How Obama’s failure will be felt here

Colby Cosh on why Canada is ignoring the disaster of Obamacare


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As best as I can judge from monitoring Twitter for about 20 hours out of every 24, which is my habit these days, few of this country’s big-time journalists are keeping a close eye on the Obamacare crisis in the United States. We are all caught, like flies in a spiderweb, in the evolving stories of Rob Ford and the Senate multi-scandal. Both are news files quite unusual in Canada, delivering little bomblets of fresh weirdness for months on end and on a basis that could be characterized as “daily, gusting to hourly.”

Or maybe these stories aren’t unusual; maybe it is just a matter of social media turning our existences as pundits into a sweaty, crowded hearth in which we all sit in a big circle and echo each other all day. I quite enjoy it, but a mind-pummelling stream of “FordSenateFordFordSenateFordNigelWrightFordFord” may not be healthy.

Is anyone, for example, looking for the international or even the Canadian angle on Obamacare? It is a disaster of such magnitude that it is easy to imagine it influencing politics in countries that take cues from America, which, the last time I checked, was about all of them, bar North Korea. It is one of Canada’s major national afflictions that most of us remain blazingly ignorant of health care policy and provision in any country but the U.S. Already one senses that the appetite for reform of physician care and health budgets in Canada has dwindled since, say, the 1990s.

Obamacare isn’t going to make major systemic change in either direction look more appetizing to Canadians. That’s an important Canadian angle right there. Not long ago it looked as though national pharmacare was likely to become an election issue here, quarterbacked by the NDP and perhaps the Liberals, too. The concept has plenty of support among economists and other health policy experts—the same class of kindly boffins that, in the U.S., lined up almost unanimously behind the Affordable Care Act.

For better or worse, nationalizing prescription-drug insurance seems likely to be a much tougher sell here in the immediate future. Any large, complex health care experiment will be. The more wise heads support it, the easier it will be for supporters of the status quo to shout, “Unintended consequences! Ivory-tower tomfoolery!” Indeed, political strategists may already be saying it to themselves.

American commentators are already starting to wonder if Obamacare’s difficult start and increasingly troubled prospects may end up as a victory for small-government conservatism. The problems for the program do not end with the calamitous state of the federal insurance-exchange website, or even with the nasty surprises handed to the self-employed and freelancers in the “individual market” who were falsely promised: “If you like your plan you can keep your plan.” Some Obamacare buyers are finding themselves shut out from their preferred doctors and hospitals; employers are junking non-compliant health plans; and many in the middle class who liked the Obamacare concept are facing sticker shock.

The U.S. is having some success in slowing the growth in its health spending thanks to some “cost-curve bending” measures already undertaken. (Penalizing hospitals under Medicare for repeat patient visits is a big one.) And Obamacare may end up being good for the country’s solvency even as it leaves millions angry. But the damage done to the prestige of “evidence-based” social engineering may already be permanent, especially given the impression of a calculated bait-and-switch on the part of planners.

The redistributive aspects of Obamacare were undersold, and possible pitfalls obviously not foreseen. The neoliberal Democrat Walter Russell Mead put it neatly the other day: “President Obama may be the Democrat who ends up convincing millions of American millennials that Ronald Reagan was right, and that the progressive administrative state is neither honest nor competent enough to solve the problems of the American people.” If that is the case, the effects cannot be confined to the U.S.

Barack Obama is a charismatic president who lacked executive experience but was, partly for reasons related to his ancestry, an attractive blank slate onto which young voters could project their dreams. He compensated for his shortcomings in political dues-paying by building a team of high-profile brainiacs like Steven Chu, Peter Orszag, and Austan Goolsbee. Am I wrong to detect resemblances with the Liberals’ Justin Trudeau victory plan? If Obama goes down as a failure, someone who peddled Hope and got in over his head, will our millennials think twice about casting a feel-good vote for an unknown quantity who fast-forwarded past the usual leadership training?

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How Obama’s failure will be felt here

  1. let’s hope so.

  2. Obama saved GM, rebuilt the economy, took out bin Laden, said no-more-war to
    Israel, made a deal with Iran, got Israel to stop building houses in Palestine,
    got Obamacare passed, ended wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and is shutting down
    Gitmo. And he did it all with humour and grace in the face of ferocious opposition by the GOP. America should be very proud they produced such a leader.

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        • All good liberals play a race card when they have bees shown to be a fool .
          Go crawl back into your hole.
          You have nothing useful to say.

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          • This comment was deleted.

    • Iraq was already ending, and Afghanistan is still ongoing. He promised he’d close Gitmo on his first day, and it’s still there. “He rebuilt the economy” is the most dubious of statements. “Said no-more-war to Israel” wha?

      • None of that is true….sorry.

        • That’s, wow, okay. Have a nice day crazy!

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Translation: If I can’t smell the Progressive crap sandwich on your breath I am not talking to you.

          • You’re a Progressive? I’m not.

          • You’re probably a paid, union blogger, just like Obama’s paid protestors.

          • AHAHAHAHA….sorry, I don’t like unions.

          • Then you should have been rooting for the death of GM. That was pure union payoff.

          • Unions don’t plan new cars, decide on models or market them….they just put nuts and bolts together

            And they don’t get paid the multi-million dollar salaries of the executive suite… know, the folks who ran GM into the ground? [and will do so again]

            But the dumbest thing is trying to run an economy on ideology….anyone who’d root for a Depression is crazy.

          • Losing GM wasn’t going to lead to a depression. And union wages, benefits and retirement deals are the killers of a company, not the engineers and sales force.
            You’re not too bright, are you?

          • Yeah, it was.

            And union wages are chicken feed comparted to the executive suite.

            Your union-envy won’t be allowed to damage the economy

          • Now you’re contradicting yourself…you said you didn’t like unions.
            Were you dropped on your head as a child?
            And why would a professional envy blue collar union drones?

          • LOL I don’t….but that doesn’t mean you can blame them for all the sins of the world.

            A professional what?

          • CPA.

          • LOL well that’s not an education…that’s vocational training

            Judging by your intellect, I figured it was ‘professional wrestler’

          • Are you for real? A degree is required to be a CPA, just as it is for a Chartered Accountant in Canada.
            Do you even have a high school diploma?

          • Doesn’t mean you’re educated. Just trained. And I believe 3 degrees top one bean counter

          • I also have an MBA from The Ohio State University. Now, tell us which “three degrees” of yours trump my two.

          • The PhD

          • LOL! In which discipline and from where?

          • Gosh, I guess I should give you my name address and phone number too eh?

            Do you have ANY idea how often that’s been tried?

          • Translation: You’re lying. What a shock.
            I just gave you my information, and I guarantee, you couldn’t track me in a thousand years.

          • Ah yes….the ‘mansplanation’. No woman can be better than you, so I must be lying. LOL

            LOL You are traceable within 15 seconds John. Most people are.

          • Go ahead, then. Trace me and expose my identity in the next five minutes. Put your money where your mouth is.
            BTW, I consider my wife, an RN who grew up in Iowa, a better person than me.
            You’re a sad case, kid.

          • LOL john, you are SUCH a doofus. I could pick any name out of a hat….and you’d just be left to scream NO THAT’S NOT ME…and readers wouldn’t know.

            Macleans knows who you are though. I just reported someone, and they will be gone shortly.

            Now do you think you could stop bragging about yourself long enough to return to the topic?

          • Now wait a minute, genius…how can one deny their IP address? How can one deny their alma maters, class years and degrees when all are available in the public domain?
            You’d need a court order for an ISP to divulge information.
            The topic? Your trolling has rendered it moot. We’re all here now to watch you self-destruct under the weight of your lies and stupidity. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

          • Cheesus….yes John….that’s all publically available and traceable within 15 seconds….and no you don’t need a court order.

            NASA and the Pentagon are hackable John….you are child’s play.



          • Still waiting, you moronic child. And yes, you do need a court order in the United States unless you’re affiliated with Homeland Security. Even local law enforcement needs a court order.
            Your self abuse continues unabated…

          • John I can do it right here……..don’t you keep up with ANYthing?

            Now I’ve asked you nicely to return to topic….otherwise Ciao.

          • Then do it. Come on, kid…let’s see it.
            Do you enjoy being the whipping boy of an entire forum?

          • LOL you tell me Einstein….everyone is doing facepalms for you.

            Now then, that’s it….Ciao baby.

          • You’ve been burned like black toast, kid. I love when losers like you are dissected by your betters.

          • And apologize to Colby Cosh on your way out. Toodaloo

          • If he/she/it could hack you, all they need to do is make a post in your name to prove it.

            Be holding your breath a long time tho.

          • I could open an account in his name, and post.

          • You can’t even find your own ass, kid.

          • Unlike you….I don’t have to look for it.

          • Yours is that large, eh?

          • No, that small.

          • Dear John and Emily – enough already!!!!!

          • I’d be happy to stop…. but apparently I’m a Coot magnet

          • no your a hoot magnet. Or a toot magnet, cause your posts smell.

            You are an insipid person who wants to end discussion when you are losing. You try the worst of insults and slander when you start to fail.

            Your whole belief structure is a lie. You cannot support it with the truth, the truth says your stupid. Since your so self absorbed and deity worshiping on liberal ideals you cannot acknowledge the harm you and your amateurism does.

            You blindly spout propoganda you hear and when called on it the best you could do is threaten to have better more skilled people from the Democrat Underground come show me up.

            Thing is you are nothing, you have nothing to present, you have no means of defense.

            Now that I am done tearing you down let me try to show you a way out.

            Try to be intelligent and learn on your own. Not what others tell you, no because that is not learning. Observe, take notes, quantify. And above all if you must lie for something…. THEN THAT SOMETHING IS A LIE! A truth is easy to defend with truth. This is where I get my power, I respect the truth.

            The truth is Obama is nothing you all want. He is not even a socialist or communist. He is a fascist and you wont even recognize it because you have put all your hopes on him and his.

            he represents tyranny and big business. He represents power and abuse of power. He represents censorship and domestic spying. He represents everything every liberal says they do not want in life.

            The truth will set you free.

          • LOL yer either drunk or high….or both.

            You have no idea what my belief structure is….and you have no reading comprehension.

