Hundreds of thousands rally in Washington to "restore honour" -

Hundreds of thousands rally in Washington to “restore honour”

Rally championed by Beck and Palin calls for return to religious values


Conservative commentator Glenn Beck and former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin attracted some 300,000 supporters to a right-wing rally in Washington to call for a return of religious and traditional values. The rally, named “Restoring Honor” and controversially timed to coincide with the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, “has nothing to do with politics,” Beck told the crowd. “It has everything to do with God, turning our faith back to the values and principles that made us great.” Palin, meanwhile, was less reluctant to address politics, albeit obliquely and without naming U.S. President Barack Obama. “We must not fundamentally transform America, as some would want,” she said. “We must restore America and restore her honour.”

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Hundreds of thousands rally in Washington to “restore honour”

  1. Beck, Palin and their Christian Republican extremist "tea-party" nut cases on display for all to see.

    "When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross." Sinclair Lewis

    • don`t comment on things you know nothing about .you probabley where not even there .Honor and respect are not your strong have not got out of grade school name calling

      • And you, obviously, never passed grade school English.

        • See what I mean?

      • You're giving him far too much credit. Grade school name-calling is the only response he's capable of.

        • "Yawn."

          • Wow, bro.

            Ripping of TJCook ripping me off.

            Which makes you DOUBLY unoriginal. Nice.

          • I'm "meta". Happy to impress ya.

  2. Glen is correct, Martin Luther King spoke for all Americans his speeches were for all Americans to do good for all Americans

    • so i take it you support the so-called 9-11 mosque. given your concern for doing good for all americans?

      • majority of Americans say not near ground zero.

        • Oh.. so King's message was about what is right for a majority of Americans? Not for all Americans?

          • right, yes.

          • Glen is correct, Martin Luther King spoke for the majority of Americans his speeches were for the majority of Americans to do good for the majority of Americans.

        • So what?

        • well maybe, but the feelings of the majority of Americans are not the same thing as protecting the rights of all americans. you seemed to suggest you were primarily concerned with the latter, but it looks like that was just spin to justify that lunatic Beck's actions as your form of hero worship.

    • sure…but to compare Beck as the white Malcom X is a slap in the face to anyone having gone to the civil rights era.

  3. Bush got his religious voters by talking against abortion then went to Iraq with lying of WMD. We all know what happened then. Funny to see Beck and Palin jump on the same method trying to get votes. Especially with the Mosque issues. I think Obama needs people like Palin and Beck to bring back up his popularity.

  4. I heard it was more like 300 gazillion. Why is the media so dumb they cannot even do basic fact checks? There were well under 100k. That is assuming regular sized people multiplied by square footage occupied. In this case most of these people are 3x larger than regular size so it was probably even less than estimates.

    • CBS is reporting 87 000 or so. A still very respectable crowd.. but 300 000 is what the organizers are claiming.

      • A typically biased under-reporting of the numbers.

        It's very simple: news outlets under-report turnout to events they don't like, over-report turnout to events they like.

        The reflecting pool area alone holds 200,000 people — and it was full.

        So before we even get to discussing the other areas around the mall, we have far in excess of 87,000 people.

        300,000 itself is probably an under-estimation of the attendance.

        • It better not be.. 300,000 was all that the permit was for — that's where that number came from in the first place.

          • I doubt that the organizers could be held responsible for the number of people who showed up.

            The event was planned for 300,000. It would be perverse to complain that they were more successful than planned.

            But than again, that's what you resent, isn't it, Thwim? The success.

        • Estimates are it was double that 300,000 number.
          Perhaps if riots, violence, injuries and arrests had been made the true numbers would be printed without hesitation.

          Though, think Thwin of "better not be" is getting to make some righteous arrests.
          Going to be busy.

          • I've heard some estimates of nearly triple that number — although I think that's the politically motivated over-estimation speaking there.

            As for "righteous arrests", I'm sure Glenn Beck's just shakin' in his boots right now.

          • Ha, more Stupid Conservative math.

          • Well, Holly, I suppose that if folks like you can have your politically-motivated under-estimation, they can have their politically-motivated over-estimation.

            Oh, wait! I'm guessing yours is DIFFERENT, isn't it?

  5. I sat with my wife and watch the rally live with the other 130,000 people on Facebook alone. I live in Vancouver Canada and found the rally amazing to watch and listen to. I have to admit, I'm a follow of Glenn Beck's.

    We do need to Restore Honor in both Canada and America. I'm proud of both countries and proud of the Rally that Mr. Glenn Beck put on.

    • It surely is great, and a wholesome change, to have a right-wing rally to break the monotony of the ardent left and its penchant for taking to the streets in support of lost causes. One hopes and prays that old fashioned honour and respect are not lost causes.

    • wow really? you want to go back in time to when honour (you must be american with your spelling of the word) and religion was relevant? you religious do not care about progress, you just want to keep preaching to the world and ignoring issues and resist any progress the world makes to try and make it better and fix the problems that has been plaguing the thinking people.

      you're probably one of the the uneducated fools that rallied against the hst. once again trying to keep things the same in a changing world, not progressing to try to make it better.

