It’s officially the post-Olympian era, where heart palpitations are a thing of the past and wayward bloggers promise to post more often. Here’s a start: a piece on Lucien Bouchard’s drive-by shooting of the Parti Québécois, written for the dead tree by yours truly. Let us know, etc.

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  1. Did you see Bouchard's interview on Radio-Canada last night with Bernard Derôme?

    When Bouchard said that the pain and general craziness of the days following the demise of Meech showed how Meech (pre the Chrétien- Charest compromise) should have been accepted as it would have been an extraordinary thing for Canada my jaw dropped to the floor and I nearly fell out of my chair.

    He really is an amazingly interesting person.

  2. too bad he wouldn't run federally in another province .. he would be a shoo in and change the dynamics considerably – he's welcome here in BC!

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