            You guys seem to think if you just keep saying something over and over again….that some kind of magic is going to occur and it’ll become true.

            You’re just another Galt Groupie, and as such….you’re boring.


          • if boring in your mind is “he is kicking my arse” then you are correct.

            Come now, ye who posts like an Obama hero worshiper, post your ideals and thoughts. Oh and your degree.

            Or admit you are a liar, that you have lied, and go away on your own.

            I am here to own you, I am here to make you mine, I am here to make you see that Socialism, Fascism, Liberalism, Communism, Marxism, and Tyranny suck. When I am done you will either be a convert or be traumatized and be seeking mental help.

            Why? Because I like a good show, and you are showing the traits of a devout liberal who cannot defend herself. Like offering to cook me a steak dinner every night and to give me a new Ferrari… I cannot resist this. I am already addicted and I will win. I never let go, I am worse than the meanest dog in that regards… I do not lose, I do not surrender, I do not suffer fools like you.

            So the next step is yours

            will you step up and post your beliefs, will you troll, will you run away, will you distract, will you LIE again to help your emotional needs? Let us do this thing.

          • Sigh. Americans live on myths. Always have. YOU are loaded with them. [or maybe just loaded] but it’s why everyone in the world laughs at you. Take your money, take your soldier’s lives….but laugh.

            Dude, I’m an atheist and a technocrat…and in my spare time I’m an Ontario separatist….I have no interest in your ancient Cold War nonsense.

            The American Empire is crashing….for Canadians it’s like watching Rome fall and we get a ringside seat this time.

            Obama is trying to let you down gently….one rung at a time. You won’t get this treatment again, so take it while you can…’s your last chance.

            There is no outside threat to the US….the threat is internal….you’re all arguing with each other….and over ideologies that have been dead for years.

            Capitalism and communism died at the same time. They won’t be back. Neither will your jobs. Socialism won’t work either.

            Now then….it’s mid-afternoon Monday in Asia, and I’m working….so Ciao.

            PS Don’t bother coming back tomorrow.

          • lol, so long as Disqus says you reply, I am here.

            As for threats…

            China is Imperialistic. They want lands others traditionally have had. They are building a military up to assert themselves. They have initiated hostilities a lot including this ‘new defense zone’ over Japanese islands.

            You are a separatist, then allow Taiwan to separate, say no to China.

            There is evil in this world, and if we allow it to grow it will do so, and another world war will happen. China wants power, lands, money, and it does not care how it gets them.

            It has been involved in 4 wars of Conquest. Vietnam, Tibet, India, and Russia. That only Tibet fell shows that they were using bad equipment and strategy, thank God. They also involved themselves in Korea of course.

            Iran has been in hostilities ever since they overthrew the Shah. There was a time when they mined the waters between them and Saudi Arabia, damaging one of our ships. We sunk a few of their ships and messed up a bit more of their military for that.

            They provide the liquidfied copper mines used to kill Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. They want nukes.

            They provide to a number of terrorist organizations including suicide vests, missiles and rockets, funds, small arms, and training.

          • well said – its a tree forest thing for supporters of this clown….

          • My nickname is Einstein, you are now taking me on. Enjoy!

          • by the way I hope your enjoying this ;)

          • Loving it!

          • just give us a breakdown of what the subject was. For instance my planned Doctorate will be in understanding Monopolies.

            I wish to discover a formula that will judge if a given monopoly is dangerous, has the potential for abuse, or is safe.

            Since anything with a space or time aspect is a monopoly (reading my words is time, my sitting in my chair is space… you cannot take my space but is it a problem? No.) and since some monopolies are ok, there needs to be a way to judge if they are a problem.

            I plan to tackle it as a small regional (city, town, or other small region), large regional (valley, county, or similar geographical region), State/Nations, Continents, and World… Well the differences is huge. A 10% stake in the local town is nothing, 10% of the World is huge.

            So what was your doctoral thesis in? You can be vague or just generalized if you wish.

          • ‘Recognizing rightwing wackos on chat sites’

            Easiest thing I ever did.

          • in other words no degree.

            I post with my full name, and I do not hide. Who is the wacko? Who is the one who lies, who slings slurs, who cannot hold a proper debate or conversation? Your life is pitiful.

            Thank you however, you just cost Obama 10 points on anyone who see’s this series of Conversations. Your own behavior helps us Republicans. I give sincere thanks for people like you.

          • In other words, none of your business.

            It amazes me how many men come on here and think I have to justify my life to them

            Are you aware you’re on a Canadian site, and none of us care about your campaigning?

          • I care that you elect drug addicts, and some of the most corrupt politicians, just cause they offer you shiny things. Signs that Canada has a real education problem because shiny things are not good things. And it still costs Obama points.

          • You go worry about Oregon, honey…and leave Canukistan to normal people.

          • aha, but I am an activist. I work the national and I plan and think on the international. I am not content with fixing a city, a county, a State, or just my nation. I want the world to know the benefits of Conservatism. I am that sort of guy. I do have a presence at the national level (small as of yet, but with some influence in surprising quarters)

          • And you are telling me all this crap because………?

          • because it helps me and my efforts to have a fail troll like you hanging around. Please stay here!

            Try bringing up something else wacky and filled with error! I love it!

          • Might be more fun to forward this to DU

            They LOVE to catch Repubs making fools of themselves online.

          • aha the Democrat Underground. Yes sic them on me, go ahead. I could use the publicity, and I love showing them up.

            Did you know I infiltrated Anonymous, and found that they were lead by Democrat Technocrats? Yeah, that is how I play. I love getting my hands dirty, though I am not as successful as Project Veritas. I am not a coward, and I can hold against any agitprop.

          • LOL It would have to be run by Dems….Repubs are still using radio.

            Now off you go.

          • lol. I think the website problems are Democrats at the moment.

            Besides the Republican ‘underground’ has been growing a lot of promising tech advances.

          • Yeah, I’ve seen the Free Republic site over the years. Rimjob hasn’t put a nickel into it since it started.

          • how about that Bloomberg fail, he put in so much money to stop guns and had lost so many mayors over it. That and 3 State Senators in Colorado.

            but seriously, your a catch. lol.

          • Bloomberg is gone…..jeez you can’t even keep track in your own country!

          • Bloomberg is gone? Quick call New York! They will want someone for the next two months! Actually they wanted him this weekend but ………can’t let a train get in the way of your day off!

          • Are you familiar with the term, “misandry”?

          • Are you familiar with the term ‘juvenile’?

            That’s teen guys who have to call for backup to handle one female. LOL

          • Mr. Harrington rooted you out on his own, ding-a-ling.. And I must say, he has reduced you to ashes. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

          • Then they all stand around reassuring each other they ‘handled’ her…..and the women make cuckoo motions with their fingers to their foreheads. LOL

            John….go back to your mom’s basement to play

          • Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, and others like them have earned their pay. Their decisions made billions of dollars, and made their companies what they are today.

            There are lesser executives, that is why Kodak is going out of business, why HP declined, why RIM (aka Blackberry) is going under, and why there is no more Commodore computers.

            Every company wishes to survive. Big or small. When you are big you need someone who has not just skills and ability, but that extra something that moves markets. This is not a common thing, and it must be paid for appropriately.

            Your union workers at GM could be replaced in less than 1 month (it would take about 1/2 a year to gain full efficiency though) with other workers who would take half the pay quite willingly.

          • Mostly sales and hype. Just like Ayn Rand was.

          • A liberal mocking a libertarian. I love it.

            Nothing like red meat to make people slobber huh?

            I am a Conservative… troll fail.

            iPad, iPhone, iPod, and the iMac were not just hype, in many cases existing tech was out there… but so far badly done as to be laughable.

            The smart phone was not new… just Apple made a quality one of the highest standards and people flocked to it. That they are worse than some Android phones means nothing… they went to bat on it first.

            Microsoft charged to much for their Surface… they did a huge write off… but their move sparked as they desired and now Windows 8.1 pads will be really nice.

            Edison was his company. Without him it would never even have started let alone become a success.

            Want hype? Obama was hype and sales. A man with no background (never released his school transcripts), little experience, and who lied at almost every turn “if you like your insurance you can keep it!” for example.

          • I know what you are….another ‘Murican dumbass


            PS Ayn Rand hated Libertarians.

          • oh noes, you found me! I am scared… oh wait, I am not. So which province do you live in? Maybe we can meet and laugh over tea and biscuits!

          • I’m in Ontario….a looooong way from Oregon.

            Plus I’m 67….so forget hitting on me or I’ll whack you with my cane. LOL Ciao.

          • I travel through Ontario a lot. Especially into Alberta though. WInnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Surrey, Vancouver… I am a regular.

          • No doubt. Albertans are your kind of people.

            Ciao btw means good-bye.

          • oh no, your going away? Where will my fun go! lol

          • Talk to Koenig….he’s spaced out.

          • of all the crazy stuff Obama is responsible for, helping GM was not one of them. GM is needed, who would make U.S. military vehicles from now on, China?

          • I think Ford could manage it. Hell, we let Chrysler build M1A1 tanks in the ’80s. Besides, a bankruptcy wouldn’t have meant the end of GM…just a reorganization that followed the law, like the bondholders being compensated.

          • You’re not a lot of things Emily – foremost among them would be honest, well-read, and rational. Every single thing you’ve attributed to Obama as an accomplishment here is a patent failure, and the vast majority of normal, aware folks now realize this. You’re one of that stubborn 25% in all of the polls that haven’t a clue – or prefer to remain ignorant of – the corruption and damage your band of radical progressives are foisting upon this country.

            I’ve already come to terms with what needs to be done with your kind, and I’m actively working at it. You’ve made the bed – I’ll make certain to tuck as many of you into it as possible from here on out.

          • Yeah, he’s black. Get over it.

            And that had better not be a threat Willy boy

          • I voted twice for Alan Keyes and supported Herman Cain. Now go ahead and scream, “Uncle Tom!” about those gentlemen.

          • Makes more sense to scream ‘Idiot’ about YOU

          • You continue to out yourself as an incredibly ignorant fraud.


          • Let me guess…you’re either a Newfie or a Caper.

          • LOL Fine Old Ontario Family John.

          • I see an oxymoron in that claim.

          • You’re looking in a mirror.

          • You don’t know what an oxymoron is, do you, “PhD”?