      You're a disgrace to all mankind.

      • Oooh, James, correct his spelling! I'll bet you must have all the ladies in your globalization studies program at the U of L positively swooning.

        Interestingly, all the progress that the world has ever made — REAL progress, not ideological nonsense passed off as "progress" — has been led by religious leaders.

        Isn't it fun when reality bursts a leftist's bubble?

        • You mean like the inquisition?

          • universal health care?

            You really ought to educate yourself

          • I try to, quite often. That's why when I read a comment like the one I posted, I'm immediately aware that it's making an ironic counterpoint, demonstrating that just because something comes from a religious leader, it doesn't mean that it's progress.

            I mean, I could have been absolutely pointedly obvious about it, but frankly, I'd hoped commenters here would be smarter than to need a step-by-step guide. My mistake.

            However, if you want to be the one arguing that all real progress that the world has made has been made by religious leaders, you go right ahead. You just argue that Galileo was a religious leader and bask in your own fancies of intelligence.

    • Yes, let's all have a restoration of America's carpet bombings of Hanoi, Laos, & Cambodia. Let's all spray our neighbours and children with Napalm – you know there's nothing quite like that smell of burning human flesh first thing in the morning. And who can forget America's proud achievements in Iraq? Yes, very honourable indeed, Charles. Let us launch more billion dollar rockets into space and glory in collected moon rocks, while countless children in both Canada and the United States live in abject poverty – with British Columbia leading the WESTERN WORLD for per capita children raised in poverty and degradation. Yes, Charles, this is what your god, your honour, and your flag waving are really all about. And just in case you still don't get it, Charles, – there has never been any such thing as honour, especially in America.

        • Interesting that someone who promotes Microfinance to empower the poor would so cavalierly dismiss comments regarding the welfare of children in the world's wealthiest societies. You either don't believe in the cause you promote, making you a fraud, or better yet, you simply take advantage of emotionally charged issues, which would make you a mere superficial opportunist. You can always judge a society or culture's honour based on the way children are treated. The same can be said for the individual. You apparently have no honour.

          • Wow. That's an interesting rant. Kind of off-topic, too.

            I suspect you've been waiting a long time to get this off your chest.

            But let me remind you of the OTHER thing I advocate to solve poverty in the developing world: microfinance-aided private enterprise in order to actually CREATE wealth, rather than simply redistribute wealth that already exists.

            That's the fun thing about dealing with lefties like you: you don't build anything. You don't create anything. You just sit around thinking of ways to seize control of the things OTHER people have built for your own ends.

            You're essentially a public policy vulture. Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

            What is truly remarkable about it is that you aren't merely a public policy vulture, but you're also a coward. The truth is that the western world — particularly Canada — have tried wealth-redistribution schemes to solve the problem of poverty, to no avail. Poverty not only remains, but intensifies.

            And yet people like yourself never accept responsibility for the failures of your policies — you just keep insisting that you haven't been given enough money to solve the problem.

            There isn't enough money IN the world to solve the problem of poverty the way you want to solve it. At some point, we have to recognize that the only way poverty will be eliminated is when the people who are living in poverty decide that they're ready to solve the problem themselves.

            I believe in giving them the tools. I believe in giving the poor a fishing pole and teaching them how to fish, as the metaphor goes. You, on the other hand, are too lazy to try to teach them how to fish; so you want to just keep giving them someone else's fish until there is no more fish to give.

            There is nothing at all honourable about making plans for other people's wealth and dressing it up in the language of self-righteousness. It is, in fact, extremely DIShonourable.

          • "Yawn"?

          • Admittedly, that was my first impulse.

            But you get bonus points for a complete and total lack of originality.

          • "But you get bonus points for a complete and total lack of originality."

            As opposed to "yawn", which was a totally fresh and original piece of wit.

          • Ah, but it's MY fresh and original piece of wit.

            Which apparently you decided to rip off.

            But I don't blame you: compared to what passes for quality rhetoric among the lefty swarm that tends to convene around articles like this, it really is Grade-A stuff.

          • Oh heck, just for giggles: how, exactly, did I "rip off" your Grade-A wit?

          • Forget it, Jake. It's Christian-with-an-exploding-f*ck-you-finger-town.

          • Right. It's my CHRISTIANITY that's the problem here — rather than your irrational hatred of it.

            And you've made your hatred crystal clear.

            Religious intolerance: it's the fashionable bigotry.

          • Nope, though I suppose it's part of it, since you're going out of your way to advertise it and all.

            Think of it this way — only one of us knows what religion the other one is. Why is that?

          • That would because one of us is on this message board offering empty, vacuous attacks on Christianity and Christians.

            We know full well what your religion is: you're very clearly a fundamentalist atheist.

          • Your "we" is incorrect.

            "Fundamentalist atheism" — or, as normal people call it, "atheism"; perhaps you mean "activist atheism"? — would require an epistemological certitude I neither possess nor claim to.

