Hundreds of police guns unaccounted for -

Hundreds of police guns unaccounted for

Documents show a “double standard” on long-gun registry, NFA says


Hundreds of guns have been lost or stolen from the hands of Canada’s police agencies, according to documents obtained by a group opposed to the federal long-gun registry. The National Firearms Association found that 428 guns have been lost or stolen. Association President Sheldon Clare said this represents a “double standard,” since the police justify the existence of the long gun registry largely on the assumption that firearms can be stolen or lost by civilian gun owners. According to the documents, which were obtained by the NFA through an Access to Information request, the RCMP has lost 32 guns while other police forces have lost 316. The rest were lost by other public agencies, not including the Canadian military.

Ottawa Citizen

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Hundreds of police guns unaccounted for

  1. Remember.. There are one set of laws for the police, and another set for the rest of us peons.. 
    I would venture to say there probably has not been 428 guns stolen from law abiding firearms owners over the same period.. But of course, because no one usually hears of cop’s guns that are stolen, they are probably internally recorded  as “Mysterious Disappearances”..I sure many of them have shown up at crime scenes. But only because their stolen from the ‘police’, no one ever hears of it. But, let some duck hunter suffer a break-in, and the destruction of his heavy steel gun safe, he gets charged with ‘unsafe storage’ and dragged through the courts for months, or years. Nahh there’s no double standard here.. Move along folks there’s nothing to see!!!

  2. Police answer to themselves, do their own investigations, and decide what to make public.
    What do you expect: That they will be honest and accountable enough to admit their mistakes and carelessness?
    We need a strong civilian oversight for all police forces that is independent of law enforcement and the legal professions to publicize what they now hide from the public.

  3. Put the totally ineffective, inaccurate, and wasteful long gun registry out of our misery.  Use the money for increased health care which actually does save lives.
    What a disgrace to a free country.

  4. I don’t get how this is a double standard. Lets say the police stops a man with a gun in his truck: with the gun registry, the Police scans the serial number, reads the registry papers, then everything is fine. Without the gun registry, the police officer has to guess who’s gun it is, and what it’s used for, running the chance of arresting an innocent person, or letting go a mass murderer.

    Such a big fuss over something that’s cheaper than driving a car.

    • doesnt a gun license provide enough proof the owner is allowed to have a gun?  why does each and every gun have to be tracked when most of the criminals guns are not registered and they dont have licenses?

      • I agree 100% Rci2950, but the registry is not in place for that reason. It is in place to persecute the owner and assign blame for victims who have their firearms stolen. This then gathers data that will be used to outlaw the ownership of firearms in the future.
        7 billion dollars huh? anyone feel any safer? where are the statistics to show the value of this investment?

        • Feeling safer? Not Stephen Harper. He must be feeling insecure. He’s busy building more jails. Perhaps he just wants to surpass the USA with respect to the percentage of the population incarcerated.

          • I feel safer. But I have guns.

          • This sounds like the reasoning given by a American Left wing Senator  when he said “If the Crime rate in America is Falling, Why do we have so many people in jail” well..Duhhhhh
            The U.S. crime rate is falling far faster than Canada’s BECAUSE they have a tougher judicial system, and people can defend themselves without being arrested. Canada, back in the Trudeau regime, declared the focus of the Canadian Judicial system would now be on rehabilitating criminals, rather than on the safety of society. Well, it’s obvious that ‘this’ great experiment has failed miserably. The the CPC is doing their very best to erase the general Trudeaupian Stain from Canadian Society, and the sooner the better.

          • And I suppose the old USSR that was the only country in the world that had a bigger percentage of it’s population in jail, reached that level by being tougher on “crime”.
            And I suppose you think that your so called “tougher on crime” policy actually works. Have you compared crime rates in the USwith those in Canada?