          • Yup…the image you see in your mirror

          • You know the worst part of Emily, John? It’s that she is actually quite representative of the modern, academically inclined lefty. Smarter than us? Of course! Why she has an unseen PhD to prove it! Debate? Of course not! Like most lefty’s, she has been led to believe that simply showing up and tossing faux erudite commentary into the discussion will lead the rest of us to genuflect to her self-evident wisdom. Meanwhile, she remains anonymous, secure in the knowledge that her glaring lack of intellect will become blindingly obvious to those who know her.
            Like the average juvenile lefty, EmilyOne still thinks that you can sway the opinions of onlookers by simply calling those with whom you disagree a doodypants.

          • Spot on, my friend!

          • Well said.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I think YOU are more than a little spaced, Willy.

          • Old Emily, the Literal Liberal. ‘Replace’ was a victim of auto-complete … I can’t say the same thing for the ObamaCare web portal forms.

          • Now you understand why to just leave her alone.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Um, you just asserted that Gitmo is closed and Afghanistan is over, then Obama “said no more war to Israel” after trying and failing to launch a war in Syria.

            Then you criticized people for not keeping up.

            You need a mental health professional. Desperately.

          • My exact quote ‘and is shutting down Gitmo’

            Afghanistan is over, and troops are leaving, john. Obama stopped a war in Syria and made peace with Iran….leaving Bibi sputtering.

            Don’t play semantic games john g….you are on the wrong side of history and you know it.

          • “is shutting down Gitmo”. Which appears to be taking about as much time as it took to design and manufacture- which included designing and manufacturing dedicated one-off machine tools, using slide rules and drafting boards, I might add- the first flying YF12A, which became the SR71.
            Now which one of those two tasks might be considered more complex than the other/ Hmmm…

          • Gosh, he didn’t do it overnight? Hey, I’ll bet he can’t walk on water either.

          • Well, if it’s frozen water, he can.

            Its much better to skate, though. Faster, more fun, less likely to result in bumps and bruises.

          • So, are you proposing that we move everybody from Gitmo to an ice floe?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • So he didn’t shut Gitmo down over friggin’ night!? Girlie, he’s taken more friggin’ time to shut down Gitmo than it took to build the Hoover friggin’Dam! The friggin’ clown is no more shuttin’ down Gitmo than I’m building a particle accelerator in my garage!

        • Peace with Iran? That is the overstatement of the year. The “interim” deal guarantees no peace. If we were “at peace” with Iran, why do they continue to support and battle against our military interests in the greater mid east? Say what you want about our presence in various countries, but we are not in Syria and Iran has defiantly battled against our interests and the interests of the anti-Assad people. You will be justified in the whole peace statement if and when a permanent deal is brokered and that deal does not give them the capacity to develop nukes. Until then, they are no different than North Korea except for the fact they have been and will continue to be responsible for killing American citizens and soldiers.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • When was the last time we were at war with Iran? Answer that question and you will see how moronic your reply comes off to those of us who know something, even if only a little, regarding international affairs. 2 of the most concerned parties, israel and saudi arabia, were left out of the talks all together and are not bound by the “agreement”. Sooooo if they are determined to act in their own self interest to defend against external threats, that which is every nations right, what guarantee of peace are you so cheery about?The only talking I have heard is Iranian diplomats saying the U.S. diplomats are misrepresenting the terms of the agreement here at home. Now if there is no agreement on the terms of an agreement, is there an agreement? I haven’t had the pleasure of debating you here yet but I can see why many here hold you in low regards. You put little thought or effort in the defense of your ridiculous positions. Is that a symptom or a cause of such opions? Im curious.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • No need to google it. As we can all see, even you were aware and that is asking a lot. By “they” do you mean the people of iran? Last time I checked, there was nearly a popular uprising to overthrow the fascists running the country. It failed in part because it wasnt politically expedient for obama to support that revolution. He did however do so in Egypt and well we see what that led to. But back to iran. Why would a progressive brainwash such as yourself proudly defend a leadership that displays such intolerance for women, homosexuals and freedom of its people. Is that what “they” wanted when “they took” their country back? Nah, but see you progressives do share that in common with dictatorships. You seem to quite enjoy the idea of people having laws forced upon them. And to the 1st part of your comment, yes you do repeat yourself. Much like you repeat history by supporting political idealogies and notions that have proven unsuccessful and failed throughout history. You repeat yourself out of the natural trait of irrationality inherent in people like yourself. Not because what you say bares repeating. In fact, I have not read a single thing you have posted that is worth repeating. Your redundancy is simply filler for the lack of understanding that inhibits your ability to actually say something worth paying a shred of attention to.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Please point out any plots or conspiracies. I would be happy to explain why you are of course wrong. As for spelling errors, that hardly concerns me bc to this point, you have not refuted 1 thing I have written. While I know that is likely the result of your polluted progressive mind, I no less expect an attempt at intelligent debate. Too much to ask from you, I know. On the subject of stupid assumptions, please do elaborate as well as explain what that makes you for repeatedly addressing my post. If you respond with another assumption like your original, I will no longer be able to reply to you because put simply, im running out of the hope that you will actually challenge me on the topic we are supposed to be discussing. So far you are winning the name calling debate because you are the only one participating. I guess in short if you don’t come with something anybody on here can respect in so much as its an attempt to defend your position then sadly I am done with you. Spelling every word correctly in a statement that incoherent and dodging the debate you are obviously not doing well in only makes you look foolish. Something I assume you are quite use to by now. But for the sake of progressives that can and do stand up for their positions, please stop making us all respect them even less by posting another comment that embarrassea you and the brand

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Nah. I asked you to debate me while you were busy spewing nonsensical trash and you ignored that request so yours will not be granted. Adios is spanish for the same thing. I didn’t use it bc using the most common word in foreign language assuming it makes you intelligent, instead makes you look like an idiot. Im willing to bet you haven’t been able to refute what ive said is something else. Is your tongue tied up in the inevitable circular logic progressives entrap themselves in? Or the progressive paradox in reasoning born of undeveloped thought? I think neither. No, your empty skull is simply out of thoughts put their by somebody else and with no ability to think on your own, you’re opting out of debate. Maybe we can try this again when your penchant for speaking on such matters has improved. Until then, “ciao”. And this one is for real because your last response did include an assumption when I specifically challenged you not to do so. My confirmation of the baby pool depth of mind you possess makes you no longer worth my time. It was fun obliterating you for that brief moment you attempted to make a rational point. Thanks for that

          • Emily are you a real person? You seem to be a grotesque caricature of innocence.

          • If you’re ‘happily retired’ stay that way.

          • I’m a dual citizen living in the States. Try telling me to go home, kid.

          • Heh….here for the bennies eh?

          • When you pay $10,000 in annual property taxes, get back to us, kid.

          • LOL amazing how rich all you rightwingers claim to be….Illiterate, not very realistic…but rich.

            Yaw…shure byse.

          • Having a degree from Mount Allison set me on the path of success, kid.

          • LOL no it didn’t.

          • Your envy is noted. You couldn’t manage the application to my alma mater, much less the course work, kid.

          • LOL Yeah, it’s a biggie compared to Oxford.

            Isn’t there a hockey game on you can watch?

          • Are you Canadian? If so, and you’re unaware of the prestige of Mount Allison, you’re incredibly dense. 50 Rhodes Scholars from a university with a total enrollment of less than 2500 is quite a feat.
            As I said, you’re not only envious, you’re rather uneducated.


          • Only a brain dead fool laughs at the perennially ranked number one university in Canada.

          • It’s not, John. Not even close.

          • Who are you to decide which source is superior, girly?
            You’ve been owned again, DUmmy.

          • You’re just mad even Korea beat you. LOL

          • You’d think an alleged PhD would look at the methodology used in that analysis.
            Like I said, you aren’t smart enough for high school level academics.

          • Even Cow College in Alberta beat you. LOL

      • She’s having you on mate, don’t fall for it!

    • This is the same obama who lied repeatedly for years over the ACA, with documentation proving his administration knew about the lies since 2010. The same obama who failed to punish wall street for the 2008 crash (becasuse they are all his financial backers). The same obama who is a constitutional scholar who had to have vladamir putin save us from the Syria situation causing international embarassement. The same obama who for two years had a senate and house democrat majority and failed to pass anything except this failure of a healthcare bill which essentially just squeezes the middle and lower classes to pay insurance companies more corporate bailout. The same obama who gave the contract for his stupid site in a no contract bid to his wife’s college classmate. The same obama who is just playing politics with american lives to save his legacy from embarrassment at the expense of all americans. I think we’re talking about the wrong obama.

      • The same obama who has also never lifted a finger for LGBT rights except for in 2012 when he needed the votes for re election. The obama who promised a transparent presidency now expanding the NSA and prosecuting whistleblowers. The same obama whos direct policies have led to more unemployment and higher debt. You get my drift. I supported him as a delusional college studen like all the rest in 2008. Never again

        • Why are you replying to your own posts? Do you talk to yourself as well?

      • LOL Hey, if you’d have voted for Romney instead, you really shouldn’t admit that in public.

        • And now you advocate surpressing freedom of speech for voicing an opinion. You’re no different from the teabaggers. You spew different bullshit but at the core you are just as stupid.

          • LOL I was trying to save you some embarrassment…but if you want to be a bagger, a winger and a Repub go right ahead.

          • I am a former democrat dual citizen now registered as an independent voter. Just because I point out Obama’s failures which you can’t even dispute I’m a tea bagger? Your ignorance is an embarassment to Canada. Don’t have children.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I’m sorry do you mean stop making sense? I thought you were ready to talk to informed people. The hypocrisy you display is disheartening for the rest of the human race. But since you’re so sure I must be a teabagger simply because i dont approve of my presidents’ performance I’ll play my part.

            Go make me a sandwhich

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Oooh so he won his elections. Of course that means he can do no wrong! Bush won both his as well! I really hope you are in your sixties, dementia is the only excuse I’ll give you

          • This comment was deleted.

          • A landslide? 49 to 51 is a landslide?

          • Obama beat Romney for president in a landslide.