            I do adhere to a religion — if we define "religion" by the (word-) book, as a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

            It is organized, to the degree that it has a founding set of documents within a core book, which adherents are encouraged to make a part of their lives.

            It is popular, to the degree that it has enough proponents and cultural impact to have a wikipedia page, though it's nowhere as ubiquitous as your religion.

            It is sincere, to the degree that it attempts to provide guidance on such issues as the above-mentioned moral code, genesis of existence, and the purpose/s (if any) and complexities of human life.

            And I try not to be fundamentalist about it, quite successfully in fact.

          • Good grief. You need it EXPLAINED to you?

            Get a hobby, TJ.

          • Priceless.

          • It is. Especially considering that here:

            …Where you were experiencing no such confusion.

            I'm not in the business of taking mendacious twits seriously. You haven't figured that out yet? Slow learning curve.

          • Dude, you're frickin' hilarious. Don't ever change.

          • "Dude, your frickin' hilarious. Don't ever change," stammered TJ.

            He glanced uncomfortably around the room — his action figure collection, which he usually looked to for moral support in times like this, seemed oddly cavalier today.

            A bead of sweat began to trickle down his forehad as he realized he wouldn't be able to convince himself he had won. Not this time. Reality was creeping in, like an welcome guest through his back door.

            Looking for some semblence of reassurance, TJ reached into the bag strategically positioned on his lap. His eyes widened as the bitter truth was upon him:

            He had run out of Cheetos.

          • Genius. You even changed my correct "you're" to the less-than-correct "your".

            This is the kind of quality wackiness I've come to expect from you. It's like you view the world through some kind of reality distortion field.

          • Oooh, TJ! You correct grammar!?

            Must have all the ladies positively swooning.

            I was making fun of you — somehow that alluded you. But I'm not surprised.

            After all, we're talking about a guy who views the world through the bottom of a Cheetos bag — orange tint and all.

          • "I was making fun of you — somehow that alluded you."

            Ok, first, I assume you meant "eluded."

            And of course I knew you were trying to make fun of me, it just wasn't very good. I mean really, the Cheetos thing has been a blogosphere cliche for at least five years.

            And this: "A bead of sweat began to trickle down his forehad [sic] as he realized he wouldn't be able to convince himself he had won."

            I didn't realize we were trying to "win." What's the game, exactly? Near as I can tell, it's Calvinball.

          • Well, we've figured this out about our little TJ — he takes the bait.

            He has no ideas, so he settles for nitpicking spelling.

            And near as I can tell, you're apparently playing a game of "I will have the last word, no matter what."

            It's a juvenile game — but one expected from people like yourself.

          • Heh – dude, you ranting at me while making gross errors in basic literacy is like a schoolyard kid yelling "NERD!" with his fly down and a booger in his nose.

            And who is "we?"

          • "D-Dude, y-y-you r-ranting at m-me while m0making g-g-gross errors in b-b-b-basic l-l-l-literacy is like a schoolyard kid y-yelling 'NERD!' with a f-f-fly d-down and a b-booger in his n-n-nose," TJ stuttered, as he zipped up his fly and wiped his nose.

            At this point he knew that things were emphatically NOT going well for him. Very soon people would figure out that he had nothing of value to say; nothing to conribute to the conversation!

            He had to act quickly. His mind was racing a mind a minute as he reached into the bag on his lap… and realized he was out of Cheetos.

          • Cheetos again. Well played. *slow, sarcastic clap*

            Hey, you "win", Calvin. I'm done here.

            Your fly is down.

          • "You win, I;m done here," TJ declared, and spun away from his keeyboard with a triumphal grin on his face, his arms raised in celebration.

            His attention turned to Milton, who sat on the sofa quietly thumbing through a magazine.

            "You haven't said anything this whole time," TJ observed. "Did you see the way I totally pwned that guy? Pretty impressive, huh?"

            Milton peered at TJ over the top of the magazine, one eyebrow slightly raised.

            "Whatever," Milton said.

            "Whatever?" TJ demanded. "WHATEVER? You don't see this kind of pwnage every day!"

            Milton sighed and slapped down the magazine.

            "OK. First off, 'pwned' is so 2007," Milton began. "Even if it WERE 2007, you didn't 'pwn' anyone. You just trolled for spelling errors like an out-of-work English prof."

            "Honestly, man, I don't know why having the last word is so important to you," Milton concluded. "Gve it a rest, man."

            "You don't understand what this is about!" TJ thundered. "This is about my grandiosity!"

            "OK, your grandiosity?" Milton laughed.

            "My grandiosity!" TJ screamed. "I am grandiose!"

            Milton chuckled and re-opened his magazine.

            "Whatever, man."

            His rage deflated, TJ sniffed and zipped up his fly.

          • Relax, sweetheart, I said you "win", whatever the hell game this is.

            Oh, and blow your nose.

          • "Why won't they recognize now grandiose I am?" TJ sobbed, as he pulled tissue after tissue from his box of Kleen-Ex.

            "I'm grandiose!" he choked.

