“Hundreds of corpses”

Reports suggest hundreds of Iranian protesters were murdered following election


Reports from hospital workers and from released prisoners who were detained following Iran’s protests against Iran’s rigged June 12 presidential election suggest that hundreds of protesters were murdered, with others tortured and degraded. Some prisoners say they watched as detainees were beaten to death, while others say they had their fingernails ripped off or were forced to lick toilet bowls. Doctors say they registered 34 bodies at Tehran hospitals on June 20 alone and estimate the total death toll at 150, while family members of missing protesters were taken to a morgue in southwest Tehran and reported seeing “hundreds of corpses.” They were not permitted to retrieve the bodies of their loved ones unless they signed a form indicated they had died of natural causes.

The New York Times

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“Hundreds of corpses”

  1. Not a single liberal reporter will show one iota of outrage over this. Don't look to Linda McQuaiq to write about it. She's too busy finding negative news in Afghanistan, Israel or the US. Don't expect the United Church of Canada to do to Iran what they currently want to do to Israel. And don't expect the anti-Israeli gay community to conceive of running an anti-Iranian float in the next pride march.

  2. I see Bnai Brith got to Macleans about the comments on the story about the professor from Carleton whom they have judged to be guilty as charged. Sad day when an organisation which fronts for a foreign government can limit or trample the freedoms of Canadians in Canada.