          • of course he won by landslide–people can’t see–thru— people–Obama has nothing–is a great orator–but knows nothing about the economy–it takes money to keep it going–& u don’t take from the-“-so called rich”–first they have 2 be defined–just like the poor–who decides–U ? me? the masses? the president? That’s a dumb way 2 run a country. it’s time he stepped up 2 the plate & created a way of getting the country going again—-pipelines are offered–more trade with other countries–instead of –always telling them how 2 live—we should stop doing their wars 4 them—they don’t want 2 learn–democracy. How about this—going into a country & assassinate the leader(good or evil)–is not the way 2 do it. There would be -el—-l 2 pay–when & if someone went into the states 2 assassinate Obama. these acts should be thought out more thourghrly. time 2 vote someone into power that knows economics–get the country back on track. mars

          • Actually it does matter and people do care. Since he is not up for re-election his party will pay for him by the people who do care. If people didn’t care, then maybe the left would be able to gin up enough support to avoid net losses across the board in congress next year. But they wont. There really isn’t anything the left can do to avoid whats coming. Trends in politics are a funny thing.

          • Too stupid to know that in presidential elections, a “landslide” is a minimum of 55%.

          • Obama won by a landslide….if you don’t like him, nobody cares.

            So did Harper. Does that mean you’ll stop posting about him now since nobody cares?

          • It’s sad that the Yaks have stolen the term ‘Republican” and made it mean something very different.

            I am a Republican in the sense that i favour a republic. I would like to see the monarchy disestablished.

            That said, I am NOT a conservative.

          • Your comment makes you look like what you are trying to describe.

        • Why? Polling shows buyer’s for Obama remorse and higher popularity for Romney now. Not hard to look up. Judging by the plummeting popularity of Obama, I think the opposite should be said. I don’t know why the question of hiring a professor or an experienced and accomplished leader was such a difficult one for you guys. Even in hindsight you are still unable to see why your decision was about as irrational as any other made in voting for a president.

          • Obama is president by a landslide….you’ll just have to live with that.

    • Not surprisingly, of all the PMOTUS things Emily is so happy for, none of them happened.

      • Mmmm….Romney tried ignoring reality too.

    • WHAT??? The economy is in permanent slowdown, GM wasn’t “saved” but bought off, with creditors’ claims ignored so unions could be paid off, Israel will go to war to assure its survival if and when necessary, Israel is still building in the West Bank, although not as much as Palestinians are building in Jewish lands, Gitmo is NOT being shut down — in fact, several prisoners have just sued to keep from being released and returned to their homelands! — and getting Obamacare passed is the WORST THING of all the horrible things that Obama has done, with the exception of refusing to sign a status-of-forces agreement in Iraq so that everything we won with blood and treasure during the war is being lost,
      EmilyOne, you must be out of your mind.

    • This is great, it really seems like you’re being serious!

    • Apparently, all the honest answers to the above get deleted. Perhaps this one won’t be.

      • It’s an auto-response…just the software.

    • Obama didn’t save GM. Many companies go bankrupt and come back a little leaner and ready to compete–not Gm which has transferred a lot of money and effort to China.(GM still owes tax payers billions of dollars) The deal with Iran;, are you really stupid? We got NOTHING and they get to keep building an atomic weapon to threaten the Middle East and eventually draw us into a global conflict. The wars ended int Afghanistan(do you realize that 70% of the casualties which have occurred in Afghanistan occurred under Obama) and he will pull out and the lives of the Americans who died there along with the lives in Iraq will be wasted. Both countries will evolve into terrorist posts from which to launch more attacks on the US. Gitmo is still going after 5 plus years and some of the prisoners don’t even want to leave. HE DIDN”T get Bin Laden the Navy seals did and he allowed most of the to be killed, their names given out to anyone in the world so they were shot down. Thanks nobama. Please crawl back into your hole. By the way You can keep your doctor, you can keep your health plan, there are no death panels–all lies and you must be anti-Semetic.

    • You’re delusional emilyone. Odumbass gave GM to the UAW on the backs of Amerikan taxpayers and by stealing the financial rights of the stock and bond holders. None of the structural problems at GM were fixed and when the propping up stoips GM will again start to fail. We are still fighting in Afghanistan and our casualties have risen under odumbass. Gitmo is open and is not getting shut down and odumbass is a thin-skinned humorless schmuck.

    • This was all said with very dry irony, I will assume.

      • She really is that stupid.

    • Yes!… those young souls who whole-heartedly embraced yet another “ponzi-schemed” entitlement that will have them not only indentured to Obama’s massive Federal Debts, but who now must also pay exorbitant premiums to cover everybody else in the “semantically flawed” Affordable Care Act – only to find that the cupboard will be bare when it is time for them to collect their pensions and/or require the HealthCare Benefits they subsidized on behalf of “the boomers”!

      Just as Obama promised everyone that: “… if you like your HealthCare Plan!… you can keep your plan – period!… No one is going to take away from you!”

      We can now all be assured that!… We can all have our cake… and eat it too!

      • Ahh yes, a healthcare plan is Armageddon I’m sure.

        The US has finally joined all other advanced western countries instead of being the po’boy in the group.

        PS….actually you can ‘have your cake and eat it too’ Did you think it was a trick question all these years?

    • Really? You mean all that? You must be kidding yourself.

    • LOL!

    • What world do you live in????

      • I’m on earth, but I figure you live in a world of your own.

    • destroyed the economy, created the largest debt in the history of debt, harassed opposition through gov’t agencies and purged the military brass that will weaken the U.S. Military for years to come. Hope there are no new wars…

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Now I thought the other post(s) you made were a bit wacky, but to pull the racist card as your only come back, well you be nutty girl…bye bye

    • Ended the war in Afghanistan, you say?

      Operation Enduring Freedom, Coalition Fatalities due to Hostile Action
      in Afghanistan, September 2001 – January 2005 (First Bush Administration): 85

      Operation Enduring Freedom, Coalition Fatalities due to Hostile Action
      in Afghanistan, February 2005 – January 2009 (Second Bush Administration): 670

      Operation Enduring Freedom, Coalition Fatalities due to Hostile Action in Afghanistan, February 2009 – January 2013 (First Obama Administration): 1,879

      Operation Enduring Freedom, Coalition Fatalities due to Hostile Action in Afghanistan, February 2013 – Present (Second Obama Administration): 104

      Average Number of Hostile-Caused Coalition Fatalities in Afghanistan per November, first six years of war (2001-2006): 4.

      Number of Hostile-Caused Caused Fatalities in Afghanistan, November 2013: 4

      Source: ,

      So, Obama has not merely killed more than twice as many of his own people fighting the war in Afghanistan as Bush did, he’s managed to rack up that body count to no actual end; the last ten months have been bloodier for Western forces than the entirety of Bush’s first term was, and the war was still going on at least through the month that ended yesterday.

      That is, indeed, a success to rank with Obama’s passing Obamacare and shutting down Gitmo.

      • If you don’t like Obama, don’t vote for him….but let’s stop being silly about it eh?

        • “We” can stop being silly about it as soon as you stop being silly about it. In the face of 104 American body bags filled by the actions of the Taliban in Afghanistan the last ten months, I’m not the one pretending there isn’t a war. Nor am I the one suggesting, on a Canadian site, that people simply “don’t vote” for a term-limited American President.

          • Since you know very well Obama inherited that mess from Bush…..along with a lot of other stuff…..then you know Obama is drawing down and leaving.

            If you’re dumb enough to buy Repub/teaparty hokum….you’re dumb enough not to vote for Obama again. LOL

          • seems the stupid one is you.

            Obama can NEVER run for President again. Never as in our Constitution will not allow it and he can never get 2/3’s of Congress to agree to change it for him.

          • We all know how your system works….better than Americans do in fact.

            It’s like saying ….if you don’t agree with gay marriage, don’t marry a gay. Or if you don’t like abortion….don’t have one.

            I always forget rightwingers have no sense of humour.

          • Well whatever mess Obama inherited, the next president will inherit a mess twice as large.

        • If you don’t like Obama, don’t vote for him….but let’s stop being silly about it eh?

          10,000 nonsense posts against Harper and counting.

    • EmilyOne you are quite the agitprop spreader.

      Allow a politician to discount you.

      1) GM was not saved, it was broken up and beat down, and the Unions were given huge chunks of other peoples money to make it work for a while. A government watchdog said the U.S. could lose nearly $10 billion on the $49.5 billion TARP loan it made to General Motors (GM)

      2) Bin Ladin was done by Navy SEAL’s and is not an Obama success so much as a “we will get you eventually” success.

      3) No more wars to Israel? You sure must be drinking the koolaid. Israel has bent over backwards to be nice. Daily missile strikes upon them is what they got. In one famous case they built greenhouses on land that was being turned over to the Palestines, filled with a wide variety of flowers and was intended as a means to provide jobs to Palestinians. They (the Palestinians) destroyed it. Also look up “Pallywood” for evidence the Palestines rig everything they can.

      4) Iraq and Afghanistan… Both faltering badly, Obama left cooks, technicians, and mechanics in Iraq but he got to make the headline “no more combat troops in Iraq!!!!!”. More casualties in 5 years in Afghanistan under Obama than in 7 years under Bush. Bush had them in the retreat, all Obama can do is let a General die in the field, lose some seriously important aircraft in a brazen Taliban attack, and act like all is well there.

      5) GITMO.. did he not make an executive order it was to be shut down in the first year and did he not assign an “important person” to do this job? Oh yeah, failed big time there also.

      6) Israel houses are still being built in Israeli lands. That the Palestinians will not acknowledge Israels right to exist and that they claim 100% of the Israeli lands means your own statement is wrong if told to a Palestinian and to an Israeli, but for different reasons.

      7) Saving the biggest for last… the economy. With a record number of Americans needing food assistance your claim already takes harm. With a record number not even looking for work anymore your claim is now bleeding severely. With such a high official unemployment you now need a tourniquet on that claim. With a dramatic increase in part time jobs versus full time jobs you now need to amputate. With a drop in real wage levels you now need to bury the whole idea. And then he also has issues with needing to print tens of billions of dollars per a month to keep unemployment from spiking. Time to declare the whole regional idea as a hazard to life and abandon it.

      He did not do anything with grace, he has used power as much as he can, and never even once tried to negotiate on faith. In fact he told us to sit at the back of the bus, he has passed more laws in on purely partisan voting than anyone since Carter (probably more so than Carter).