            "TJ, what the hell are you crying over now?" a voice thundered from upstairs.

            "It's my grandiosity, Dave," TJ grumbled.

            TJ cringed with every thump as Dave descended down the stairway.

            "I've told you a thousand times I want you to call me 'dad'," Dave said.

            "Well you're not my father, Dave!" TJ snapped. "You're just my stepfather. I'm not calling you dad! I'M 37 YEARS OLD!!!"

            "Oh, dear, he just needs some more Cheetos," his mom said.

          • "I believe in giving the poor a fishing pole and teaching them how to fish, as the metaphor goes."

            That's just great, and kudos to you for it. However, when you've finished teaching them how to fish, what invariably happens is either the river gets dammed to provide electricity, a chemical spill kills all the fish, or some big corporation comes in with nets to scoop up all the fish.

            It isn't enough just to give the tools without the framework that allows those tools to work. If, for whatever reason, those tools become obsolete, another hand up is needed. I'm with you that just giving food for the rest of their lives isn't the answer. But neither is doing one good deed and then abandoning them to whatever comes along.

          • Say what you will, Jenn:

            Microfinance and private enterprise have a successful record in alleviating poverty. The kinds of policies that people like yourself advocate have records of failure, which people like yourself refuse to take responsibility for.

            And, I suppose, why WOULD you feel any need to take responsibilities for your failures? At the end of the day, YOU'RE not the one living in poverty — someone else has to do that. You get to live a fairly comfortable life, patting yourself on the back for the ideological good deeds you've attempted — even if you can never quite seem to get the job done.

            So sad.

          • Uh, did you read my comment?

          • Allow me to elaborate:

            I don't buy "because corporations are evil" as an argument.

            You'll have to try a little harder than that, sweetheart.

          • Sorry, Patrick, I don't remember you in my family tree. And I know we haven't dated (I've kept track of the Ross's I've dated.) So I'm not sure how I'm your sweetheart.

            Then again, you probably have me confused with someone else. The someone who said corporations are evil, for example.

            I don't think corporations are evil, but nor do I think they are in existance for the sole purpose of making life better for everyone. I also don't think governments are evil, but nor do I think their existance results in a better life for everyone (although I'm sure Canada and the U.S. governments might argue, and I do believe they're trying–but hey, government's can't do everything!)

          • That being the case, it seems to make sense that you may want to avoid the "corporations are evil" type arguments you pretty much just spewed.

          • " or some big corporation comes in with nets to scoop up all the fish"

            How narrow minded does someone have to be to equate 'some' to 'all'? Narrow minded enough defend a religion that puts a price tag on its God's love.

          • *snicker*

            Oh yeah Andre. "Some corporation" is a REAL game changer.

            (What I would give for a rolly-eye emoticon right now.)

            As for "putting a price tag on God's love", you seem to have proper Christianity mixed up with philistinism — which is a pretty popular trick amongst zealots like yourself.

          • Let's face it — it was the Cheetos company.

          • Its a fitting analogy. Large corporations can put up just as many barriers to small business owners as government can. In fact, more often than not they work in tandem. An example close to my family: the BC government's on-going attack on small-scale meat producers through excessive regulation that clearly favours global agribusiness.

            You are the only one talking about good and evil. Most folks are concerned with policy and practice on the ground.

          • I invite you to take a stroll through this comment thread and see EXACTLY what most people here are concerned with. I asure you it isn't "policy and practice on the ground".

            As to corporations and barriers to small business, there's an answer to this: it's called, essentially, law and order.

            A problem in many developing economies is that many of them don't have developed regulatory institutions — institutions like banks, stock exchanges, courts of law, labour relations agencies, and the like.

            These things don't pop up over night.

            And this is another factor that makes wealth-redistribution schemes a poor method of fighting poverty. It doesn't help these countries develop such institutions, nor does it signal a halt to the cronyism that pervades so many developing countries.

        • My apologies. I was unaware that your narcoleptic trigger was having to think.

          • Your argument is so vapid and baseless that, quite frankly, it's boring.

            As I recall, Sarah Palin was the governor of Alaska until she had to resign in order to end the politically-motivated harrassment lawsuits against her state.

            Which of her religious views did she attempt to use her office to enforce, precisely?

          • I'd suggest looking at her judicial appointments, but to be honest, Palin's not what worries me in the religious arena.. she strikes me as someone who's simply using the flock of sheep to gain office and feather her own nest. No, Palin worries me more in the arena of personal corruption.

            What worries me are preachers across the US who are urging their sheep to vote for certain people and certain referendum that will follow through on their party lines.. and how Beck and Palin are tapping into them — which will eventually require some quo to pay for the quid.

          • So then you have no evidence that Palin represents a theocratic impulse among American conservatives.

            Just as I already knew.

            What evidence do you offer that Glenn Beck represents this?

  6. These people scare me far more than Muslim terrorists. They’re the equivalent of a Christian Fascist Party, who believe in a warped Christian version of Nazism and sharia law. Keep them in a locked box, for the sake of freedom of thought and independence.

