How to say, 'I'm a thug' in a tattooed world? -

How to say, ‘I’m a thug’ in a tattooed world?

Mainstream fashion challenges the criminal class


Since tattoos have become so mainstream, criminals are finding it harder to signal their criminality with body ink. These days, even art on your neck, collarbone, and wrists isn’t really enough. Facial tatoos remain a pretty hard-core gesture, particularly on the eyelids. Also, according to this article, “the homespun variety created with a shard of a ballpoint pen during long hours behind bars” retains some menace. But if mere skin art doesn’t do the trick, there’s always the Japanese gangster gesture—amputate all or part of a pinky finger. Up to 70 percent of the so-called yakuza have sacrificed a digit.

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How to say, ‘I’m a thug’ in a tattooed world?

  1. When I was in england, I noticed a few people had small blue birds tattooed between thumb and forefinger. I asked about it and was told people got them after they were released from jail.

  2. we won't be seeing many urban posers cutting off a digit (let's hope) the way, i agree prison tattoos realy are scary shown on the msnbc series "lockup" extendd stay …you would walk on the other side of the street if you saw somebody with a swastika on his forehead or teardrop at the eye ..some dudes even have cartoon villain style tattoos around the eyes and that's quite intense

  3. If they tattooed douchebag across their foreheads, that would probably work. Super Douchebag if they are really bad.