drop in bilingual Francophones. In Ontario, for instance, the number of bilingual Francophones, which had risen between one and three percentage points since 1991, dropped to 88.4 per cent from 89.4 per cent. As Jean Pierre Corbeil, a chief specialist in the language statistics section puts it, “How can you explain people living in a minority situation, even in really strong minority situations, that they would become less bilingual? This is almost impossible.” Though lying on the Census is punishable with a $500 fine, such cases are rarely prosecuted.

Ottawa Citizen

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How do you say ‘conspiracy’ in French?

  1. I don't know about a "great" conspiracy if the numbers dropped by 1% in Ontario…

    • 1% compared to a normal 33% is equal to a 66% reduction…and if that is not a "Great French Conspiracy" what else would you require?
      You would be very hard pressed to find, in Ontario, even one socalled Francophonie that can not, speak, understand and readl ENGLISH…they purchase English newspapers, call in to CFRA in English, attend English language movies, and most of them do not even really care if the French language survives, because they earn their living in English.
      Let us have a language Referendum in Ontario, just like in Quebec.
      Long live the English Language.

      • ''and most of them do not even really care if the French language survives''

        What an absurd thing to say… Also, something you wouldn't have a clue of!

        I won't waste my time explaining (in details) that such a statement couldn't be further from the truth. However, if there is truth to this report, it speaks for itself (and totally contradicts your argument). If francophones outside of Quebec have identified themselves as unilingual francophones in such numbers that it would skew the census question and, do so under the impression that it would protect whatever funding that might be derived from such stats, quite clearly they are very much concerned for the survival of the french language.

        – The referendums in Quebec were not referendums on language, they were referendum on statehood.

        – ''Long live the English Language''… What a totally unCanadian thing to say. You mustn't be aware of Canadian History (particularly Confederation).

        • Your State/Nation of Quebec is defined by language first and foremost, like Muslim states are defined by Islam religion.

          Long live the English language is unCanadian thing to say, but Vive le Quebec libre is totally Canadian? You have a peculiiar understanding of Canada.

          • My ''State/Nation of Quebec''??? Je ne suis pas Québecois ma chère! I have no clue where you would have got that I am Quebecois… I'm not, nor weren't most of my ancestors. However, what I am virtually sure of is those same (francophone) ancestors (whom were not Québecois) have been ''Canadian'' far longer than most of your own ancestors and, most ancestors of any English Canadians.

            While I am removing words that you have put in my mouth… Nowhere in the post to which you replied (or any post that I have ever written) will you find the words "Vive le Québec Libre'' or any support of such words. To claim this of me is simply dishonesty on your part. Perhaps you will find enough decency to own up to that (but it is doubtful).

            I assure you, my understanding of Canada is extensive (and some of the knowledge I have gained has set me back a few thousand dollars – do I ever know).

      • ssssssshhhhhhhutttttttt, the grown ups are speaking brian.

    • To Oliver: With the usual trend of 1-3% growth, it would have been a minimum 10,000 francophones who lied. And that's just in Ontario.

  2. No surprise.

  3. I'm glad we've finally seen some print on this very serious issue that must be thoroughly investigated by the Federal Government when it involves taxpayers money that is acquired fraudulently. Anglos know very well that most francos living in Ontario can speak, read and write very good English. To pretend that they don't just to get more federal money is very disturbing. What's even more disturbing is Madeleine Meilleure's attempt to fudge the number of francophones living in the province to include individual's who don't even speak or understand French because she knows the numbers are declining and so does Dalton McGuinty who gave her the money and allowed her to do it. He should be hung out to dry, and she should be fired. This is all very good reinforcing information that I am going to send to Canadians for Language Fairness with a cc to Dalton McGuinty, David McGuinty, James Moore (Minister of Heritage), Graham Fraser (Commissioner of Official Languages) and of course Stephen Harper. You all should do the same to affect change and hold the powers that be accountable for their actions. You're paying for it.

    • What a disgraceful Canadian you are… You advocate everything our forefathers stood against.