    • No, they don't.Its just something a lefty says

      • I’m as far from a lefty as you can get. But, I have NO beliefs in the superstitions of the world being brought into my life in any way. If you all want to believe in the fairy tales the major religions Eddie, just keep the rest of us out of it. Go join a commune and sacrifice a goat or something.

        • Does that include the global warming religion.

        • Hey!! i am right there with you on this issue!! and i don't even eat red meat!! @_@

        • That's good. If you don't want to believe in religion, then don't. But part of that is not freaking out when people who DO believe in religion decide to hold a rally.

          • That depends. Are they trying to get political power and hold no fear of using such to enforce their religious views?

    • Right — because that's how you preserve freedom of thought and independence: by locking people whom you disagree with in boxex.


      • As at the G20 in Toronto.

        • Very different things, it seems.

          After all, when people of faith show up to Glenn Beck's rally in Washington, they do so peacefully.

          When your lot shows up at the G20 summit, they show up with — or perhaps even AS — the black bloc.

          THEN (and this is the fun part), when the black bloc starts smashing the city up, the riot cops get called off because apparently all the lefties think they're "too intimidating". The debacle empowers the rack 'em/stack 'em crowd, and we get another debacle.

          Which basically starts with the detail that folks like yourself can't bring yourselves to cast out your lunatic fringe.

          Aren't facts fun?

  7. The followers of Beck and Palin will gladly accept the new "Dark Ages" where ignorance is bliss. And can anybody actually explain what honour is to be restored as I wasn't aware that the United States had any in the first place.

    • It seems like those new Dark Ages have already arrived — in the form of the left.

      • That's just lazy. Both of you. BT for throwing out such crap, and Patrick, for stooping right along.
        This is starting to look like a Mark Steyn comment board, people. Let's all smarten up, shall we?

        • I'm just carrying out a little experiment here: throwing this guy's garbage rhetoric right back in his face, and seeing how he likes it.

          It seems that most of them don't like it one bit.

  8. What I don't get is why is it when a group starts talking about conservative issues, doesn't matter if they're a politician or joe blow walking down the street, they're always, ALWAYS labeled as being Fascists,Nazi's etc.

    Answer this questions:
    If God doesn't exist, what are you so scared of?
    If God doesn't exist, why is there all this resentment toward Christianity?

    • They want to inflict their ignorant beliefs and superstitions on the rest of us who think the twaddle they are peddling is ridiculous.

      • In case you didn't notice — and God knows you haven't — the rally called for people to transform themselves for the better.

        You should think about doing that. Lord knows you desperately need it.

        • So please tell us all how believing in gods has led us to a better world today? Better to try something rational so the pope's can't hurt so many with their arbitrary decisions. Religion boils down to "Kill them all, and let god sort them out".

          • No, actually, most religions boil down to "thou shalt not kill".

            But let's not get caught up in the factual details — not when you clearly have invective to spew.

          • Yeah, that's what the owner's manuals all say. But the mechanics everyone goes to suggest something altogether different. Most wars throughout history have been caused by some religious fervour of one kind or another. And all armies fight with God on their side, it seems.

          • You're clearly a very poor student of history.

            I thought it was CAPITALISM that's to blame for wars. Better go ask your prof again, Jenni.

          • Heh. I shouldn't have used "caused" I should have used "fought". Because of course the followers are usually whipped up by religious fervour to cover whatever-it-is the leader REALLY wants.

            But I've never had a prof, and do not call me Jenni.

          • And all armies fight with God on their side, it seems.

            Why, that duplicitous son of a…

      • Oh, but the Muslims don't want to do the exact same thing, right Dave M?
        I'd take Christian twaddle that promotes peace and love and generosity over Muslim twaddle that promotes death and destruction to the infidels any day of the week.
        And since I suspect you are probably also a member of the 'infidel' class, you probably should think about doing so, too.

    • There is not resentment toward Christianity per se. It's resentment against those who want laws made and policies enacted that fit to Christian belief specifically. The separation of religion from government is important.

      • Yawn.

        You folks keep ranting about this, and somehow it just never happens — no matter how powerful the alleged "theocrats" become.

        You want to see a theocracy? Go see Iran.

        • And young people there have been fighting and dying to turn their country into a true democracy. Theocracy in the US hasn't happened precisely because of the separation of of church and state, because those theocrats are trying their darndest to make it happen.

          • Theocracy in the United States hasn't happened because only a tiny, tiny minority actually want it, and they can't get anywhere near the levers of power.

            Your argument here to date has pretty much consisted of "eek! Christians!", and I'm afraid it just isn't very convincing.

  9. Aside from the gay-hating and anti-abortion stuff, there's nothing much objetionable about most mainstream religious values. As long as Mssrs. Beck and Palin are calling on people to exhbiit them themselves rather than force them on others, they could be espousing a lot worse.

    • Or the environmentally friendly religion

    • Re: Dave M" These people scare me far more than Muslim terrorist"
      I think the only ones that want to introduce Sharia law is your favored muslims.