      Under his watch the filibuster was destroyed, and under his watch relations with other nations around the world are plummeting to all time lows. Under his watch freedoms are down (NSA Spying, EPA Rules, and forced to purchase something many do not need for example), and the Debt it up up up. Under his watch the Queen of England was given an iPod for a gift and a gift from Winston Churchill thanking the United States for saving them in World War II was shipped back in a crate.

      Under his leadership the Democrat Party dies. Under his leadership the Tea Party came to being. Under his leadership you are delusional.

      • Like I’ve said to other wingnuts….if you don’t like him, don’t vote for him.

        However don’t spread rubbish about him either.

        • You duck to insults instead of countering my charges. Aka the Sith force is weak in you.

          And you did spread rubbish about him, after all a definition of rubbish is lies. I completely destroyed your lies. You are weak and incapable.

          • Misogynists are closeted gays, hon.

            Turn on the light and open the door.

        • Like I’ve said to other wingnuts….if you don’t like him, don’t vote for him. However don’t spread rubbish about him either.

          10,000 nonsense posts against Harper and counting.

    • GM moved to China. The economy is still on the verge of a depression, sat on his duff while real men and women did the heavy lifting to kill Osama, did nothing in the MIddle East except show that the US was not brave enough to take a stand, any stand. They are still expanding Israel into part of the refugee camps. Lied to the US electorate.Got Obamacare passed. Lied to the US electorate again. Had his friends build the interface, that goes no where. Presided over the changes to the Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan that resulted in more US deaths than the previous president, IS STILL IN AFGHANISTAN. and HAS NOT SHUT DOWN GITMO.
      Em, you are almost there, you can see the acts, but not the consequences. sorry. And he did so refusing to ever act presidential, to ever compromise, to ever engage the 2 other branches of the US electoral system. He is obstinate, vindictive ( see how people who disagree with him get treated) When he needed to hear hard truths he surrounded himself with yes people. He is seen as weak, incompetent and pathetic around the world, and this is in a world where Putin is not laughed off the stage, and where Mugabe is head ofa UN committee.

      • facts only confuse the medias message. but good comment…

    • Obama lost money on GM. The economy has shed eight million jobs and the stock market has risen because of quantitative easing which has steadily eroded the life’s savings of much of the middle class, on the other hand the rich have become richer. American troops were pulled out of Iraq on Bush’s schedule but with no stabilization plan in place after the pullout. Afghanistan is a mess with over five thousand dead, most on Obama’s watch, and will surely return to a barbarian state after the withdrawal. Gitmo is still open. But as a failsafe you can still blame Bush as Obama has frequently done. Class and grace? From this administration? You should get a job as a comedian. This administration has belittled and ridiculed every opposing opinion with or without merit.

    • The U.S. economy is still in the tank with more people than ever on food stamps, allowed iran to continue uranium enrichment, benghazi, NSA spying, IRS targeting, millions losing health insurance, gitmo is still open, afghanistan just reinstated stoning as punishment for adultery, real unemployment at all time highs, billions lost in poor investment(solyndra ect.) I would not say this is a record that anyone should be proud of.

  3. If Obama goes down as a failure


    will our millennials think twice about casting a
    feel-good vote for an unknown quantity who fast-forwarded past the usual
    leadership training?

    Bingo. You just answered the question asked at the beginning of this article…why is the Obamacare debacle, and every other major Obama scandal (we’re up to about 5 impeachable scandals now if anyone’s keeping count) being ignored by the Canadian media.

    • Boomer women put Obummer where he is, millennials have tuned out, Gen-X has resigned themselves to being screwed.

      • Yeah, it’s Armageddon….head for the bunker.

      • Rather than resigning, I’d say we should give them more credi to learn from their mistakes: maybe they’re re-evaluating who to vote for in the next election.

        • For sure. It’ll have to be Hilary since Barack will have 8 years in office and, as you should know, can’t run until another term has passed. Then, if he wants to, he can be Pres. again.

          • Wrong. It’s two full terms, period.
            22nd Amendment:
            “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice,…”

  4. Perhaps a bit unfair to ask you to carry the entire load that the Canadian media has been burying, but you could have gone a bit more into what the actual failures of Obamacare are.

    How many readers of this website know that 5 million Americans have lost their health insurance already? And that hundreds of millions more will under their employer plans? “If you like your plan you can keep it” will go down as one of the biggest political lies in history. Never mind the economic aspect of it…how employers are cutting staff and reducing hours of full time employees to under 30 hours per week so that they are not required to enroll those employees in Obamacare.

    How many know that stage 4 cancer patients are losing their doctors because of Obamacare?

    You certainly didn’t learn any of that watching the National.

    • This is my second print column about Obamacare. The first one doesn’t seem to have made it to the Web.

      • Your magazine has a US bureau, at least in theory right? Why is this your job?

    • You’d have to be happy if only 1% were negatively affected.UNLESS of course you were a Conservative/Rep. Question: What are you doing to help fix the little problems except add some more negative attitude???????

      • Yeah john g, why have you not fixed Obama`s screw-ups ?

      • Question: What are you doing to help fix the little problems except add some more negative attitude???????


      • Cancer victims losing coverage is a little problem? 5 million people losing their policies and unable to afford the replacement policies is a little problem? That the online exchange is not working, and it’s been 2 months now that it’s not working, that’s a little problem? Are you insane?

        The truth is, the problems can be fixed if Obamacare is repealed. That’s what I’m doing to fix the problems: I’m advocating the obvious solution.

      • Where do you get your 1% figure mr. occupy? Making general claims and not backing them up is not a good argument. There are facts you cannot and will not avoid. Things like doctor limitation for those forced onto medicare, individual, small, medium and large business insurance cancellations, higher costs for the young demographic and many in the middle class who are not eligible for kickbacks paid for their fellow Americans. The class warfare thing is a very tired argument. It was important for Obama to get reelected but please don’t apply it to Obamacare. It makes you look like a moron.

        • Why are you asking me the easy questions? I’m sorry but it’s actually not 1% but less than 2%. Listen carefully now. You said ‘5 million people’. Just take the population ‘total’, divide it into 5 million and multiply by 100. Voila, less than 2%. Only a couple of months to test drive this big accomplishment of Obama’s, it would seem pretty reasonable for a lot of people to be happy about a few bugs in the system. If you have such a great concern, get to work and help make it work better instead of being so negative like the losers are.

  5. “Am I wrong to detect resemblances with the Liberals’ Justin Trudeau victory plan?”

    As far as the team-building, you’re certainly right, though no one’s going to confuse a politician with the last name “Trudeau” with a blank slate. That name is going to override everything else in the victory plan, whether for good or ill.

    He could assemble the Justice League and not many people would notice.

  6. Cosh seems to have hit on some delicious irony when he rightly says that it has taken a media and socialist darling like Obama to prove that Reagan was right.
    It`s true. Just like children seldom learn life`s lessons when they are told, rather then experience what they should do, so it is with many citizens who will learn the hard way that the disaster of an inexperienced and foolish leader like an Obama, or a David Miller in Toronto or a Breathless Trudeau make them overlook even enormous flaws in the character of those who would govern with competency.

    There`s a transformation happening. People are learning the hard way that good governing is about accomplishing, not just sweet whispering and nice hair.

    • Jealousy will get you nowhere. When Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister, we will see that “Hope is stronger then fear”. Come on 2015.

      • Is that a gun you`re holding or are you just glad Kenny ?
        Or more likely a shovel to clean up after yourself.

      • BS baffles brains.

    • Indded. universal healthcare has been a failure in every country it has ever been tried and problems with the US website are further proof of this.

  7. Obama will go down in history as an apex illustration of why the middle class increasingly distrusts “progressives”, liberals, big media, and government in general.
    Guys like Obama routinely lie with impunity, enabled by a compliant media class. Progressives and liberals support his kind of big government agenda, and then blame us when these schemes fail, or at least fail to deliver. You literally can’t go a day now, without seeing some news story about some government initiative that’s based on the ridiculous premise that because the nanny state exists, we must expand the reach and scope of the nanny state in order to protect the nanny state (see: the war on tobacco, govt. initiatives against trans fats, govt. initiatives against dietary sodium, etc. etc. etc,).
    Sorry, but I wasn’t born into an English speaking country for the sole purpose of having my rights stolen from me one thin slice at a time by an out of control regulatory class.
    If you really want to put the failure of Obama- a man with less real world experience (he’s never had an actual JOB, people!) than most high schoolers, think about this: The ACA website took longer to create than it took for America to enter WWII, mobilize, and defeat the Axis. And the website doesn’t work.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • “Bush lied, people died.” Right. And if you were semi-literate and modestly well-informed you would be wholly aware that the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese, the British, the French, the friggin’ Nicaraguans, and especially Saddam Hussein himself ALL thought Iraq had a functioning nuclear weapons program. That he actually had no nukes speaks far more loudly about the inherent corruption that cripples most Muslim countries like a three-legged camel than it does about the actual success of the West in keeping ol’ Saddam from getting his grubby fingers on the kryton trigger.
        As an added bonus, you will kindly remember that while the UN dithered, the US and Israel were reminding all those who would listen that Iraq’s chemical weapons were being shipped across the border for safe storage in- bada bing! bada boom!- Syria. Bonus points if you can grasp the recent significance of that.

        • This comment was deleted.

          • See above, Emily.

            He sent the weapons out of the country so that the rest of the world wouldn’t know that he actually had WMD’s. Capiche?

            Where do you think Syria got their poisonous gas? From the lines of trucks that lined the road from Iraq to Syria caught on surveillance….the fact that so many progs made fun of. Tell that to the civilians being gassed at this very moment in Syria.

          • After all the years he bragged about having WMD….he sent them out of the country so no one would know about them?

            Syria bought the poison gas from the USSR years ago

            Hey, ever heard of the Gulf of Tonkin lie? I’ll bet you even saw Colin Powells photos at the UN eh?

        • So did the Democrats back in 1998. Boosh took office Jan 2001. Some of them still are in office and/or governmment.


          And, Gore……..well he was besides himself on the issue:
          ttps:// and wmds

    • You accidentally added the word because in your post :)

    • This comment was deleted.

