Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dead at 58 -

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dead at 58

Chavez struggled to recover after cancer diagnosis in 2011


Hugo Chavez with his daughters, Maria Gabriela, left, and Rosa Virginia (Miraflores Presidential Press Office/AP)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died.

The news came via Venezuela’s current Vice-President Nicolas Maduro.

A respiratory infection had made Chavez’s already fragile health even worse as the Venezuelan president struggled to recover after he was diagnosed with cancer in 2011.

The Venezuelan government had earlier been criticized for not releasing many details on the ailing leader’s health since he had cancer surgery in Cuba on Dec. 11. Information Minister Ernesto Villegas read a brief statement on television Monday. “Today there is a worsening of his respiratory function, related to his depressed immune system,” he said. “There is now a new, severe infection.”

“The president’s condition continues to be very delicate,” Villegas read. “The commander president is holding onto Christ and life, conscious of the difficulties he is facing and following the strict program created by his medical team.”

Chavez, 58, returned to Venezuela from Cuba in mid-February to much celebration. He had remained at the Dr. Carlos Arvelo Military Hospital in Caracas since then to undergo treatment. Chavez had not been seen since treatments began, aside from a photo released by the government to prove that he was still alive.

Chavez ruled the country for 14 years. He was re-elected to another six-year term in October 2012, but was never sworn in due to ongoing medical issues. Opposition members had protested the delayed swearing-in and called for an election to replace the ailing president, since he could not be sworn in by Jan. 10, as the constitution stipulates. A snap election was believed to be likely in the event of his death. Chavez had previously backed current Vice-President Nicolas Maduro.

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dead at 58

  1. RIP

  2. I’d be willing to predict this has repercussions in the Alberta oil patch in the coming months. Stay tuned.

    • How so?

      • Unless some sycophant takes over to continue his thieving ways, an additional amount of oil company investment is going to now be able to flow to Venezuela… leaving less for everyone else. But it’ll take a while for the Venezuelan government to rebuild levels of trust (if they even try) so there’s not going to be an effect for some time, if ever.

      • GlynnMhor more or less read my mind, FWIW. Venezuelan oil is now back in play. If American refineries can source it with fewer political obstacles, Alberta’s oil is less essential to security of the American oil supply.

        Another stake through the heart of Alberta’s “underground benefactor”.

  3. Hugo Chavez net worth: Hugo Chavez was a Venezuelan politician who had a
    net worth of $1 billion at the time of his death on March 5th 2013. A
    2010 report from Criminal Justice International Associates (CJIA), a
    global risk assessment and threat mitigation firm estimated that the
    Chavez family assets totaled between $1 and $2 billion USD. The vast
    majority of these assets are oil related and were controlled by Hugo
    himself prior to his death. The head of the CJIA, Jerry Brewer, asserted
    that since Hugo’s rise to power in 1999, the extended family has
    amassed its fortune through both legal and illegal methods. Brewer
    further estimates that the Chavez family and hundreds of other criminal
    organization have “subtracted $100 billion out of the nearly $1 trillion
    in oil income made by PDVSA (Venezuela’s state controlled oil company),
    since 1999.”