  10. I find it odd how in modern times, many hold Christianity to be equivalent to right wing politics.

    Wasn't Jesus a bit of a lefty?

    • I thought he was ambidextrous

    • He was a lefty… for his time.

    • Pay your taxes, take care of the poor. Yep, sounds pretty socialist to me.

      • James Shaver Woodsworth, M.J. Coldwell, Tommy Douglas: They just heard something they could understand and appreciate. The simplicity and truth of it sounds like a call from the past. Thanks.

      • You lot have never really figured this out:

        You can't be Jesus and also be Caesar. At some point, you have to choose.

  11. Harper is a great Prime minister

    • This is a non sequitur on at least two levels, so I'm voting you up for your ambition.

  12. Man alive! The whirling wing nuts are sure aroused here. So what, exactly, is wrong with being honourable?

    • Other than basically accusing people of not being honourable now, you mean?

    • No one has anything against being honourable, but not many believe that Beck is really out to acheive that. We're waiting for the other shoe to drop, and his real intentions are exposed. We worry that he is pulling the wool over people's eyes. It's been done before by bible thumpers, who, because of their good intentions, can be easy targets for scammers.

    • Words roll pretty easily from Beck's lips

      Actions speak louder than words

    • Check out his gold scheme and get back to us about the definition of "honorable".

  13. Somebody should ask Harper if he thinks we need a Tea Party type grassroots movement in Canada?

    • We had one. They sold out and went mainstream. I still remember going to see Reformer shows before anyone knew who they were, back when they were cool.

      • Those t-shirts would make you some serious eBay cash.

  14. I'm so glad Palin and Beck are on the other side of the border. They provide a lot of entertainment, but I can't help but imagine what a circus we'd have if they hooked up with Harper and his lot.

    • You won't be laughing November 2.

  15. Intimidating voters in Philadelphia.

  16. At the Sharpton rally eating crow.

    • Did Sharpton haev a rally?

      THAT must have been a real peach.

      • More like a b!tch fest.
        Only impressive thing with this crowd was Beck seemed more of a target for hate than Palin, usually she gets the lions share.

        • Apparently they need to hate SOMEONE.

  17. Sharpton -who's obviously a tool, would have built a bridge of timeless steel had he had his group join the rest of their countrymen peacefully and show what the true spirit of the man they claim they honour was all about.
    Dr. M.L.King would have gotten the two groups together.
    His niece attended with Beck and Palin. Boy those hateful Christians eh?

    Nothing wrong with what this rally did, why are people so angry, agitated and 'scared' good grief, clean orderly, non violent, people who pray together scare you?
    The numbers were impressive, mind you, if you're a DEM up for election might explain some feeling a bit of dread and fear, otherwise that's just silly.
    Why does everyone who claims they are the truly progressive ones absolutely have a serious hate on for Christians?
    What's with that?

    Quick trot out the molesting priests links – like it's the only religion that, THAT happens in.

    • It seems to be based on progressives fear that they may be becoming irelevant, To use one of their terms; they are in denial.

    • Why does everyone who claims they are the truly progressive ones absolutely have a serious hate on for Christians?

      Not all Christians, just the Born-Again-Conservative type. I'll give one serious answer today: it's the unending, sanctimonious, bullying, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do hypocrisy.

      "Think of the children" from the child molesters. "Sanctity of marriage" from the fornicators with mistresses and children out of wedlock. "Homosexuality is a sin" from the wide-stance brigade. "Baby-killers" from the decent church-going families that send their pregnant teenage daughters away for a little while on a "study break".

      And if we want to veer off from the purely moralistic hypocrisy, we can always address the overlap with reactionary politics and fake support for small government. "Think of the taxpayers" when the churches are inexplicably still tax-free. And we all know "the earth is God's creation" — even if some of us perversely deny it — so if He didn't want us to dump our chemical sludge behind the factory He wouldn't have built that river there; how dare these progressives try to legislate against His will?

      Never leave public policy to people who claim to believe in the Rapture and who judge the value of all things according to the allegorical book they're taking literally as justification for their own prejudices, perversions, and intellectual deficiencies.

      (With apologies to those who are Christian AND sane, whose numbers are many and who are pretty easy to distinguish from the people who take their marching orders from Glenn Beck. But seriously, you know how some people are always saying "if there really are moderate Muslims they should be doing more to fight the violent, anti-social faction within their own ranks"? Well, I think you know where I'm going with that. Peace out, homies.)

      • Not all Christians, just the Born-Again-Conservative type
        About how many would that be? And quite honestly I've never seen that differentiated before just all lumped together as "Christians". So then only the 'born again' are the only offenders?

        it's the unending, sanctimonious, bullying, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do hypocrisy.
        Oh please, this is just so overused without merit and lame.

        BUT STOP THE PRESSES! Lefties beware!

        Poor Canadians are being bullied non-stop by sanctimonious born again Christians holding hypocritical clubs of do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do, backed with looks of scorn, prayers, signings of the cross and thorough tongue lashings on morality. This disruption is causing many to run around in panicked circles splattering Timmy's coffee in the streets of Canada…oh the inhumanity!

