Hundreds of police raid Mohawk community -

Hundreds of police raid Mohawk community

Officers targeting organized crime and drug trafficking


Hundreds of police officers were dispatched to the Mohawk community of Kanesatake, Quebec in a drug trafficking and organized crime raid on Tuesday morning, the CBC reports. About 500 police officers from the RCMP and the Sûreté du Québec are taking part in the operation.  Raids are also being carried out in First Nations communities in neighbouring Akwesasne and Oka, though the number of people who have been arrested so far is not clear. Police are expected to release more details soon at a news conference in Oka.

CBC News

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Hundreds of police raid Mohawk community

  1. We generally leave natives to wallow in their own miserable existence without education, jobs or decent healthcare, except of course when we decide to enforce the criminalization of moral issues.

    Given our disdain of natives to begin with, there’s no way to then cry “criminal” and end up looking like anything but self-righteous bullies.

    You want to solve “crime” and drug abuse on reserves?

    Start by actually giving a damn about what happens to them the other 99% of the time you idiots.