How to write memos


Schwarzenegger shows the way.

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How to write memos

  1. That is amazing.

    • amazingly stupid, he ran his state into the ground.

  2. C'mon. There's no way any
    one would be that would come
    out of the Govenor's office.
    Let's not put too much faith in it.

      • I think you missed how I wrote my note….or maybe the text shows up different on your screen….

        • Dude, that's wicked
          U are the best commentor.
          Don't leave.

      • thanks for the link. i knew it was credible.

    • Whatever your opinion of Schwarzenegger
      and the republican party,
      you have to give up to him.

      Credit where credit is due,
      or you risk losing your sense of humour and
      other valuable lessons on communication,
      lest political bias betray one's ability to learn.

      • T





      • Ahhnold is a bad politician who just tries to stay alive from one day to the next in sacramento. but he's a sell out and has been since he backed obama.

  3. I hear the Liberals may be looking for a new communications director.

    Hire that guy!

  4. ROFL – LMFAO = now that is just tto funny the words are completely in context though and should be there – it works I am keeping a copy for future use.

    • Great. So everything you post from now on will feature R-O-F-L L-M-F-A-O down the left hand side? I suppose that's better than nothing, but not much.

  5. The Terminator's office denies it was intentional but what are the chances of that secret message appearing by coincidence?

    • very high indeed.

    • I don't know the odds but a smart-assed comment starting with "If enough monkeys are sitting at typewriters" seems appropriate. These are California legislators we're talking about.

  6. I'd believe it. I did similar things in my high school newspaper….but that fact should tell you something as well.

  7. Truth or fiction, I love it!

    I wish I had the mental acuity to write as concisely.

  8. foul mouthed governator!