Hundreds evacuated in Northern Ireland -

Hundreds evacuated in Northern Ireland

Police destroy 300lb bomb


A 300lb bomb parked outside of a police station in Northern Ireland forced the evacuation of 350 people on Thursday night after dissident republicans called in a bomb threat to a Belfast news station. It’s the latest in a string of bomb attacks across the country, and has put the community of Aughnacloy in lockdown while police and army experts investigate, after disarming the bomb with a controlled detonation overnight. “I have no doubt that if this device had detonated it would have caused complete devastation and lives would certainly have been lost,” said police superintendent Brian Kee. “The intention of the people responsible for planting this bomb . . . is to murder police officers with no regard for the people who live in this community.”

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Hundreds evacuated in Northern Ireland

  1. never mentioned the word terrorist once, but if it were Iraq…

    • A 300 lb bomb (no doubt of the ammonium nitrate and diesel variety, though it didn't say that either) leaves little to the imagination. If that isn't terrorism, there ain't no such thing.

  2. FUCK THE POPE!!! We all know it was the catholic majority. Fucking murderous cowardley Bastards!!!

  3. In N. I., plus ca change – plus cést la meme chose. Pity, but there you have it. And this coming just after the most expensive apology (Saville enquiry) in history. Cry for Ireland.

    • Saville enquiry was very important to move forward. Britain's admission of its soldiers' wrongdoing opens up paths to more reconciliation. The fringe elements on both sides are now just that: marginal — time won't be turned back on the peace process and Saville helps irrespective of the costs….