How Obama can demonstrate real change


We are probably less than 24 hours from knowing Barack Obama’s vice-presidential pick. This blog along with an increasing number believe Obama will go conventional. He will most likely choose an experienced individual to bring balance to the ticket, someone with the ability to take over should the need arise, and possibly someone with electoral clout who can rally disgruntled Clinton backers or win a swing state. Senators Evan Bayh of Indiana and Joe Biden of Delaware clearly fit the bill. Besides, are not presidential elections a contest between who will be president with the hope that the vice-presidential nominee will not distract in a negative way? In this regard Bayh and Biden are conventional choices. But on the eve of the selection, I am less certain. We may be in for a surprise.

What if Obama, whose candidacy is everything but conventional, decides to not only talk ‘change’ but ‘demonstrate’ change? Again, conventional thinking would tend to have us believe that choosing Hillary Clinton is impossible because she represents the old way of doing politics and he beat her on those grounds. Besides, we have observed very recently that there is an uneasy truce between the two camps. Finally, because the polls are slipping or flat, he will look weak or desperate if he chooses Hillary. And what about Bill?

All this conventional wisdom makes sense. But Obama is not conventional. If he chooses her, he sends a signal that he is sufficiently secure as a person to take this powerful, talented, and potentially first woman to hold the post, by his side because the country needs real change and a new direction more than conventional thinking. In an instant, he energizes the convention and the Democratic base, and throws the Republicans off course. Yes, it wakes up the Republican ‘Clinton haters’ but it changes the picture and the’ unified’ charged-up Democrats will put the Rove-inspired McCain campaign on the defensive. Rove tactics have never beaten a Clinton.

Obama has not been swiftboated yet but it is coming close. Clinton will help neutralize much of the venom to come. The 527s have yet to show their ugly heads. I know Hillary is not change to many, but by picking a female candidate Obama would be sending a message of transformational change to go along with his own historic candidacy. It probably will not happen but in a unique and unconventional way, Barack Obama will have ‘walked the talk’ and demonstrated real change if he chooses Hillary. It would be more than just a speech.

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How Obama can demonstrate real change

  1. Meh, if all he really wants to do is demonstrate change, he should pick Senator John McCain.

  2. Obama is not conventional?

    Are you kidding me?

    Obama, despite his BS rhetoric, is the epitome of conventional. He is a memeber of the two party system that stifles independent thought in America and defies the will of the people. His opinion son the issues change with every latest public opinion poll. He is adored by the Main Stream Media. He regurittates tired talking points like “evil oil compoanies” and the “the rich don’t paytheir faie share.”

    In a word Barack Obama is a joke.

    Neither Obama nor McCain are are in the least bit a deviation from the status quo.

    It’s sad but most of my fellow Americans are braindead zombies that would arther watch MTV and regurgitate tired platitudes like “change” and “hope” than open to their eyes to the alternatives out there that could really change this nation for the better.

  3. I will be amazed if Obama picks anyone but a middle aged white male. Obama is change enough for the electorate to deal with, they don’t need even more ‘change’ to think about.

    I think it is going to be Bayh.

  4. even if i dont like her obama should pick hillary clinton.he will need her to get the latino votes!obama does not score big with latino voters.hillary does ,and in this present election the latino vote is gonna be crucial.

  5. I heard that he picked Anna Faris.

  6. even if i dont like her obama should pick hillary clinton.he will need her to get the latino votes!obama does not score big with latino voters.hillary does ,and in this present election the latino vote is gonna be crucial.

    Seriously…Obama only leads McCain in the Latino vote by 33%. Adding Clinton to the ticket could help him break the 35% barrier!

    Anyway, I like the sound of Obama-Biden…

  7. Real change would be picking a Republican.

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