      • They didn’t win WWII singlehandedly. No one has ever implied that they did, myself included. But, without American involvement, Germany would have been able to sue for peace with Britain under terms largely dictated by Germany, the consequences of which we’ll never know beyond the fact that the last 70 years would have been far darker times.
        On that basis, my statement is factually correct. It is also worth noting that the Pacific Theater of Operations, 1941-1945, while ostensibly an Allied Powers effort, roughly 90% of ther men and materials dedicated to defeating Japan was American, and the Manhattan Project was solely American. Again, this makes my statement quite factually correct, although you are free to provide us with any information that discredits my statement.

      • I will contend that if the United States was not there, Germany would have won. I will also contend if Russia had fallen but the United States was all in, Germany would have fallen. I also contend the same for England, the French Resistance, and any/all other nations.

        Thing is the United States provided the materials England and Russia needed. Ships, aircraft, tanks, jeeps, armored vehicles, rifles, timber, training, ammunition, and more.

        The amounts boggle the mind. We were out producing the rest of the world COMBINED in equipment.

        Technology wise we were first to the Atom Bomb (Though the Germans were first to Atomic Power), we were masters of Radar at the end, our code breaking was superior (as was our code making, aka a certain band of Indians using code), it was our logistics that foiled Germany so much (and Japan). Our aircraft carriers were superior and our submarines were terrors to the Japanese.

        The Germans were the only competitor really with their tech, but with Hitler being so unstable (ordering a jet fighter to be a bomber instead…) it was a forgone conclusion that the allies would win so long as they got their foothold in mainland Europe.

        The only thing we did not have was rubber, so we created synthetics! Ha!

        Russia on it’s own would have suffered a hundred million more casualties if they had that much available trying to stop Hitler. It would have been useless. Instead American tanks and Armored vehicles were used extensively by the Russians in their theatre, especially our aircraft however as Russia had lost damn near 100% of their air force in the opening stage. American oil fueled those tanks, and American ammunition was fired by them. The Russians did field some of their own tanks, and had the most impressive one of the war… Based off of US Technology and built with US Steel.

        Against American units neither the Japanese nor the Germans (and especially not the Italians) had good loss ratio’s except when they fortressed up. Defensive wars are losing wars and if you are only on the defense you are losing.

        Even when they had superior numbers, position, and supplies (battle of the bulge) they could not make it happen.

        • As usual we have an American that sees the wars as the only valuable participant and believes too many Hollywood movies – It boggles my mind that this little man who had nothing to do with the war can put down great men like my uncle who died for freedom in the world – long before America and its bleeding hearts finally decided that maybe they should get involved. America has only won a few wars on its own – That war was won by the allies – END OF STORY

        • Those who constantly suggest the US ‘won WW2’ not only shame themselves but dishonor both their own fallen in that war along with those of every other nation. Britain was the only nation left fighting at one point; if it wasn’t for Britain the war would have been over before the first official US serviceman had a chance to cross the Atlantic. The sacrifices that the men of the USA made in Europe don’t get forgotten over here, and those legions of dead know damn well they were only part of the victory. Britain could not have won alone, only Russia could have done it because they would simply have thrown millions upon millions of people at Germany until they rolled over the whole of Europe. What Britain, America, and all the other Allied nations actually achieved was the prevention of Communism spreading from Russia right to the Atlantic. Because by marching into Germany from the west no one should have any doubt that this was the only thing that prevented Russia rolling over the whole continent.

        • America – Came into the war late – The country was full of pacifists – They actually did this in both wars – The country has never had the guts for war and has shown it time after time – Other than the Civil War and the War of Independence am really having a hard time coming up with a war that America actually won by its self – There must be more than those right??? –

  8. Unfortunately, his largest failure here is attempting to be exactly what he said he would be.. a President striving for more cooperation between the two sides.

    That attempt cost him the Obamacare plan that was actually decent, and replaced it with the obamination of a windfall for private insurers that the current plan is.

    And got him absolutely nowhere with the Tea Party rethuglicans anyway.

    • Democrats were in charge of both houses for first two years of Obama’s presidency and they could have passed any bill they liked. Obama has not tried to bargain with republicans, he calls them terrorists and has their orgs investigated by irs. That Obama was able to find common ground with mad mullahs in Iran but could not bargain with other Americans says much about the President.

      • That mad mullahs in Iran were more reasonable than Tea Party members in congress says much more about them.

        • Your comparison is faulty. There is 0 indication Iran has any intention of stopping nuke development. The only thing that was accomplished was avoiding an Israeli attack in the next 6 months. Your assumption that Iran has agreed to do stop it’s weapons program ignores the fact, historically supported, that countries do not stop pursuit of WMD’s because others ask them to. In fact, their pursuit is generally based on the need to survive as country and words on paper do not change that

    • I missed the part where unleashing the IRS on your political enemies counts as “striving for cooperation”.

      Oh, and by the way, those “enemies” include the aforementioned cancer patients who have lost their doctors and are speaking out against Obamacare because of it. Like this guy

      Nice President they’ve got down there.

      • Or having the NSA snoop on 2/3 of the planet.

        • There’s a lot of bleeding hearts around. All I can say is, go on and bleed, but it is more important to keep law and order in this society than to be worried about weak-kneed people.

          Yes, I think the society must take every means at its disposal to defend itself against the emergence of a parallel power which defies the elected power in this country and I think that goes to any distance. So long as there is a power in here which is challenging the elected representative of the people I think that power must be stopped and I think it’s only, I repeat, weak-kneed bleeding hearts who are afraid to take these measures.

          • You better hope it’s the weak-kneed Lefties, because if any of us actually wake up, there will be blood. Not just from hearts.

          • Come at me, bro.

          • Not yer bro, but, keep nibbling that nightstick. The first to go are the collaborators.

          • Just watch me.

          • OK, Pierre. i won’t watch too closely, as I suspect you are another impotent bootlicker.
            Start nothing, finish everything. Words to live by.

          • Well, Trudeau DID finish the October Crisis, didn’t he?

          • When was that?

          • Oh christ. Do you know any thing at all about this country?

      • Then perhaps you should have been paying attention during his first term.

        • I have been. Since day 1. Probably more than any other regular commenter here. Yet to see a single example of attempted cooperation

          • Really? Then explain why it’s taken so long for Obamacare to get passed at all? He had the capability in his first term to just ram through anything he wanted. He didn’t because so much time was spent (futilely) attempting to come up with something palatable to both sides.

          • He did ram it through. The entire law was written behind closed doors by Democrats. Then of course, since it had no bipartisan input, he needed to ram it through with reconciliation after the voters elected Scott Brown to stop him. He rammed it down the throats of the voters. The only reason the law exists is because he rammed it down the throats of Republicans, voters, everyone. The law has always, since day one, been opposed by the majority of citizens, by a wide margin.

          • Wrong. He needed to come up with something palatable enough to get enough votes on the left. You do remember all of the special deals? I believe at least 3. These were negotiations with democrats that succeeded in buying their votes. Without them, even the current law would not have passed. It had ) to do with republicans because they never needed republicans in the first place. This is also why the left was totally wiped out in 2010. Don’t worry though. There is a really good chance that the only obstruction occurring in the final 2 years will be from Obama. I wonder what your thoughts will be when he vetos every bill coming out of congress. I bet you’ll favor it, no I know you will.

          • Lois Lerner? 501c4…ring a bell?

      • That didn’t actually happen. The IRS wasn’t “unleashed” on anyone.

        • I’m glad to see that you’ve recovered from that nine-month-long coma you were in! Would you like some newspapers so you can catch up on what happened while you were unconscious?

          • Obviously you haven’t paid attention to the whole story and why it has been dropped completely. It was a phony scandal ginned up by Issa. When the full story came out he suddenly dropped it.

          • Enjoy your talking points.

          • Enjoy nothing ever coming from a phony scandal.

        • Please wake up, quit reading liberal rags, or whatever is wrong with you.

          “Nov 27, 2013 6:00am
          Months after the Internal Revenue Service acknowledged that it had singled out for extra scrutiny conservative and Tea Party groups
          seeking tax exempt status, the agency Tuesday proposed regulations that
          would clarify some of the rules for those tax-exempt groups…

          …Earlier this year, the IRS admitted that it had inappropriately
          scrutinized the Tea Party and other conservative groups that were applying for tax-exempt status, sometimes delaying their applications for many months.”



          “Noonan: A Bombshell in the IRS Scandal
          No, it wasn’t confined to a few rogue workers in Cincinnati

          By Peggy Noonan
          Updated July 19, 2013 6:56 p.m. ET
          The IRS scandal was connected this week not just to the Washington office—that had been established—but to the office of the chief counsel.

          That is a bombshell—such a big one that it managed to emerge in spite of an unfocused, frequently off-point congressional hearing in which some members seemed to have accidentally woken up in the middle of a committee room, some seemed unaware of the implications of what their investigators had uncovered, one pretended that the investigation should end if IRS workers couldn’t say the…”


    • The idea the Barack “I won” Obama has been a model of compromise is hilarious. The GOP was shut out of the process at every level, and yet still you blame the Republican Party for this disaster written and entirely voted for by Democrats. I imagine Obama could kill a kitten live on national television and you’d find some way to insist that it was the Tea Party’s fault.

  9. Canada’s msm can’t walk and chew gum at same time apparently, more than two stories at a time is too much for the poor dears. Canadian journos can’t stir themselves to write about public policy in Canada, why should msm pay attention to American policy?

    I assumed this article was going to be about how a Canadian firm, CGI, is one of main designers of Obama’s malfunctioning website. I wonder how panicky CGI execs in Montreal are getting?

    I hadn’t thought of parallels between lightweights Obama and Trudeau but I reckon Trudeau is even more ignorant than Obama because Obama at least went to a top university and graduated with a proper degree while our Dauphin “studied” french lit.

  10. President Obama has not failed.

    He has done more to advance GLBT civil rights and end homophobic bigotry than any US President.

    He has managed to disarm Iran without resorting to war.

    He has ended the War in Iraq.

    He has ended pre-existing condition exclusions from health care insurance in the US, expanded Medicaid coverage and coverage of young persons.

    While racism is still very much a problem in America (Canada too btw), the general population has a far more inclusive attitude than it did 5 years ago.