      ''money that is acquired fraudulently''

      A francophone who treasures this country enough to learn the other's language DOES NOT do so to forgo the just funding of francophone services including health and education. Unfortunately, for many anglophones, if you give them an inch, they'll take a foot. They turn their backs on this Country and its proud history.

      • Lord Durham was right: you should have been assimilated. Once the English shown compassion and allowed you to keep your language and religion, you take a foot by trying to force it down to everybody's throats.

  4. The number of unilingual francophones has no impact whatsoever on funding for official language programs. Whoever sent that email back in 2006 was seriously misled.

  5. Pardon? Je n'ai rien compris…

    • Moi non plus… Encore une fois, ce sont des anglophones partis sur une autre tangente anti-francophone.

      • why would a person live in ontario or virtually any other province outside of quebec not be able to speak english, seems quite bizarre to me, quebec expects people in it's province to speak french and they even have their own language police

        • What is the relevance?

          I suppose there just might be francophones outside of Quebec who are unable to speak english for the same reasons there might be anglophones in Quebec who are unable to speak french.

          However, as per the intentions of the Fathers of Confederation, both francophones and anglophones, throughout Canada, are deserving of exactly what the other might have (in terms of rights, services, etc…) in their respective language (no matter where they are).

          Outside of Quebec, virtually from the moment the Constitution was signed (progressivly), anglophones began undoing that agreement and shafting francophones throughout Canada (think Reglement 17, Manitoba Schools Question, etc…). And, over in Quebec, the same behavior began roughly in the 1970s and since (took them a while to mimic their anglophone counterparts in the rest of Canada).

          • Fathers of Confederation decided on bilingualisn in the Parliament and its institutions. You were also promised Catholic education/schools, and that promise was kept. C'est tout. Language was and still is a provincial jurisdiction. Bear in mind that in 1867 the proportion of English and French was almost equal in Canada, but then the demographics soon changed… Canada is English – accept that. If you want to live in French, move to Quebec. Quebec anglos wanted to live in English, so they moved to English Canada when you won your Plains of Abrahams in Quebec.

          • With statements like yours, the Fathers of Manitoba are turning in their graves… You see, they made their province inclusive. They sought to include anglophones (and their inherit rights) in their society. Although this made it a welcoming place for anglophones (particularly from Ontario) to move in and set up shop, they certainly did not anticipate that these newcomers would overturn the house. But that's just what the anglophones did…

            Concerning your ''if you want to live in French, move to Quebec'' statement. What a kind offer. My ancestors are not from Quebec, they simply sailed on by that region hundreds of years ago and contributed to the foundation of communities elsewhere (southern Ontario). But now, for their benefit (so you say) they ought to leave… Will you pack them in trains? Maybe by the boat full? If you get a little more irritated by their presence, should it be by the gun?

            – I know many anglophone Canadians (personally) who have moved to Montreal without any specific intentions of ''living in french''.. Some from Alberta, Ontario, and so on…

            – You seem to know very little of the Plains of Abraham (to use it in your context). It was not a battle of language, or language supremacy. It was a battle (among many others) of a European war, fought by England and France (with virtually no participation of Canadian inhabitants), many decades before Canada (the Country we now know) was even a thought.

          • Hey man, Montreal is English and always has been. When Quebec separates from Canada, Montreal will separate from Quebec.

            Ever heard of allegory, man? Francos lost the battle on the Plains of Abraham, but won the war – Quebec is now French.

            You have too many psychic communications with your dead ancestors, man. Leave them in peace in their graves. They lived their lives in their times. Now the times have changed. It's called evolution…deal with that.

          • no offence but i think you didn't read the british north america act which created canada in 1867, you can google it to see that it only mentions england and ireland …france being defeated in 1759 was not considered a founding nation.. it' revisionist history to think that england would defeat france and then want to have an equal partnership with them

  6. bs….merci

  7. N'importe quoi! French in Quebec is in decline people, lest we even talk about what's happening outside the province. Everyone these days thinks New Brunswick shiak is "cool", while in fact it's the sound of a nation losing it's mother tongue.

