How to win ministerial enemies…

…and influence governments to pull your funding


A warning to all past, present and future seekers of federal funding: You might want to avoid calling the guy who signs off on the cheques a “professional whore,” lest you end up facing the same fate as the Canadian Arab Federation. According to a Sun exclusive, the organization, which received almost half a million dollars from Ottawa last year to support its immigrant settlement program in Toronto, faces budgetary retribution after its president, Khaled Mouammar, deployed the epithet in response to criticism from Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney over the presence of Hezbollah paraphernalia at a recent pro-Gaza rally. In response, the minister told the Sun that he has asked departmental beancounters to keep Mouammar’s comments in mind when the current funding arrangement expires next year.

Ottawa Sun

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How to win ministerial enemies…

  1. How gracious on both sides.

  2. Way to go Kenney : you da man dude!

  3. All in the name of free speech, of course. Qualify under the written criteria; get the grant (for teaching language and job-hunting skills to new immigrants)–and then have the funding slashed because a petty tyrant with a thin skin doesn’t like being called names. Boo-hoo. Jason Kenney’s feelings were hurt.

    The hypocrisy of the Speech Warriors is nothing short of staggering.

  4. That is the least of Khaleds misdeads Dawg. There is is a long and well documented history of anti-semitism by CAF.

  5. Wingnuts full libel, yet again.

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