    He has promoted more women into leadership positions such as the Supreme Court than any previous US President.

    Crime statistics in the US are at the lowest levels now than they have been in 50 years.

    Employment is significantly higher than it was when he took office.

    On the whole, Barack Obama has been phenomenally successful. The quality of life for US citizens is far better now than it was under the previous regime.

    Now, I’d argue that he has been far too moderate in some respects. I think he could have advanced the ball on GLBT civil rights back in 2008 when he had a clear majority in both houses. Instead of implementing Romneycare at a national level, Medicare should have been extended to all US citizens. He should not have resisted the Court decisions to allow the ‘morning after’ pill to be readily accessible over the counter to anyone. He definitely should not have allowed Congress to write the health care law, nor should he have relied on independent contractors to design the website. In fact, he should end the use of independent contractors altogether, and handle all government projects and services in-house with directly hired staff. He could stimulate the economy with a modern-day version of the Works Progress Administration. He should have pushed Congress to pass the EFCA.

    That said, it strikes me as counter-factual to propose that Obama has in any way failed.

    • Do you even live in america? Maybe if you take one full time job at forty hours a week and split it into two part time jobs you could consider that kob creation

      • Why yes. Specifically, I live in North America.

        Maybe you shoudl study geography.

        • My question as to whether or not you lived in the United States was worded incorrectly. Sorry. My inference that you most likely reside in Canada, and that you indeed are NOT in the United States and thus far removed from the reality of citizens who actually reside there. My knowledge of geography (while accurate) has nothing to do with how your statements completely lack context or facts

          • Canada IS in America. Do you know where the Americas are located on a map?

          • And thus, my original question was worded incorrectly as stated above. Can you even read? It doesn’t even matter. You’re just deflecting my attempt at discussion with useless fallacies.

          • Its not really a discussion when you refuse to listen to the counter-argument, is it?

            No, you’re not trying to discuss anything. You’re just trying to abuse anyone who disagrees with you.

            I refuse to be your punching bag, and this upsets you. Well, too bad.

          • Perhaps you need to distinguish between North America and the United States of America – You do know that they are not the same thing – Right? – And NO – Canada is not part of the United States of America – Thank Christ!

          • Well, she never did ask me if I lived int he United States, did she?

            Then again, if she’d had, there would have been some confusion still, since there are two countries in North America known as the United States.

            One ends with “of America”, and the other with “of Mexico”.

          • Learn to speak English.

          • You can’t be serious.

    • >He has managed to disarm Iran without resorting to war.

      Jury’s still out on that one, and will be for at least the next couple of decades.

      >He has ended the War in Iraq.

      There is still a war in Iraq; he just chose to leave prematurely without cementing the hard-won gains. At any rate, no-one was going to stay there forever.

      >He has ended pre-existing condition exclusions from health care
      insurance in the US, expanded Medicaid coverage and coverage of young

      Health insurance coverage health care. A lot of people don’t quite understand that and haven’t thought through what is likely to happen as a consequence of the “incentives” of the ACA.

      >He has promoted more women into leadership positions such as the Supreme Court than any previous US President.

      Actually, he has been attacked for being less “diverse” in several aspects of “diversity” than Bush.

      >Crime statistics in the US are at the lowest levels now than they have been in 50 years.

      Yes, and every government spends more than the one before it. Being the current office holder doesn’t grant credit for trends which are nearly monotonically increasing or decreasing.

    • You appear to be living in a dream world. Wake up.

    • I struggle between delusion an satire – The “He should not have allowed Congress to write the health care law” has me currently leaning towards satire – as its difficult to perceive someone so delusional as to believe the President has the right or authority (other than veto) to moderate what laws congress presents.

  11. I’m all for free speech, but I will say I’m surprised Maclean’s hasn’t blocked EmilyOne from posting. She’s the trolliest troll in all of the internet, and completely bogs down any attempt at productive and rational discussion of the articles on this site.

    • If you adjust your Disqus filters to “Block delusional, post-menopausal, entitled sociopaths,” only about 10% of her stuff gets through. Still too much, but…

    • Oh, lighten up on the old gal. Yes, she’s a troll. So am I. So what?

      The only real way to control what people say on the internet is to break their anonymity. If you had a system which required posters to give the chat server their real identity (say, by having them scan a copy of their passport and send it in to receive login approval), then you could list a poster’s real name next tot heir posts. In which case, nobody would post anything provocative. Everyone would become worried about their employer or family or friends seeing what they’ve posted, and thus the only things anyone would ever say would be about as devoid of content as a corporate slogan.

      Try anything else, and you will have trolls.

      Ask me to register my email address? I can make a new one in 10 seconds that doesn’t link to any real identifiers. My IP? I can use a proxy server. My Facebook account? I’ll create a fake FB acct with a fake name.

      So how do you expect Maclean’s to block her? Or me? Or any other troll?

      Listen, she does on occasion make a good point. She resorts to hyperbole more than I care for, and she’s a condescending prick. She’s also disgustingly homophobic. I’ll grant you that. When I look past all those flaws, I have to say that about half the time she’s substantively correct.

      • I have always posted under my real identity and still do. And no matter what I say here on these comment boards, it is always treated with disrespect by most of the regulars.

        That will never change. People are afraid to use their real name and most of those afraid people are afraid of people who do use their real names.

        • Right, but there’s no way to verify your claims. i could, for example , use the screen name “Renee Levesque”. And how could you know if that was indeed my real name or not?

  12. A good take on things. Luckily for us, there were many who foresaw this beforehand and warned us, such as Ron Paul. Maybe it’s time to listen to those who got it right the first time and didn’t force us to squander time and resources learning the hard way.

    • Ron Paul is senile

    • Crazy Uncle Liberty should never be listened to.

  13. Am I the only one on here who thinks the failure was due to the name. “Obamacare”
    So lame

  14. Shoulda been “Mericaid”

    • Then 10,000 fat guys on Gold Wings would show up.

      • Oh, you mean the Tea Party?

        • You obviously do not ride a motorcycle.

  15. I have to say, I’m kind of surprised at some of the commenters here. One, who questions whether Canada is in the Americas.So glad to see US schools are teaching geography these days. Another who can’t recognize Pierre Trudeau’s most famous interview during the October Crisis.

    These were both Shibboleths. You logged into a Canadian website and declared yourself authorities on a country you know nothing about. This is why everyone thinks you’re dumb.

    It kind of reminds me of a Rock Mercer piece where he asks various Americans about Canada. Some identified Celine Dion as the President of Canada and the capital as Toronto.

    Yep, I can see how George Bush got elected twice, now.

    • Err.. Rick Mercer, sorry. Typo :)

      • Your typo should be the least of your concerns. Arrogant prick.

    • Public schools are a progressive institution and run by progressives in America. Expecting good education to come of that scenario is wishful thinking. People can think Americans are stupid all they want, but owe much of whatever their prosperity and quality of life in the modern world is to us. If I were to go to Canada man-on-the-street-style with a mic, I would find imbeciles to be in abundance. This would also be the case in every other country as well. The fact that our culture, pop or not, is paid more attention than any other nation in history, results in opinions abound. For example, the foundation of your opinion was ignorantly based on a 2 person sample . You then extrapolated it out to speak for the rest of the world, I assume because you are such a smart Canadian you feel you can do that. Then you generalized it and applied it to broader society. By your ignorant logic, I am going to assume that all Canadians are as ignorant as you and as a caveat, posit that the rest of the world agrees with my view….

      Can’t stand dip-shits (thinking) they are too smart for their own good.

    • Canadians like to refer to “North America” as if it only included Canada and the U.S. while forgetting that Mexico is also part of North America.

  16. Put down the smart phone and get some sleep, Colby.

  17. Of some small note, if the US system collapses or radically changed, what will happen to Canadian patients who the provincial healthcare systems shunts southwards as a relief valve to the failures of centrally planned socialized healthcare?

    • Hurry up & wait.

    • There is always India.

  18. I think Obama has been a very successful president in the pragmatist-liberal mold (the kind of liberal who sees, or claims to see all options as legitimate), especially given the circumstances in the other branches and in state legislatures. I’m not sold on Cosh’s notion that all of this could immensely influence the course of healthcare policy in Canada. But the last graph on Trudeau rings true, and hopefully Trudeau is reading this. If Obama’s narrative is undermined by this implementation debacle, Trudeau could directly suffer, to the benefit of Harper’s bland-steady-subtle approach.

  19. What a complete load of rubbish – If this is the type of journalist that McLean’s now uses I am shocked. Mind you Harper has verbally stated that he would like to see major changes to Canada’s Health Care – But then he wants us to become essentially American

  20. Don’t forget the medical device tax that is part of Obama care. I just spent 2 months in hospital and most everything there was made in the USA. Looks like Harper’s Euro free trade project may save our bacon and give us a new medical device supplier.

  21. Hey Colby;

    Folks in the States may have second thoughts about big government and I hope it is long lasting. But, I suspect it will only last until the next snake-oil salesman dressed as a Democrat, usually but not always, comes along to give them more “free stuff” in exchange for their vote. Only, if the price for the “free stuff” is made transparent and immediate will this have a lasting effect but as long as the US can print money and borrow it won’t have a lasting effect.

    It appears the Justin Truedope’s team is importing the rhetoric and perhaps as Brandon-Souris results show the methods of Team BarriOH. And, of course, an adoring Lame Stream Media in Canada is happy to cheer for Team Truedope as their counterparts have in the USA.

    All that said, we can only hope you are right, that BarriOh’s failure will cause some pause here. We do have a different system and Election campaigns do count.

    Anti Truedope

  22. There is nothing wrong with the Canadian health system because the Canadian government was honest about what it was. Canada was sold a national health care system that was going to be a socialist health care system where everyone was in, subsidizing others in the health pool, new taxes would be implemented and increased because universal care costs more money, and finally, the government would step in and limit care if medical costs got too expensive. Canadians were sold a social contract of 100% health insurance coverage and they would pay for it.