        Where is anything like this allowed and supported by government or policy on anyone in Canada, now?

        • Who is the gutting of the census for, if not for them?

          • Ah the gutting of the census, must be anoher boogie man fear – non issue for me, but you think it's FOR the born again Christians? Weird.
            Well any way, thought this thread was about a huge US rally and your fear and/or intense dislike of born again Christians?
            Any way circular logic is tiring and I'm done with your game of changing the points while evading a direct response, which would have been more, well straight forward.
            However it is what it is with leftists in these threads, so it goes.

          • No answer, then. I admit it's a puzzle to me too. Yet the guns and bunker crowd — the religious portion, at any rate; Lord knows the CPC doesn't give a fig for the libertarians — seem to be the only demographic in favor.

            Anyway, my fear and dislike of born agains is only present to the degree that they attempt to elevate their worldview to the level of legislation. Ain't no progress coming from that direction. If they'd stick to living their lives according to their moral tenets, instead of ignoring them for themselves but insisting that everyone else obey, I'd say live and let live.

            I don't think it's a coincidence that we've been faced with an avalanche of attempts to roll back social progress and cut the Canadian democratic process off at the knees during the same time period that we've had a PM who injects a "God bless Canada" into his speeches — regardless of whether or not he himself believes in it. And because Harper's "our man in the PMO" for social conservatives — which overlaps heavily with the aggressively Christian demographic — it's inevitable that they'll be thrown a bone from time to time.

            In that spirit, the census goes on the pile with the Court Challenges program, the failed attempt to eliminate the per-vote federal party subsidy, and a bunch of other stuff I can't dig up because I'm moving tomorrow. But you'd deny those issues are tailored to play to the core and keep them onside anyway, so I imagine it's no great loss on your part.

          • Straw man questions are largely ignored.
            Why are you asking me then?
            You already have made up your mind and seem to have all the answers.
            Seems though you have issues with 'born agains' and just want to gripe about it, which still begs the question:
            How many do you think that is?
            Man if saying your 'born again' causes this much of a tizzy well ….

            Why do you have this irrational fear of our Judeo/Christian 2000 yr old system that law and justices systems that westernized countries are based on? Would you rather be born and raised in a Muslm country instead? Just asking…

            Personally, think you're getting you panties in a knot – so to speak, over not a very big deal at all.
            Don't like born agains, simple – don't hang with them. Or maybe that's why your moving, which is good too then, if so. Canada is being ruled by a minority conservative government, and so what if he says, "God bless Canada". Maybe you should show some tolerance here, a tolerance and understanding that your side claims the rest of us don't have.

  18. These people are entitled to their rallies and their opinions. The real problem is when you mix faith with politics — faith is, by definition, irrational. It has absolutely no place in a political discourse, which this rally clearly was, despite their claims to the contrary.

    • Perhaps politics should be rational, but I see little evidence in the current state of affairs that it is, in any country.

    • Lucky the 911 mosque issue is not about religion .Or the president stuck his nose where it doesn`t belong.

      • As did most of the Red State Brigade, who couldn't give a good g0ddamn about what happens to godless New York the other 364 days of the year.

  19. An interesting parallel between the rhetoric of the Tea Party and that of the Confederate Movement, particularly the headline terms "restoration" and "honor":

    "And these are the hooks the Teabaggers hang their tri-corner hats on: anti-modernism and a Confederate sense of honor—a code word of respect for white rule as an entitlement and that an elite of those whites folks are blessed by God to rule us all."

  20. Because the U.S. and much of the world is currently being undermined by an ultra liberal secular takeover. Time for the pendulum to swing back the other way.

    • You mean the way it was two years ago?

      • When your ideology is based on emulation of a sky daddy who's always right about everything, a flexible short-term memory is your swiss army knife.

  21. If there really was a God, the Almighty would turn that steaming pile of feces, Glen Beck, back into the soil.

    • don't sugarcoat it Eddie, tell us what you really think ;)

  22. An extensive survey of self described tea party members show that they occupy a spectrum of American, that largely mirrors the wider public, including percentage of African Americans. BTW Martin Luther King's niece presented at the rally.

    The "predominantly white" meme perpetrated by the leftist media intent on casting this as a racist movement fail to mention that America itself is "predominantly white" (thus the term "minority status") but that the minority percentages are the same.

    It is a movement supported by whites, blacks, hispanics, women, men.

    The left will keep up with the name calling and the race baiting. It is their last refuge.

    • Tweeted Rude Pundit: "There's so many more black people on stage than white people and so many more whites than blacks watching, it's got a Cotton Club vibe."

    • The left will keep up the name calling and race baiting


    • I thought the extensive survey showed that the % of blacks was about the same as for the Republican party?

    • Pics or it didn't happen.


  23. What will be fascinating to watch: the elites, who cast this movement as a radical fringe, scratch their heads in wonderment as the shock of Kennedy's locked up Dem seat going GOP (supported by those "radical tea partiers") is repeated in race after race.