  8. Maybe they should not ask that stupid question about bilingualism. Are they using the response to determine assimilation percentages and objectives? We have two official languages: english and french – no in between.

  9. What Mr. MacIntyre (westernstandard blog) and the Ott Citizen fail to note is that many provincial and federal govm'ts have started distributing language-based funds unevenly proportioned to anglophones, citing that "the Francophones can understand English so we can justify unilingual English-only services/schools/festivals/community centres/etc."

    It's called taxation w/o representation.

    Without pointing out the underlying root cause, you are sounding quite disrespectful and clueless on the issues that affect the 1 million francophone Canadians outside of QC.

    I can't wait for your WASPs to realize we're not going anywhere and we have every right to be here.

    • all of the anglophones in quebec who didn't move also have rights, luckily trudeau put it in the constitution that quebec did not sign

  10. And French in Ontario is GROWING over the past couple of years, not including the Meilleur bump. Look it up. All those immigrants are adding to the francophone numbers.

    • not as a percentage, 500 000 out of 13 000 000 is not that much … many of those peopole are married to anglophones ..what language do you think they speak at work and at home? when more immigrants come to ontario they aren't coming from france or africa, they are coming from asia and india

  11. Did anyone at Mclean's bother to check with Statistics Canada to see if what David Gonczal was saying was true.!!! I guess not since Statistics canada denies ever saying that francophones lied on their census forms. Anyone who believes in that conspiracy theory are prime candidates for buying the brocklyn bridge I have for slae.

    • Ferpeter, I gather you checked with Statistics Canada…lol… and they told you, "no, francophones did not lie, they said the truth"…lol… I wonder, why did Stats Canada post a warning?…

  12. Oliver, it is a CONSPIRACY, because the numbers were falsified not only in Ontario, but also in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Manitoba, Alberta, and Quebec as well.

    I am not surprised that the conspiratorial email, sent across Canada to francophones prior to the 2006 Census, was not investigated. Even if it were, nothing would have happen to franco culprits… they are untouchable, "special"… Even when FLQ, Ontario branch, call a radio station or a newspaper with a bomb warning against peaceful anglo gatherings, police look the other way.

  13. End official bilinualism now

    • I agree, lets end official bilinguism now and make french the only official language

  14. Lets end official bilingualism and make English the official language in English Canada and French the official language in Quebec. Everybody wins!

    • i would agree to that, and i am sure the bloc would too.. it would probably unify the country and save a few billion which we could give to the provinces for health care

  15. The language issue has been a constant battle for decades now. Unless something major is done with it, this issue will continue. Yes, official languages has slowed down assimilation, but assimilation is still occuring and Canada will increase the number of people who identify their first language as English percentage wise over French. Eventually, something will have to be done. Maybe language should be regionalized with French the official language in Quebec and English for the rest of Canada. This isn’t to suggest language services will not be provided throughout the country – just that there’s one official language in all the other provinces (the numbers just don’t warrant to have it any other way).

    • wow,who cares,you seem to forget that there are 40 different aboriginal laguages in canada,sure english is the official language,why,on most rezervations,our way of life does nt revolve around english,so the english,may think,considering it was some english idiots idea,to assimulate us in the first place,tried to wipe out cultures languages,evil,assimulation has failed,thank god,of course another english idiot is whinning about the french not speaking any english,or not enough enough bilingualism in quebec,boo hoo.

  16. This all comes down to funding !
    Bilingual represents slightly over 4% of Ontario -yet for most Ontario goverment positions require bilingual people-clearly ignoring the remaining 96%.
    Onatario’s french services language act -was passed in 1986 by 55 of the 125 representatives in the middle of the night and of course most of the correspondence was in french-hansard report -nov 1986.
    One must ask if we are to implement these policies -where is the quantitative measuring tool -representation by population-as a true democracy should be !
    Approx 50% of federal employee’s are bilingual for 17% of the population!
    If you people want to see how these legislative policies damages society -one only has to look at what is going on in CORNWALL ONTARIO.