Human Rights Commission to shutter some offices -

Human Rights Commission to shutter some offices

Official says decision to scale back isn’t political


A top official with the Canadian Human Rights Commission says the decision to close offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Halifax wasn’t politically-motivated. Rather, Karen Mosher, the commission’s secretary general, says the closures were motivated by a desire to cut $500,000 in expenditures. Mosher’s statements came in response to claims by John Gordon, president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, that the federal government was intentionally handicapping initiatives aimed at supporting human rights and women’s groups.

Vancouver Sun

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Human Rights Commission to shutter some offices

  1. Does that work out to 5% of their budget? If so, that's just expenditure review. All government entities are rotating through that now. Not political, except for the people at the top who instructed that departments do it.

  2. Three down and seven to go (or is it 8?). Of course we are still left with the 11 Provincial and Territorial Human Rights offices and the paid drones.
    What is a Human Right?
    Not renting your property to someone (to use a typical human rights example) because they are black, white, fat, ugly, stupid, have no job, are muslim, christian, jewish or smell bad is a human right. Being forced to rent to someone is a breach of human rights.

    • This post just shows why Human Rights Commissions are a necessary part of our society.

  3. Good.
    They should close them all – the Provincial ones too.
    They are a threat to free speech.
    We already have courts to deal with would really be a Rights Violation.
    All they did was take the side of the Politically Correct.

  4. It is a hideous, very HarpCon act to shut down the 3 Human Rights Commission Offices in the 3 Canadian cities where they are needed the most. Harper hates anything that is not white, male, corporate, and profitable for his cronies. This is utterly disgusting.
    "First the come for the immigrants. But I don't say anything, because I'm not an immigrant. Then they come for the Natives. But I don't speak up, because I'm not a native. Then they come for the muslims, but I'm not a muslim so I don't say anything. Then they come for the smokers, the obese, the professors, but I don't speak. Then they come for me. There's no one left to speak out to save me. (Broadly adapted from the original from Neidemeyer in Germany re Nazis)"

  5. Obviously, it is entirely political – Human Rights Commissions being one of several neo-Con peeves as a quick perusal of the above comments reveals. Being able not to rent to someone on the basis of race or religion is a human right apparently.

    Did they actually time this to coincide with Ann Coulter's visit ?

    • The government is supposed to be cutting bureaucratic spending. The HRCs, in their current formula, are a particularly hateful part of the bureaucracy.

      In an ideal world they'd be shut down until they are actually used to defend human rights in a manner that is fair and doesn't abuse free speech.

  6. It could be political, it could not. Harris also made deep and hurtful cuts at a provincial level, long before right-wing ignoramuses made HRCs a cause celebre.