Howard Stern to replace Jimmy Fallon, who'll replace Jay Leno: rumour mill -

Howard Stern to replace Jimmy Fallon, who’ll replace Jay Leno: rumour mill


According to weekend rumours, Jay Leno is out of the Tonight Show seat once his contract is up in 2014—and Jimmy Fallon will take his place.

But who will take over for Fallon at 12:30am? Howard Stern seems to be the leading contender. While many of Stern’s previous late-night forays have failed, his recent turn on America’s Got Talent has made him more palatable to the American masses.

According to his wife, Beth Ostrosky Stern, he’s more recognizable now to children than to their parents. Not that kids are the late-night talk show demographic.

Still, NBC must have their reasons why they’re replacing hip, young Fallon with 59-year-old Stern—who is only a couple years younger than Leno, and likely almost as expensive.

Maybe it’s his ability to conduct an entertaining celebrity interview—something that’s been sorely missing from network late-night shows.

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Howard Stern to replace Jimmy Fallon, who’ll replace Jay Leno: rumour mill

  1. Well there’s the neighborhood. Howard Stern’s a brain dead shock jock. He’s nothing more than a bottom feeder, and anyone who’d appear on his show, about as desperate for some exposure as you can possibly get.

  2. Howard Stern would never do late night because he gets a bigger audience on Satellite radio. Late Night is dead and would be lucky to have Howard Stern. He’s a lot more than a bottom feeder sir; he’s one of the best celebrity interviewers on the planet and they SHOULD be desperate to get him in that chair – but they never will. Not while he has the radio show anyway which is his #1 priority.

    • While late night entertainment is far from dead, it would most certainly die a painful death if this social leper got a time slot on it. The man has no scruples, no moral compass, no shame. Quite the resume for prime time TV.

      • Oh and you’re the pillar of morality? I bet you’re a nightmare. Also everyone on prime time TV has great morales, scruples and shame right? That’s totally what we prize on TV right? Why don’t you actually listen to the guy’s radio show before you base an entire opinion on someone based on some talk show appearance you saw him make in the 80s. Get over yourself.

    • yes he would… he is a media whore.