    The notion that perhaps their leftist way of thinking is what is radical and on the fringes of American society, being beyond comprehension.

    • Exactly! and that growing notion is what sparks the fear and irrational hatred seen in the posts here.

      • It's a failed ideology, I've been saying it for about a year now. I bet there are others who have been saying it for decades. But as someone who used to think that I was "liberal" (once upon a time I believed it) and realized within the last 2 years that I am not a liberal… it's kind of interesting to see how clearly the writing on the wall has become recently that it is indeed a failed ideology and it's the one that the "elites" adhere to.

        Less government control utlimately means more freedom. It's too simplistic to not get it any longer.

  24. It happened in a Metro station in Montreal ………..

    There were protesters on the concourse handing out pamphlets on
    the evils of Canada . I politely declined to take one.

    An elderly woman was behind me getting off the escalator and a
    young (20-ish) female protester offered her a pamphlet, which she politely
    declined. The young protester put her hand on the woman's shoulder as a
    gesture of friendship and in a very soft voice said, 'Lady, don't you
    care about the children of Iraq ?'

    The elderly woman looked up at her and said, 'Honey, my father
    died in France during World War II, I lost my husband in Korea , and a
    grandson in Afghanistan . All three died so you could have the right to
    stand here and bad mouth our country. If you touch me again, I'll stick
    this umbrella up your ass and open it.'

    ……………..God Bless Canada

    • ahahahahah *breathes* ahahahah. Well put.

    • Love it, thanks!

    • Thankyou ! Very refreshing.

    • Good for her, for what she said and for maintaining her later-life gumption. Street proselytizers and door-knockers from both sides of the fence are irritating, inappropriate, and ill-informed in nine cases out of ten.

      Lucky thing Montreal's had such a rainy summer.

  25. I don't see how America can try to bring back honour after all the torture camps around the world since 911. They have no honour in my sight. I don't think they can treat God with respect. Not to mention human beings. I think it is about hype. If they really wanted to accept God they should repent and give up their 2 face sinful ways. Lots of luck America.

    • I see your getting your evidence from the Taliban Gazette

  26. What a contrast this rally was to leftists' rallies… no hate, no anger, no destruction of property… just quiet concern and respectfulness. Which is better?

  27. It is interesting to note that a King did speak at one of the rallies and which rally it was…

    • A genetic relationship to a great person doesn't make them great as well, or in any way faithful to their relatives beliefs, Beck and Palin and the tea baggers have nothing in common with MLK try as they might to associate themselves with him.

  28. Beck lost me with the word "God."

  29. I just have trouble taking anything seriously when Sarah Palin is involved. This wannabe celebrity has proven to be about as shallow as a plate and equally as bright.

    • Agreed… I just dont' see how she is still around.

      • They don't have anyone else to rally around right now. McCain's flamed out, Jeb's at least another four years away, and all the rest are known adulterers, unrepentant racists, or closeted homosexuals. Plus she gives good television as long as you keep the sound down.

  30. CBS said 86,000. Photos show that's about right.

    The unfortunate thing about the rally is that they weren't all 'raptured' away.

  31. where are you getting your numbers?????………..80-90 thousand is what ALL the newspapers in the US are reporting………please don't make this crazy dude bigger than he already is…………….or is that the point?!

  32. Being the left wing rag MacLeans has turrned out to be it is interesting to see they took the very low end of the attendance count. The estimates range from 650,000 -300,000. Beck is dead right but that won't matter to the left wing parasites, and other assorted loon-atics. One thing the left does not have is honour, integrity or values and our society is the poorer for it. It wasn't a political right gathering but don't tell that to the goofs on the left-they won't believe it.

  33. Would love to hear some more details about what they consider honour, if its politics as done by Bush and Cheney they got their idea of honour backwards. To me for the US to return to honour would require them bringing in things like universal health care, using their armed forces only to defend and not to attack, and treating all citizens equally with equal rights in all areas of life including same-sex marriage. I doubt that's what they mean though, I just don't see any honour in allowing your fellow citizens to suffer ill health and die because they can't afford health insurance, I see no honour in asking your children to go out and kill citizens of another country who are no threat to you based on lies and distortions of reality, and I see no honour in discriminating against fellow citizens because of who they are. I also don't see any honour in mixing politics and religion and forcing your own religious beliefs on your fellow citizens through the laws you enact. Some how I suspect me and the Glen Beck cheer leading squad have very different ideas of what honour means.

  34. I'm glad that all of the left-wing malconents in this comment thread have been able to voice their complaints about the Beck rally so coherently.

    It's quite amusing to me that on the same day that Beck held his rally, Reverend Al Sharpton held a rally at his own where they did pretty much one thing and one thing alone: complain about Glenn Beck's rally.

    At some point, many individuals on this comment thread need to realize that trying to blow out someone else's candle won't make their own flame burn any brighter. Perhaps the left could try to find something of its own to be enthusiastic about, instead of just resenting Glenn Beck's success.