How much does it suck to be Jacques Gourde right now? -

How much does it suck to be Jacques Gourde right now?


Being a Conservative MP from Quebec is a bit like joining the mother of all affirmative action programs. We have a grand total of five MPs in a province that represents roughly a quarter of the country’s population. Translation: cabinet positions for all! Even Max Bernier, whose I-forgot-a-bunch-of-secret-documents-at-my-somewhat-dodgy-girlfriend’s-house debacle relegated him to backbench purgatory in 2008, got a nod. (Granted, “Junior Minister For Tourism and Small Business” doesn’t have quite the ring as “Foreign Affairs Minister”, but still…) It’s a nice bit of spin for the Conservatives: 80 per cent of Quebec Tories are sitting at the table. Even those who lost their freakin’ election got a piece of the pie: Larry Smith and Josée Verner will now graze at the lush Senate pastures for their efforts.

Weep, then, for poor Jacques Gourde. Not only does he get left out of cabinet, he actually has less power for winning the election than Smith and Verner do for losing.

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How much does it suck to be Jacques Gourde right now?

  1. I’m sure Harper will find something for him….he is…shall we say….very creative…. when it comes to handing out jobs. 

  2. More than a few conservatives are likely feeling their stomachs churn between another bloated cabinet and ugly patronage in the Senate.
    Reappointing people to the Senate who were have resigned in good faith betrays the conceptual purpose of the Upper Chamber.  

  3. How much does it suck to be the Lame Stream media right now Martin? Harper publlicly gave you all the middle finger and told you he got there with out you and will govern without you. Taking questions on the cabinet shuffle and then sending you all a press release on the senate appointments was a classic insult, in the tradition of Machievelli. I love it.  So much for Ibbitson’s Harper haters in the Hill press.