Hugh Hefner engaged to 26-year-old girlfriend for second time


In this April 26, 2010 file photo, Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris arrive at the premiere of "Iron Man 2" in Los Angeles. (Matt Sayles/AP)

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, 86, is reportedly engaged to 26-year-old Playboy model Crystal Harris for the second time.

According to a report from gossip site TMZ, the two will wed on New Year’s eve during an intimate gathering at the Playboy Mansion.

The pair has been engaged before but Harris called it quits just days before their last scheduled wedding date in June 2011.

On Sunday, Harris tweeted a picture of her hand, sporting a brand new shiny ring:

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Hugh Hefner engaged to 26-year-old girlfriend for second time

  1. $$$, wake up, Hef.

    • Wake up???? Ya Hugh!! Get an old bag ur age
      So u can die quicker instead of lying beside a 26
      Year old knock out… Of course she’s there for the
      Money dumbass.. U think he doesn’t know that??
      And do you think he honestly cares??

  2. “Judge not…” and all that, but c’mon. I’m usually all in favour of May-December relationships. If you can find someone you love, and they love you back, then who cares what decade they were born in? But this is a cynical business transaction. I could accomplish essentially the same thing by driving down Jarvis at night and soliciting the company of one of the young women I might find down there. The difference is the cops might arrest me, and that “relationship” would be measured in minutes, instead of months like this is going to be.

  3. I guess that she smartened up. Can this happen to a blonde?? C’mon seriously, this is about Hugh being a showman, to convey the message that he can reallly “satisfy” a young woman sexually, and have children with her. This is likely not happening and Crystal is really a messed up young lady. Hugh’s lawyers likely fixed the upper limit of her $$$ settlement.

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