    What we got in the States was l-y-i-n-g dishonesty. We were told we would get a “free market” system that wouldn’t affect the 85% of the people currently insured, everyone would be “in the system” but it would significantly reduced the costs for all, keep you doctor and hospital for cheaper and better, and finally there would be no government limitations or death panels. In short… the Democrats and Obama repeatedly and openly l-i-e-d for the last four years. And… the Democrat and Obama all knew they would l-i-e from day one. No mistakes. No differences of opinion. L-i-e-s. Americans were sold a government power grab by DC based on l-i-e-s.

    Big difference.

  23. the answer to your question is no. President Obama – contrary to your premise – is still highly regarded amongst liberals and independents. The health care system in the U.S. is a mess. The one health care system that does work is Medicare. Interesting, no? So clearly that small government conservatism isn’t all its cracked up to be. This President sees healthcare as a moral imperative. Much the way Tommy Douglas saw it. His opening salvo is Obamacare. He would really prefer single payer (Canadian-like) healthcare. But it just isn’t possible – yet. This is phase one. So lets not dun it before it even begins (it starts in Jan. 2014 – lets remember). Its a web based application that’s broken – not the legislation, nor its intent – and that technology will work. Give it some time. The sky is not falling.

    • 37-39% job approval rating…”highly” regarded

      medicare “works”? – it has historically rejected more claims as a % of total claims than ANY insurance company…and is fiscally unsustainable…and, once the obamacareTAX Half Trillion in cuts start (but also see the Doc Fix) the rationing and lack of access will cascade.

      the web application is broken? I am a 64 year old male who purchased my own individual coverage for over a decade. I CHOSE that coverage, reasonable premiums, low deductibles, low out of pockets and it was NOT substandard.

      as of 1/1/14, my obamacareTAX plan will provide maternity care, ob/gyn, pre-natal, pediatric dental, drug rehab, mental health services, and the REAL life saver “free” contraception.

      for this “enhanced” plan, my premium will go up 80%, annual deductible 100% and out of pocket 500%

      I sat recently next to a Canadian on a long flight. I asked about his health care, he said it was fine and in the next breath told me that his Nova Scotia “hospital” had to close down 9 days/mo due to lack of supplies and coverage…yep, that’s what we need here in the US.

      • Oh John. Clearly you are one of those who thinks President Obama has done nothing well. I beg to differ. His poll numbers are certain to ebb and flow – those numbers always do, particularly in a 2nd term… And in his case – unprecedented Congressional obstructionism, even a vow to destroy him! But I digress. Do you pay property taxes? If you do, you are paying education taxes too – when I reckon you have no children in school. Society pays for all to be covered for all eventualities. You do get that, right? This is a good thing. Otherwise people without coverage go to the emergency room and we all pay anyway. As for your Canadian seat mate so his hospital had to close. So what? Happens all the time in the U.S. He has full coverage – has had it and will have it until death – seamlessly, no co-pay, no deductible. Yep, that is what we need here in the U.S. No doubt about it. The ACA is one step towards that goal.

    • “The one health care system that does work is Medicare.”

      But not Medicaid, which is a better analogy for the single-payer system likely to evolve.

      • I’m not familiar with Medicaid, but I am on Medicare and its works well. Seems like a good model for single payer. I pay a monthly Part B premium and never have a co-pay – as yet – so seems to me its similar, except that premium. In a single payer all are taxed at appropriate rates and never pay a premium nor have a co-pay, nor deductible.

    • Medicare isn’t working unless you think that an insurance that doctors are refusing by the boatloads to refuse to accept is a winner. I can see you know no one that uses Medicare.

      The only reason a family member I know that was able to find a doctor to take her is that she also carries BCBS. Even at that it took her 3 mos to find a doctor that would take her.

      • Really. I have had no problem at all finding a doctor who takes Medicare. I have a Family Physician, a Gynecologist and a Dermatologist – all in Texas! Imagine that. Dunno where you and relative live. But I’ve been on Medicare for 3 years an no problem at all.

  24. Obama has been a collosaal failure the magnitude of which will become clearly evident when the main stream media will reluctantly be forced to abandon the president they helped to elect twice. There is a lesson for Canadians. When give the choice between a good-looking, eloquent media darling and a proven, capable manager, pick the latter.

  25. With the exception of “If” the last sentence absolutely nails it:

    “If Obama goes down as a failure, someone who peddled Hope and got in over his head, will our millennials think twice about casting a feel-good vote for an unknown quantity who fast-forwarded past the usual leadership training?”

    Harper as been a steady hand during turbulent economic times with Canada leading most other economies in pretty much every metric. Replace him with a High school drama/math teacher? Are we really that stupid?

    • Well you must be if you believe Harper slogans. Gawd knows, no one believes his math.

  26. Emily must be from.a different planet or Canadian New media is deeply steeped in fiction. US soldiers are still dying for God knows what in Afghanistan, Iraq is falling apart, GM has cost taxpayers billions that will never be recovered, Gitmo is still there and some of it’s inhabitants are refusing repatriation to the native country’s. Israel is now making deals with the Saudi kingdom and perhaps Russia, The Iran deal is a ‘joke’, but even the Democrats aren’t laughing, we have states where those on the ‘dole’ outnumber those who are paying the bills, the number of people in the workforce is the lowest it has been in nearly four decades. I work in health care and have since before Medicare became law I got my first raise in three years – a whopping 2%. Obama rules by Executive Order, bypassing our Constitutional separation of powers at every turn and if you disagree with anything he does or says, you are immediately labeled a ‘racist’. The Nation once known for Freedom, is being steadily eviscerated by neo-communists and Emily thinks we should be grateful? As for Syria, score one for Putin and Obama got zero. Upset the Saudi Royals as they are on record for volunteering to foot the tab.

  27. The writer refers to “possible pitfalls obviously not foreseen”


    The disasters of Obamacare were cited and predicted again and again and again and again and again long before Obamacare was even passed!

    Just because Obamacare supporters chose to ignore these predictions, does not mean that these predictions were not made!

    Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 462 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

  28. Canadians can perhaps gaze in bemused expectation of the dysfunction wrought by Obama’s vaunted technocrats and Government experts at work – the result… 8 million additional Americans uninsured and a host of regulatory and legal snafus in Obama’s suggestion that he can mitigate the enforcement of his signature piece of legislation!

    But the fact remains, that yet again Obama willfully breaks his pledge to uphold the duly constituted Laws of the United States based on political expedient grounds.

    The President lied to America – it was a calculated lie – one born out of pure ideology and political expediency – and a lot of people are endorsing that lie through their contorted semantics in an effort to distract and minimize the damage. The Media’s willing suspension of objectivity destroys their own credibility just as assuredly as ObamaCare is an unmitigated disaster for millions who are Unemployed and looking for work in an stagnant Economy.

    Can anyone really sleep easy knowing that the very partisans, lobbyists and bureaucrats who wrote the 2,200 page monstrosity are now attempting to compound their incompetence with yet another magical “fix” of the ACA. What happens a year from now when Employers begin canceling millions of additional HealthCare policies for their employees because they don’t comply with the “10 essential benefits (costly add-ons)” mandated by Obama’s signature piece of legislation!

    Obama has collapsed what was a functioning HealthCare System and replaced it with a Marxist’s dream that promises “the sky” while it delivers nothing but confusion and dysfunction!

    I would say we haven’t seen the bottom yet!… but Yes!… the Democrats have already won the HealthCare race to the bottom!

  29. Why are all these silly Americans commenting on a Canadian article and telling us how our system sucks? Get out of here stupid yanks. Go to Mcdonald’s or something

  30. Emilyone provides comments that are extremely naive, untrue and shows complete lack of knowledge and intelligence. The so called deal with the murderers in Iran who decapitate people, rape and torture women, deny the Holocaust is the most dangerous act that any world leader could do.

  31. Though there may be components of Obamacare worth criticizing, especially for those whose are dying to say I told you so and there are a lot of those in the Right of USA, it still gives health care to those who otherwise might not have it and protects everyone else in many ways, thus increasing the lifespan and well being of the entire species of humans who happen to live in America; this is exactly the type of work all us should be trying to do!

    • Americans have this disturbing mentality of extreme callousness towards human suffering. I can’t believe how truly selfish they actually are! they can’t even stand the idea of the less well off getting healthcare because it will mean their taxes increase by just a little bit. They seem to have zero sympathy for the uninsured, I’ve seen their comments recently on other Obamacare related articles such as “If someone gets a cancer diagnosis without insurance it’s their problem”. I wish I could slap these people silly! How cruel could you get?

      • see reply above

        • Go way idiot! You know absolutely nothing a typical example of American ignorance

      • Don’t believe everything you read. There is no opposition to providing health care to the less fortunate outside of the imaginations of folks from the democratic party. There are disagreements about many things like “if some people need health care, why are you trying to rearrange everyone else’s health insurance, instead of trying to get them health care?” The answer to these disagreements is “if you don’t agree with my way of doing things you just hate poor people.” The democratic party faithful will always believe that, but you don’t have to be a sucker for it.

    • There is better ways. In fact however Obamacare is killing insurance and making people die.

      There are now more getting cancellation notices than there was uninsured. That means more people are uninsured and in many cases they cannot get insurance again except at 2.5 times or more in price.

      That people are dying is because they had a policy which was treating their cancer, heart disease, stroke issues, etc., and now that coverage is cancelled. These are people who had insurance when their conditions started and thus were covered, and were getting treatment. Now that treatment is ending.

      A far better way would have been to make everyone have a Permanent Health Savings Account where they were required to put 5%-10% of their income into it for life (or until a max cap was hit, say 1 million USD?). They can choose to buy insurance, pay directly for medical treatment, buy medicines, or do other things medically related with this account, but nothing not related to medical care.

      Thus it would have ended up that those who could not cover themselves could get subsidies to fill their accounts to a minimum level, and the vast cost, the difficulties, the pain, the lost coverage, etc., would never have happened.

      Instead we said a lot of problems were in this bill, we offered solutions but were shouted down and not allowed to participate.

      Well the Democrats pushed it, they wanted it, now they got it… AND EVERY DEATH IS BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!

      • This man want to have history is his own way – A complete fool!

  32. The next item on Obama’s list…I will save the country from the people who love freedom and liberty.

  33. Millenials won’t make the connection. Or understand what connection is to be made. Or understand what the point at all is. Or vote. Or read this.

  34. Canadian media = a few hundred 10year olds trying to prove they are cool. Never will be.